Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Honest Abe
The foreclosure mill attorneys who are participating in the mass foreclosures and/or bankruptcies are criminals too. They are in bed with the mortgage lenders, mortgage servicers, title companies. It is free to report them to the BAR. How to do this is further down below.
Ever notice that when the mortgage group is being investigated, fined, going bankrupt themselves, boughtout to cover up a big mess, etc. for civil and criminal activities the attorneys who work for them just seem to slip out the back door and get away with it? This in of itself is against the BAR rules of professional conduct, ethics let alone a violation of law. An attorney can't represent a client when they know criminal activity is ongoing (unless he is a criminal lawyer defending such).
Look over all your court documents and trace back every name, address, phone, form used, dates, fees charged, how much for what. Then read your state BAR's rules of professional conduct. Circle the ones you suspect have been violated by the foreclosure/bankruptcy law firm (actually you have to file by the individual attorney's name). Then write up a list of items it seems he/she violated. Attach any supporting papers to prove it. File it with your state's BAR organization or some are with the Office of Lawyer Regulation.
Look for:
-conflicting court papers' servicing addresse
-why are papers going to that address?
-false or misleading statements in papers he filed with the   
   court; especially ones that were submitted as a sworn
   under oath affidavit then it is also perjury
-check the fees charged, are they all valid, correct, accurate,
   what are they for,
-filing under a foreclosure suit under one plaintiff's name
   when in fact they don't own the original mortgage note
-accuse them of paying a hidden referral fee (because you
   can't know what they did with the money) to a third party
-state they knowingly filed a false claim of foreclosure, that
   the Plaintiff they represent (or claim to represent) lacks
   standing to foreclose
-if they lack standing claim a lack of jurisdiction and the
   attorney knew that in advance (should do this with the
   court too then the Plaintiff is forced to prove they do have
   standing means more documents for you to look over)
-ethics violations by an attorneys can be also found in: dishonesty, excess fee charging, wrongful fee charging, diligence, duty to be knowlegable about case/facts of, candor to the court (or lack thereof), fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, doing something wrong knowingly or even he/she should have known, cannot assist a client where attorney knows the action(s) is wrong or criminal or fraudulent, they are required to stop any injury including financial or to the property of the opposing side (you) if they know their client is in any way committing fraud, decit, false filings, brings up a another ethics claim then of a conflict of interest where they should have stepped aside immediately, must comply with all laws of the land, responible for making sure their staff abides too as close as possible with legal ethics even though the employee might not be an attorney, advancing a claim that is unwarranted, full candor to toward all parties involved: the court, your attorney if you have one, you, any other party involved; fairness to other side (yes, it is an ethic's charge in most states);
-they are Officers of the Court, they are duty bound to tell the truth, if not ethics violated.

Focus on the ethic rules violations, you could add an addendum to the end of laws you think were broken. The BAR wouldn't directly do anything about criminal activity but will, if you make a good case, send it onto the correct government agency. Then it is 100 more times likely the agency will do something versus you sending them a letter on the issue(s).
You can report them to the state BAR but also you can report them to the ABA (American Bar Association). As some state BARS protective their own.
Fight them, this is the collapse of America we need to stand against. This costs nothing more than a few sheets of paper and postage, you don't need to hire an attorney.

Honest Abe
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honest lincoln
what ever you do don't hire ekonomides , he's in bed with the mortgage attorneys and foreclosure attorneys . he won't file nothing as your attorney , matter of fact he's been labeled as the DO NOTHING ATTORNEY .

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Have you reported this guy to the BAR yet?

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