Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hi guys.
I've got a good one.  The  county clerk website is showing that a document has been recorded today as SatisMtg by Bank of America on my mortgage loan that has been in foreclosure.  It was recently assigned, sold to a Trust.  
I cannot pull up the document since all the documents recorded today on that page come up PDF Return Code Error.  Image not available, try later.

Since this was sold, assigned to a Trust in May 2015 shouldn't the document say Assignment of Mortgage?  

What does this mean?  The house has not be refinanced.  In fact it is on the market now for sale.  

Did I hit the LOTTERY?

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If its been satisfied its yours. Get a copy. Good luck
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If it has a satisfaction of mortgage is yours, but fight the foreclosure, I had the same thing happen to me and the property is mine since 2008, from time to time I get a debt collector who sends me a letter  and when I send them a copy of the SOM they leave me alone, in your case you need to fight the foreclosure cause you have leverage now, good luck
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My mortgage was satisfied in 2004 by Wachovia bank . I  was not told of the satisfaction until 2011. SPS was the servicer from 2001 until 2011. The crooks placed a rescission on the loan when I found it had been paid , trying to get me to continue to pay . SPS then tried to modify the loan , with a lower payment and lower interest . I contacted the NCCOB's  and with their help ,SPS was forced to satisfy the loan again in 2012 . However , SPS  has refused to refund the payments collected on a paid mortgage .SPS claims M&T Bank is the owner and holder of the note . Trouble is , there has never been a recorded note on this loan , that was taken out in 1996 , from First Union Home Equity Bank NA  Wells Fargo .
SPS , Wells Fargo  and M&T Bank are co-conspirators in this fraud .]
I have written information where SPS   said they have serviced the loan since 2000, and sent payments to M&T . Written information from M&T  says ,they held Wachovia's  files in their vault , but returned them in 2001 .And that M&T had not received any payments . Wells Fargo denies receiving any money too. Obviously , some one is not telling the truth ,probably all three  of them .
If these high powered fraudsters think they will get away with this they are mistaken !
ruby cox
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I received the same letter dazzlerbabe.. in my State if your loan was satisfied loan is done but if it is just discharged .. it means you
still own the home but it has mortgage hold on it .. My letter says everything is free and clear.. cleck told me at court house that kind of stuff .. Just don't happen
she said looks like you got a free house... I told her NOTHING is FREE about this ..
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Wells Fargo , SPS and M&T are alleged to be the top mortgage fraudsters in the country .I am still trying to recover 40.000.00 SPS  collected from me on a paid mortgage .They all are masters at stonewalling ,they deny , deny, deny and then lie ! It appears Wells Fargo is the leader in this fraud. They claim not to have any records on servicing this loan . Really ? Wells Fargo bought servicing for First Union Home Equity Bank servicing portfolio in 2000. IT would indicate gross negligence to lose  the records in four years .
These people are predators .

ruby cox
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