Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Decided not to picket today to throw the sherriff off, but went there to get a copy of Judge Meyer's Oath and Bond.

Lo and behold, the folder for my case contains another case!!  Not my case at all!!  Even though my name and case # are on the tab on the folder, there is a different case in the file with the same case #?

So where are my case docs?  Note in the folder says the judge came and got them on June the 6th.  That's the second week of my protest.

Clerk says, "You'll have to go to Dept. 61 to get them.  The judge has them".

So, at least I've got his attention.

Could it possibly be that he ruled on the wrong case?
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The Equitable One
I have to say "Wierd."

I look forward to knowing the how and why, when you find out.

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Things that make you scratch your head.

WHY replace your case file with a totally unrelated case? Why not just leave the empty folder? Why the subterfuge? What will the judge do with your file? Is he building a defense against you already? Will the case file just disappear now...hmmm? "The judge came to get them and now they are "lost" "?

I don't think he ruled on the wrong case...he has substituted (or had someone else substitute) another case file for yours. I am not sure that is legal in itself. Why didn't he simply put a receipt in your file folder saying that he is in possession of the documents and leave it at that? Is he trying to hide something?

Renegade judges are bad news. This one is starting to sound flaky. And shady. And smells like three-day-old fish, to boot.

Be sure and dodge the little bright red dot should you see very careful. Sounds like the judge has the county law working for him now.

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Maybe he's going to try the:  "Oops, I ruled on the wrong case because the stupid recordkeepers screwed up"

Any way, I'm filing a complaint with the County Grand Jury tomorrow.  Hopefully, they'll subpoena the real file from the judge.  Unless he has inadvertently misplaced it.
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What's going on? I would like to hear an update, please. What you are doing is very admirable! hang in there.

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Didn't protest today.  Had some other things to do.  Filed a complaint with the San Diego County Grand Jury yesterday, citing Fraud Upon The Court By An Officer of The Court and Violation of Judicial Rules Of Conduct.

File is still empty.  Apparently the judge has it.

I will be out in front of the courthouse Monday morning in full regalia to besmirch hizzoner and continue until I get some answsers.

Apparently a higher authority is protecting me, because no gendarmes approached me Thursday or even gave me a second look.
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