Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I remember when I found this site that Nye was being bashed for telling people what would happen and if you look back over all of the postings, it is happening. I hope the people that doubted you and some of the others that have said the same thing can see that you were right.
Nye....I have a question...what now?  Depression ?? Recession??  when will this mess stop?  I have heard that in 2 years things will be back to "normal" but I don`t see how that can happen.  I am so stupid when it comes to matters like this....all I know is medical and psych so if anyone has medical questions and psych questions please let me know.
Thank you all for the e-mails when I broke my legs.....I am up and walking like a duck but at least I am up now.
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Nye Lavalle
Thanks.... well I hate that we are here, but we're only in the top of the 2nd inning in an extra inning game that will be as long as the all-star game the other week!
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I agree Nye has fought for years to tell the truth and outside of personal relation issues he has been attacked by name calling and blunt refutations. Thanks for having the courage to fight though the adversity.

Here is a list a whistleblower has written about media attempts to debunk conspiracies which are true.

Obviously there is much false information on the internet and there are many conspiracy nuts I'm not refuting that but here are tactics used to discredit a person or group seeking to expose the truth. I don't suggest any one use feelings, common sense, or folk wisdom to solve financial, legal and politcal crimes but evidence and facts it seems to help to look at a historical overview it surprising how financial and politcal criminals keep reusing the same old tricks.

The main point is the scam artist must build as much credibility as possible and discredit those seeking to expose the scams by whatever means neccessary.

Tactics used



                          Subtly or not so subtly intimidate anyone who might be open to the possibility of a conspiracy by questioning the mental state of conspiracy advocates and pretending they are outcasts of society whose opinions nobody cares about.



                          Put the word "theory" behind the word "conspiracy", no matter how great the evidence, and preferably do this several times in the article to make the (supposedly) theoretical nature of the conspiracy really sink in.



                          Imply that conspiracy theories are literally made up out of thin air and that there never was any significant evidence to support any of them.



                          Present different pieces of the same conspiracy as independently made up and conflicting conspiracy theories.



                          Carefully select the evidence that is to be presented. Leave out anything that cannot be explained. Focus on evidence that is easy to discredit, or at the very least, inconclusive.



                          As a talk-show host, don't let any person arguing in favor of a conspiracy speak uninterrupted for even one minute.



                          For interviews, preferably pick prominent individuals from the conspiracy movement who either have no credentials or irrelevant credentials. Place these conspiracy theorists against academics and other experts who have impeccable credentials.



                          During video interviews, allow the skeptics to present themselves more properly than the conspiracy advocates.



                          Quote from generally respected government investigating committees and present their conclusions as gospel.



                          Automatically dismiss articles from conspiracy advocates as "unreliable", no matter how well-sourced these articles are.



                          Always question the motives of conspiracy theorists.



                          Make the well known claim that everybody is in on the conspiracy.



                          Make a few jokes, usually involving little green men, Elvis, the grassy knoll, and aliens. Then there also is the classic "out to get you" comment.



                          Ask if the conspiracy advocate believes in any other (unrelated) conspiracies.



                          Make the claim that governments can't keep secrets.



                          Repeat the claim that we have free press because scandals are regularly exposed.



                          As soon as a conspiracy theorist brings up witness testimony, counter with the standard argument that eyewitness testimony is "notoriously unreliable".



                          When aspects of the permanent government have slowly been exposed over the years, oversimplify by stating this or that conspiracy theory "has had its best time".



                          Start out with, or only report, conclusions, and leave out most, if not all, evidence that this conclusion has been based on. Also leave out all nuances brought up by the person that has been interviewed.



                          Oversimplify by stating that the official head of state must have been directly involved in planning and overseeing the conspiracy. Don't allow the subject to explain the transnational, largely privatized, permanent government in any coherent way.



                          Claim that the internet is responsible for the recent increase in conspiracy theories, because frothing conspiracy theorists are hyping each other up in chat rooms and message boards.



                          Have a conspiracy theorist argue with a victim of a conspiracy who actually doesn't believe in the conspiracy. Even better, the victim is disabled and dying.



                          When covering demonstrations, mainly focus on the eccentric and the violent. Ignore all the presentable, calm and intelligent demonstrators.



                          Don't write about the topics conspiracy theorists bring up. Instead, write about conspiracy theorists.



                          See if you can link credible writers to not-so-credible writers.



                          See if you can dig up some dirt on a prominent conspiracy advocate.

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Greg, as always, very thoughtful, and well presented. I would have never believed what we have uncovered in the past years.  We have debunked, Forclosures were not "Manufactured", Banks Don't make money on Foreclosures, Service's don't lie, would never think of forging, altering or substituting documents for litigation,
And a handful or more of players are responsible,
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If it wasn`t for people like ya`ll, I would be lost.  I am still wandering around but now I know which direction to go.  I want to thank everyone that has provided so much of their time and info.  I know a lot of you are the reason things are looking bad for some of the crooks.
  Gary this irritates me more than anything Banks Don't make money on Foreclosures.....I wonder if the companies really think people are stupid enough to believe that...It is bad enough they have stolen houses but on top of that it seems like they believe everyone is stupid.
How can a company lose money on a foreclosure?  I would really like to know.  Is there a way they can lose money?
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A lender doesn't look at money in the way most people do that is if you save money you have it if you spend it it is gone.  A lender considers assets a liabilities because they are not earning interest and debts as assets because they create income. Can a lender really lose money on a foreclosure the short answer is no for one reason they have not really lent any money in the first place they have brokered our collateral and created fractional reserve money based on our collateral. When a lender forecloses they alter their debt ratio and at a certain point the outstanding debt compared to assets causes the lender to become illiquid. Even the paper money we have in our pockets and checking accounts is based on a similar principle and paper money is actually a fractional reserve note backed by faith in the U.S. government.

Fractional reserve means that on an 8-1 fractional reserve ratio for example which we theoretically have when we deposit 1 dollar in a bank, the bank can lend out 8 dollars. That's right for every one dollar you have in an account 8 dollars of it is lent out. I doesn't really make sense in any rational logical way because in our minds money we think that money represents something of value traded for something else of value since it's not practical to carry around, steaks, loafs of bread and even more of a hassle to tote around a home, ship, or skyscraper for large transactions humans invented two basic forms of exchange notes, and coins; seashells, cigarettes, furs etc. have been phased out and actually coins are now symbolic in that they don't have any actual value they are made of junk or inexpensive metal made to appear as actual value coins made of gold or silver.

The huge problem with ms fraud and related financial fraud is that the mortgages have been converted into securities many times the value of the already fractional reserve money which by the way is created with no backing in the first place so the nations homes and businesses which are the primary collateral for the entire financial system have been placed at great risk by the highly leveraged securities the mortgages back.

A CDO Collaterized debt obligation backed by a mortgage backed security for example is leveraged at about 30-60 times the value of the home. We can see that the entire financial system is set up like a pyramid or Ponzi scheme where no more than a handful of people can ask for their money at any one time because far more of it than exists has been loaned out. How can it be legal to run an entire country like a pyramid scheme? That's where the bitter disputes start advocates of the fractional reserve system say it's legal because Congress authorized the Fed and the Fed int turns allows member banks to loan money and non-member banks must follow guidelines set up by the Fed as well. That line of reasoning leads to a bunch of thorny Constitutional arguments like the requirement to have all money backed by silver at a fixed value, the argument then usually turns to we have to have the system legal or not because there is so much trade, so many taxes to pay, and the debt burden is so high that we must keep the system we have and find some way to balance inflation and recession/depression because a return to real money would leave us starving and with no government services.

So there are two basic choices to our financial crises, borrow out of it and hope the borrowing doesn't spiral into hyperinflation where a loaf of bread may be several hundred dollars, or return to a savings based economy backed by hard money and live within our means. I real life a low or no tax, hard money economy leads to greater wealth by common citizens and the middle and upper middle class begins to buy businesses and business equipment for cash rather than financing it. A savings based hard money currency cuts much of the need for bankers and the government out of the picture.

Gary I agree with you I was big time skeptic of big time government, lending business corruption based on the logic business could not hurt us to badly without hurting themselves and the government would not back us into a corner for fear of getting hung in the town square. The root of the problem seems to keep coming back to the bankers and governments model of money that debt is money therefore the more you use the more you have. Sadly there is just to much hard evidence the government isn't really looking out for our interests. I'm not talking about sweetheart backroom deals like $700 toilet seats and $1,000,000 studies to determine whether renters prefer cockroach infested or cockroach infested apartments even the most naive of us knew their was billions in corruption but very few people actually thought our government would sell out our entire country to the banks.

It seems that those who are the most loyal to our country have the hardest time realizing our Constitution has been torn to shreds. It's sad our leaders have taken advantage of our trust and the citizens are so divided and devoted their own pet issues they don't want to re-establish the equal rule of law for all.

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