Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I have 2 reinstatement quotes, created by the same person from Litton Loan  One dated 1/18/08 and one dated 2/29/08

They don't have all of the same information on them...the 2/29 quote has items added that I know have not been done,

publication fee
sheriff process

and the 2/29 quote lists title cost/Title Search 662.00
and the 1/18 quote lists title cost/Title Search 281.92

how could the search cast so much more one month later.

Does this sound fishy to you?  The quotes are on Litton Paper, but in case it is important Harmon Law Offices are Litton's Lawyers.  

Thanks for any comments or insight you have regarding this.

It is so frustrating to know that they are fradulant, yet not know how to prove it.   I even have the division of banks involved, they sent me the reinstatement quotes that they got from Litton.  Didn't they see this?
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4 justice now
Oh Joy:

I really hate to be the one to tell you this... but really you're most likely in much more peril than you realize. You need to be prepared to do battle with Litton, as though they were the biggest and dirtiest criminals that you have ever encountered, because they most likely are. 

Please be sure to document everything! Conduct all correspondence by certified/registered mail. Using the phone can only be a detriment (in most circumstances anyway). And certainly don't expect any of the government agencies to assist in anyway, that way you won't be so disappointed. With very few exceptions the only ones you can actually trust are right here at this site, and most are willing to help and give you excellent guidance as most have been there before.

I have heard some good second-hand stories about NACA

But, since I haven't really dealt with them long enough to offer a truly educated opinion, I just can't suggest that you contact them at this time, but hopefully someone else here may. Their web site talks a good talk but we all know what that can get you. 

I wish you the best of luck!


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I have seen from your posts you are in Mass. Talk to Mike Dillon at he fought hlo and won.

Here is some info about hlo:

In Re Plant
hlo owns their own auction house and this case also is about fees.

Pettway and Hubbard v hlo
This case is about hlo and the fees.

Read the following threads:
Pettway and Hubbard v hlo

Have they filed suit in land court yet?
That might be what the sheriff's charge is for if he dropped off some papers to you
about the suit in land court which is the first step .If you did not get any papers served on you but they charged you for it, they do not always give notice since no one enforces this kind of law.

Once they get that judgement they will be foreclosing next, scheduling the sale.
The publication fee is to advertise the house auction which they must do for 3
weeks prior to the sale. They are supposed to send you a certified letter with
a copy of your ad as notice of the sale.

Goto (which is owned by hlo as noted in the case In Re Plant) and look at the auction schedule to see if you are on it.

Goto and look at the assignments on your property if they won the judgement in land court it must be recorded. Read your mortgage note and
have the attorney check to see that the note and assignments are legal.

There are defenses to foreclosure which an attorney can help you with.
You can challenge the standing to foreclose (see WAR (William A Roper) posts).
Your loan should be reviewed by an attorney for predatory lending violations.

Get an attorney:
Contact attorney Quat who does foreclosure defense and/or the attorney who charges 500 flat fee in the ad below or others.

This attorney's website has great info about foreclosures and their defense
which you can read to learn more, and does class action but is in Chicago.

This Mass. attorney Quat advertises foreclosure defense on his website:

This mass attorney below advertises under legal services on craigslist also there
are several others on craigslist. 

Law Offices of Dillon and Scarino
141 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 695-0560
Foreclosure Legal Advice - Affordable Flat Fee

If your mortgage lender has already started foreclosure proceedings, an auction
sale may be scheduled in the coming weeks. If you are several months behind in
your loan payments, your lender will likely begin foreclosure proceedings in the
very near future. Either way, you need to act quickly if you are going to
protect your home and your equity.

But you can’t take action you need to protect yourself unless know what options
are available to you. Of course, there’s plenty of information all over the
internet. Some of it is inaccurate, most of it is too generalized to be of help
and none of it is tailored to your situation. The truth is, you don’t need to
know every possible option that might be available. But you do you need to what
the best option is for you.

As attorneys, we are in a far better position to give you the advice you need than a mortgage foreclosure
consultant who has no legal training. Since we practice in Massachusetts, we’re
familiar with Massachusetts foreclosure law and procedure. Do you want to choose
a course of actoin based on the advice of an out-of-state foreclosure consultant
who has no legal training or an attorney who practices law in this state? The
answer should be obvious. And the best part - we probably charge less.

Fees and Services

We know you’re in a difficult financial situation, so we charge a flat fee of
only $500.00, which covers the following services:

    * Reviewing your note and mortgage and the circumstances surrounding the
issuance of your loan to see whether you have a legal defenses that might stop
or suspend foreclosure proceedings
    * Analyzing your financial circumstances to determine whether it’s feasible
and appropriate to seek a forbearance or modification of your loan
    * When appropriate, negotiating with your mortgage lender for a forbearance or loan modification
    * Determining whether you have equity in your home that needs to be
    * Giving you a written report discussing the various options available to
you and the advantages and disadvantages of each

Contact Us:
Please call us. We can set up an office conference or discuss your situation
with you over the telephone. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

Law Offices of Dillon & Scarino
141 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 695-0560

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