Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Many of us that have been exposing these frauds upon the country, courts, and family's, have listened from early on that this was a "Sub prime" bubble, then it was a "Sub prime" crisis, and now its a "World-wide Sub Prime Crisis".
I have wondered exactly how anyone can believe it was and is a "Sub Prime" crisis. For years I have said this is nothing more than "Equity Stripping" by servicers and Lender's.  And in the years of investigating them, we have found the notes and mortgages have been sold so many times, that NONE of the Originals can be produced!  Why is that? 

Well it appears to even simpler than that.  After being "Targeted (via RADAR at CBASS) my note was acquired through New Century, where CBASS then in some way obtained it, copied it and the mortgage several times, and then sold both the note and mortgage several times each!  In most cases it's called "Counterfeiting" the note and mortgage and then reselling them several times over and over again! Making hundreds of Millions of dollars on each transaction.  It's kinda like counterfeiting $1,000.00 dollar bills over and over again! 
Wall Street then bought these "Counterfeit" copied mortgages and notes several times over, running up the amount each time. Now they are finding companies like Litton Loan and the Larry's would "Manufacture" foreclosures in order to develop a cash flow to keep investors believing in the product.
However it got way out of control, and both litigation and the numbers themselves Litton Loan had to create for cash flow increased, thus they had to increase the "Manufactured" foreclosure's.  That's why, many of you who made payments, had them returned, refused, etc.
Also, by using Forced Place Insurance and falsely reporting your payment history (Benny Hibler), they were able to keep you in a default status, then foreclosed. In most cases, those of us "targeted" had a high equity to loan ration.
But it was the copying and reselling of the Notes and Mortgages that caused this crisis!  It's very simple to prove; just find some Original Notes and Mortgages!  They no longer are there!  I'm hearing many are controlled by middle East countries like Saudi Arabia!
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In the end it will make ENRON look small.

The government should void all no note loans. That would put a stop to some of this crap Ola.
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     Recently, here in Tampa, Fl, I started helping people in foreclosure by
showing them how to file a Motion to Dismiss when the plaintiff can not
produce a copy of the Note. In each case, the Judge refused to rule on the
motion, and ordered the defendant to file an answer. In the answer, I
showed my pro se defendants how to raise the issue of "standing" as an
affirmative defense. The result, the plaintiffs suspended the foreclosure
action. The cases are open, but there is no activity so the defendants
are living in their homes unmolested.
     It finally dawned on me that the Note holders don't really care about
foreclosing. The titles to the properties are tied up so the owners can do
nothing with them other than live there. Meanwhile, the Noteholders can
trade these Notes like money that is backed by real property. In fact,
these Notes are just as good as Federal Reserve Notes because they are
backed by real property! This must be why the real owners are not coming
forward. They don't care! Only the loan servicers care because they are
the winners in a foreclosure and keep the cash when they sell the property!
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mike ,   since you have been helping people , do you or can you show us one of your template to this motion to dismiss  and this standing motion . I'm curious as to the language in these motions . I'm a homeowner and I've answered their foreclosure motion , but always looking to have additional arsenal in my pocket.

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One of the reasons the "Real Owners" are not coming out is because it esposes them to litigation on every foreclosure, that's why CBASS and LITTON have been filing so many false, and substituted documents to prevent the real owners from being sued direct!  In many law suit cases' that are being planned, as soon as the real owners are named or found out, they will be named or new actions will be brought against them individually or by class, Litton already knows this and is using people like Tidwell their General Counsel to "Front" these false, forged documents.  However courts are now beginning to see that "Fronting" Companies, like Litton Loan were just that, foreclosure mills to steal and strip equity through a number of ways and means.  In the not too distant future I know Larry and Larry are both going to be named and personally brought into the mix, and Tony Ettinger is going to be deposed as to RADAR!  The squeeze is now on Litton Loan, and (CBASS that is no longer operational), has left its Officers and Directors exposed, the litigation against Radian and CBASS is going to open a can of worms for MGIC down the line, and its Officers and Directors too, Many years ago, here I posted what I was going to do, I could not have done this alone, or have it work out better,  they are all dying a slow painful death.  Goldman may dump Litton shortly, and that was from a good source in NYC!  Litton's doors may close sooner than expected.  Opening the door to even more personal suits against Larry and JR!   
There is no hurry to pursue litigation, as time goes on, more and more is exposed, and in several states "Fraud" has a very long statue of limitations!
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