Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I saw a hits on this signer, he's from Jacksonville.

He himself comes up a Notary.

He signed an Assignment on June 2012

Sand Canyon Corp
f/k/a Option One

as Assistant Secretary

As most know they halted operations in 2008

Any info would be appreciated
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How can a defunct corp sand canyon assign a mortgage, pretty interesting
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do a forum 'search' using the following terms "sand canyon assign a mortgage" --- choose 'post' at the bottom of the seach page.  Also, try to find 'Ropers' post re sand canyon.
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You ought to try to get in touch with Mr. Roper who used to post at the Forum.  He is the leading expert on Option One and Sand Canyon.  Search the Forum for his posts.

Also, see:

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Tks, already had that case, just completed a county records search on 75 2012 cases Wells Fargo v anyone, found many sand canyon assignments after they closed operations.

So many proceeding unopposed.

Also this plaintiffs attorney Shipero, files 200 cases in this county alone last year.

A real mill, every complaint is almost identical,

Here's what I found most interesting not sure how to use it???

most cases had allonges in blank, every one is exactly the same form I mean exact!

different signers,

Allonge to Note

Borrow jon doe
Lone # always blank
Address that is correct
loan amount corect

All dated the date of original closing.

Option One Mortgage Corp
A California Corp

Assistant Secretary

Any Ideas,

Were is Mr. Roper located?
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Found a good case, District judge ruled Sand canyon assignment made after closing its doors is invalid to allow Wells Fargo to foreclose.

Drouin v Wells 11-cv-596
May 18, 2012


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Jack - for your review - courtesy of our msf administrator!

Bank's Move to Federal Court For Quick Exit Fails
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? 4 texas -- what happened to your post my friend?
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Never really worry about what post remain and what gets deleted. The administrators do the best they can and if people can not accept that, its just being human.

I even get banned by IP sometimes in their attempt to keep the site protected.

Most search and seek for what currently works in the court, I have written over 400 documents that explain the global fraud, robo-signing is just an ice cube in the punch bowl. Getting judges to understand and follow law is as hard to get attorneys to understand. Both live on a high throne with visions of god hood and gander over the people.

I find it very funny when people scream and holler this site is corrupt, not hardly but everybody to their own choice.
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John Lewis
texas i almost sent u money when u had none to even have internet access -- glad i didn't ur a disappointment ---
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John Lewis, be interesting to see why you think I am a disappointment and also to let other knows.
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You have helped a lot of people and are no disappointment.  You have studied the issues of securitization fraud and explained it in your writings.

You sure helped me.


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Yes John Lewis. I would like to know to on how Texas is a disappointment? He has helped out allot on this forum.
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