Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Does anyone here recognize the name ED CAGE?

Thank you for the info, need to verify if hes on our side.
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Ed Cage

Dear ~Beenawhile~~

Are you any relation to tiggleiggle? <>

Tig contacted me about the same time you posted this inquiry as to who Ed Cage is (me) and if he's "on our side."
    Mr. “Beenawhile” the reason I have credibility is because I post my real name, real address, and an email address, just like one of my heroes: Nye Lavalle.  He also has nothing to hide. My phone number is listed under Ed Cage in Plano Texas and I get calls as well as emails. You will not be taken seriously challenging the credentials of others while hiding under an anonymous cloak yourself.

    I have posted about 50 times at the EMC Fraud site:

My positions are quite well known and fearlessly posted in detail at that site and several others. My real name and how to contact me are always below what I say – Again that’s one of many ways to gain credibility.  (If you are going to post long term) your version is not taken anywhere near as seriously if you choose to use a fake moniker although I will concede some justifiably prefer short term questions/comments when the subject is personal.


I rate the most flagrant criminal mortgage fraud perpetrators in the following order starting with the worst: Bear Stearns, EMC, AMC, Ameriquest and Citi Residential.

I rate the two worst mortgage fraud criminals in America as (1) Greg Fedler of Bear Stearns and (2) the infamous James Brantley of Ameriquest/AMC (both defunct) who was incredibly hired by Citi Residential in spite of the fact he is a known felon albeit not convicted yet. Three of the above entities are out of business and Bear Stearns is facing criminal investigations and a financial crisis of historic proportions. Several major BSC entities will fail in the near future.  Nothing but bad news lies ahead for Citi Residential after they made the mistake of hiring James Brantley of all people. Many of the white collar criminals employed by the above companies will be convicted of serious crimes. Those are my positions and I will persevere as long as it takes to bring these criminals to justice.


Ed Cage  /  1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023 (Phone listed)

PS: What’s your real name Mr. “Beenawhile?”     

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Board Moderators, can you please remove the name tiggleiggle from the above post? It would be greatly appreciated. Oh and from this post as well.  Thank you very much.

Now as for you MR. Ed Cage....... GREAT, GOOD, Wonderful...... I'm so very glad that you are just exactly "~WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE~"

I spoke to you via email, and what I thought was in confidence. I explicitly told you that I was weary of Whom I divulged my information to, and then you come here, and divulge information? Such as throwing screen names, emails account names, alias' or the such?

It's wonderful, that you SIR, are not weary, leary, or interested in protecting your privacy in the fight against Fraud. However, not everyone is as confident, or is as assured of their safety, as you might be.
So I say HOW DARE YOU, to throw names around, you almost had me convinced that you were trust worthy of receiving documentation from me, to help fight this fraud.

Is your home paid off? If so........ You've got no worries.  But you say you are trying to help others, and yet you release such information? Gee, I'm glad I didn't get to the Post Office this afternoon, with my NAME and ADDRESS listed on the envelope. When I am ready, I will DIVULGE to the World my Full name, and my complete story of fraud but not until then, and it most certainly will not be done by anyone such as yourself.

However, I feel a betrayal, of your name throwing, and your facetious little post here. It also appears that it is somewhat of a shame, that I informed you of this site. Post here if you'd like but name throwing, isn't tolerated here by the Board Moderators.

If its someone's rear you are looking to chew........ This isn't the place for you.

If it is to slander or give incorrect information, this isn't the place for you.

With all of that being said.........
If you are in the fight AGAINST the fraud, then Welcome, many excellent minds here, and look out when they all come together. From your posts on the other board it seems as if you may be another great mind, in the Battle against Fraud and deception. One man, can not bring them down alone; it is with many that the Fortresses shall be brought to their knees.

But no throwing the names and alias' of posters around, in the forum.
Thank You

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Joe B

     I agree that it is better when we can all use our real name and not be afraid. However, some of us are in litigation, are about to be, or are otherwise VERY concerned that our personal information can be used against us. There are some like Mike Dillon who show no fear about this, and I have great respect and admiration for those like him--truly!!

     However, I also understand that there are others who are not hiding. Rather, they are protecting themselves until the time is better to reveal the rest of their information and tell their entire story.

     I don't know where beenawhile is on that spectrum, and frankly it doesn't matter to me. I have agreed with some of his posts, and disagreed with others. I don't feel that protecting oneself behind a screen name is dubious. However, calling someone out because of it..... IS! I am disappointed that you chose to do this, because it gives others who seek this sight's information in confidence some concern about who they send information to, and even more concern over who on this board they can trust.

     I am sorry for that!

My $.02

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First I'd like to thank Joe for sticking behind me on this, that is exactly what this board is about. It is about rallying with each other, not against.
Thank You Joe.

By the way, I'm a girl. Sassy, blunt, sometimes with a sharp tone, but that is largely in part due to the sufferance of Fraud, and irritation levels skyrocketing through the roof, due to the stress of it all. That is another topic, another day.

Having the opportunity to sleep on it,

I'd like to express some concerns on a more professional level.

The Mortgage Servicers are guilty we all know that. They know that as well.
They patrol these sites, all over the internet.
I know for a fact they patrol the Topix forum, I've caught them at their game and pointed them out, for innocent posters on several occassions there.

The Mortgage Servicers Patrol this site as well, but the Moderators have a good handle on them, and somehow keep them at bay.

They are lurking on other sites, (so i have heard) such as

One such as myself might choose not to use a real name due to many factors.

1. I'm not able to find an attorney, who will represent me appropriatley.
2. It's possible, my case is in litigation currently.
3. Possible, I am scheduled for a court hearing soon...

and  101 other reasons.

Divulging personal information such as my REAL Name, gives them the opportunity to READ everything I post, and leaves me with no suprise taticts, in or during litigation, or during a Court Case.

Divulging bits and peices of my story over the internet, in efforts to help others, and MYSELF, it can all be complied by them, and put together just like a story with in a book. It then gives them the Knowledge of EVERY corner, angle, proof of deception, and fraud, my case will be based upon.
Supplying to them all the more likely hood of finding ways to continually "Screw" the borrower. (Pardon the the ugly term but really no other word is as fitting)

If I have been to their website and registered with the same email name.... Then BINGO, BANGO, they have direct correlation of Knowing JUST EXACTLY WHO I am. Bad, Bad, Bad, for the borrowers case.

Now I have seen you do the same thing to others, on Topix, and I didn't like it when I read it then, so I most certainly don't like it when you do it to me.

Trying to expose, the borrower just because they have made you mad, or caused frustration, by questioning your credibility (as you say) doesn't give you the entitlement to retaliate, in such a fashion as to hurt others respectfully.

As you had stated in your email to me. something along the lines of "I don't blame you for being cautious, you never can be too cautious when dealing with this fraud"

Then sir, please heed those words, and understand them, and know...... That questions asked by a borrower such as myself, about your integrity, are NOT to DEFAME you in any way, shape or form........ It is merely an attempt at covering my own rear-end, from the sleezeballs ( the Servicers) who would stoop to such lows, to gain access to documents the borrowers have. 

After having been told by the Mortgage company that they needed to see all of my documents, before they could help, I realize they will stop at nothing.
My home has been threated, and I have been told that I CANNOT PROVE A THING "WITHOUT ANY of MY DOCUMENTS" 

YES SIR, I have been threatened by My mortgage Servicer. Yes sir, they tried ever so innocently to get me to send my documents to them. Yes Sir, THEY WILL DO ANYTHING THEY CAN TO TRY TO STOP A BORROWER FROM PROCEEDING IN A FASHION THAT MIGHT HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY AND ALL OF THEIR ACTIONS.

I now hope after your reading of this that you will take an extra moment to think about how much you could be hurting a borrower the next time you fire off one of those "I AM WHO I SAY I AM, BUT WHO ARE YOU?" Posts on forums such as this, topix, and the others.

I understand you are out for blood. Me too, and all of the others here, but WE go after the Servicers, NOT EACH OTHER.

Now please....... Have a very good morning, and lets all fight this fraud together.

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Nye Lavalle
An FYI. It is possible for the fraudsters to track who you are on here whether you post with real name or not. It's why I always use my name, what's to hide? However, this site is under CONSTANT MONITORING for what we say by MANY servicers, PIs, and sub and outside contractors, let alone the lawyers.

I can't tell you all the hits the site gets and how long people like bear stay on the site for hours on end. I know that I get hacked often and many of my colleagues have been hacked.

I also know that when we go to other sites owned by the crooks, they plant cookies in our browsers to "track us." So, don't be afraid to use your own name. Just don't publish and priviledged info! Hope this helps!
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Ed Cage

Dear Baw,

I posted this yesterday: "I will concede some justifiably prefer short term questions/comments when the subject is personal." 

The reason I said it was justifiable for some to use aliases is because some understandably fear the tactics of criminals like Bear Stearns?EMC.. Perhaps others are embarrassed that they fell partially behind in payments and then were exploited and prematurely accelerated towards foreclosure by scoundrels like BS/EMC. I stand behind my above quote.


Baw you sent me an email invitation (under an entirely different name btw) to start posting on and explained, “You would be an excellent addition to this site.”  So I went to the site as you suggested and right off the bat I see a post from someone I never heard of named “Beenawhile” asking if anyone recognized ED CAGE and explaining that you needed to verify if Ed Cage is on our side.”  The coincidence was unique so quite naturally I asked if you had heard of the other alias #1 you had apparently used in your email solicitations to me encouraging me to post in here. 


`          ***************

Baw I honestly didn’t know until you (Not me) today

divulged that those two aliases were both you.

`          ***************


This part of your above post is also particularly frustrating because it is grossly inaccurate:
Baw ON: ----------------------------

“I spoke to you via email, and what I thought was in confidence.

I explicitly told you that I was weary of Whom I divulged my

information to, and then you come here, and divulge information?”

Baw OFF -----------------------------


That’s not the context and flow of what your other alias said at all!!


But now you have in 24 hours encouraged me to post in this forum under one alias, when I go to the site as you requested I find another alias #2 I had also never heard of telling readers they needed to verify if ED CAGE is on our side.”  (!?!?)   The frustrating part is I can’t post what was really in your two emails to me and still respect your right to confidentiality which you DID NOT request until today btw. However I will post this brief excerpt from one of your 2 emails to me under a separate alias:

Alias #1 ON: -------------------------------

Now the questions begin,
 Why are you interested in bringing them down?
What have they done to you and what is your story?”

Alias #1 OFF  ------------------------------


Alias #1 indicated he/she had very incriminating evidence.  Assuming you are both of these aliases as I now believe, why not send it to Nye Lavalle?  There’s a source nobody doubts and like I said Nye is a personal hero of mine.  We are built the same way: Honesty, intelligence and extremely tenacious. But understand you *grossly* and inaccurately misrepresented the two emails you sent to me which may cast doubt in some reader’s minds as to who is telling the truth in a forum you strongly urged me to post in just yesterday.


Ed Cage (Married for 36+ years so I must not be too hard to get along with)

1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023

972-596-4363 (Listed)

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Here's what I think.

I hate these kinds of threads.

It is not all that surprising that people that have been victimized begin
to victimize others.

Neither one of you is taking the high road.

Conversely, neither one of you has done anything wrong.

How about considering the rest of the people that post and read posts here?

Don't use this forum to attack each other.  Do it by email to each other.

I imagine there are a number of people here that will judge your credibility
by what you have to offer concerning mortgage servicing fraud.


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         Thanks and...... AMEN !
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So, after all this BS and back-and-forth let me ask; WHO IS Ed Cage?

Does Ed want to help us or not? If so, what can Ed contribute to the PUBLIC dialog about mortgage servicing fraud? Why is Ed Cage so touchy about BAW's trying to get an endorsement of him? We have often done that at this forum in the past when new names appear.

I don't like these threads either but mortgage servicing fraud victims are understandably skittish. After all, everyone who has "promised" to help them within the system has been full of hot air. There are past examples where websites have been used to further one person's gains at the expense of many. Welcome to the land of the extremely paranoid, Mr. Cage.

IMHO, Mr. Cage did not present himself well by posting private e-mails no matter where he thinks they originated. It is just another warning to all of us to be careful whom you contact privately or it could bite you later. Occasionally we get someone here who does this and all it does is serve to make us all mistrust each other and sets us back in our mission.

Since Nye Lavalle is Mr. Cage's "hero" I assume that Mr. Cage joins Mr. Lavalle in his never-ending quest for information that has never led to any solid court cases that I am aware of. The promise of these "blockbuster" cases has been presented by Mr. Lavalle at this board for YEARS and we still await the news of him filing even one small case.

Don't take this wrong, I have no beef with Mr. Lavalle, personal or otherwise. Maybe I am too demanding but to me performance counts and I have seen nothing from Mr. Lavalle yet to impress. He says "it is a secret" here from time to time and I wish him luck in his quest for the "ultimate bombshell court case" but I am not holding my breath. And maybe I just somehow missed the news of the filing of his case(s). Anyway, it is just MHO and not meant to start any fights with anyone. Just rambling....

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Ed Cage

Well said Dee.  I couldn't agree more. 


Those who wish to check out someone (me) need to do it privately including emails to the person you "need to verify if he is one of us." Or emails to a trusted source, as opposed to emails under one alias strongly encouraging the person under scrutiny to begin posting in a new forum, then alias #2 pops up which surprisingly is the *same* person as alias #1 explaining that they "need to verify if ED CAGE is one of us."


Do it privately. That way the person lured to the forum (me) to be "verified as one of us" DOESN'T HAVE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES PUBLICLY causing both parties to appear childish. The Jerry Springer format won’t get us anywhere.


Ed Cage

1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023

972-596-4363 (Listed)

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I have confirmed this site is monitored by PI's (like myself) for valuable information in litigation claims.  I can attest that CBASS/LITTON LOAN have employed many to monitor this site in particular and provide any and all information to its lawyers that are involved in litigation.  Both Litton and Cbass have DENIED DOING THIS IN RESPONSE's TO DISCOVERY!  We have the evidence and waiting for the right cases to shoot the DUCKS!
Its understandable at times people want animity in posting either information or just "venting" here.  We all should respect both. 
FYI, I like Nye post my name and my business e-mail address here. I can only speak for myself, but I want Larry Litton Sr. and Jr. to know who is responsible to "Taking them down!" Both in here and working in the dark behind the scene's.  As they tried to steal my home, I'm working with the same dedication and resolve to take theirs!  In my case their Lawyers already know there is NO compromise.  I have every intention to go to trial, and in the course, expose everything I can.  When I was asked during my only deposition, "What did Litton Loan ever do to you...?"  I said, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Extortion, Money Laundering...etc...    I asked at the conclusion of that question would  he like to know how every one of those were done to me. The Litton Lawyer stopped the deposition shortly after that without wanting me to say anything further exposing Litton Loan.  My day is coming, IN HOUSTON!
And I'm looking forward to it.  Exposing LITTON LOAN/CBASS/RADIAN/MGIC, and how they sold securities, then stripped the equity out of the securities by foreclosing on thousands of homes, by forgery, altering documents, etc, all by creating MANUFACTURED FORECLOSURES.
Bring it on.  As I and others have worked to expose Litton's "Force placed Insurance" (copies of policy's posted with msfraud) and how Litton used these to keep individuals in a "Default" status to assure foreclosures, and I and others, showed how the "Force placed" policy provided NO COVERAGE to the home owner, only to Litton Loan and CBASS, And, how this policy was violating numerous state laws, being a surplus lines policy.  It was after this several litigating cases have been filed against Litton and Now naming CBASS for fraud. 
(Boy. I can get off track quick when I start), we should respect the confidences of individuals if they choose to remain silent.  Each one has his or her reasons, I for one, have talked to hundreds of victims of Litton Loan that are in litigation right now, that have asked me to not identify them for their own reasons, I have to respect that as an Investigator. 
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NotHard2Find evidence

Ed Cage
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Monday Oct 15
Angi wrote:
We are currently in foreclosure- trying to come out- our mortgage is with EMC- reading this page has definetly scarred the ba-geesus out of me. I'm afraid that EMC are not going to hold to their word to work w/us on getting out of foreclosure- anyone out there with ANYTHING good to say to help calm me down?
Angi you never did contact me. I'm a real person; this is not a trick by EMC or Bear Stearns, the mother of all deception. It may not be too late but you can't just sit there asking for "feel-good" posts.. AMC/Ameriquest, Town & Country, EMC and the Satan of Mortgage fraud Bear Stearns want you to miss payments. You will get only lies upon lies upon lies from BS btw..
I am putting together 100% honest people for an existing class action. We are over $38,000 **AHEAD** and make monthly payments 2 weeks in advance yet Bear Stearns is still lying to cover criminal activity by themselves as well as EMC. Additionally BS owes us a GREAT deal of money which they "claim" they have already refunded. I'm not after your money.. This is not a scheme from EMC or BS.

Contact me ASAP.

Ed Cage
Plano Texas
(Phone listed)

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Mr Ed
Ed Cage
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Friday Oct 19
Here's a letter I just sent to BS, EMC and AMC:
Eileen Driscoll Rubens
Senior Counsel
ACC Capital Holdings Corporation
100 Town & Country Road Suite 1200
Orange CA 92868
Ms. Rubens sincere thanks for your Oct. 15, 2007 letter which I received today. That's
one step for credibility and valid communication efforts. I will give you credit for that
if/when my lawsuit or class action against Ameriquest/AMC/ACC/Citigroup actually occurs. However you are in error if you believe there is a valid excuse for sending an incorrect
"Interest Paid" 1098 form.
1) The "error" was actually a criminal attempt by AMC to illegally defraud both me as well as EMC Mortgage Services of all people. It was perpetrated by AMC Assistant to the President James Brantley. It was hardly an "error" Ms. Rubens. It was a crime designed to benefit from a clerical error I had made on one of the many “Principal Only” checks I have sent in currently totaling about $40,000 in “principal only” payments. I inadvertently wrote “Interest Only” rather than “Principal Only” on a $1,000 check and AMC’s Brantley immediately seized upon the clerical error as a way to cheat both me and my wife as well as their long time partner in crime, EMC. He promptly “sold” our note to EMC, cheating both of us. Intentionally and by design I might add.
2) Although the bogus 1098 form from AMC actually helps me, I cannot set an example to the people online I am posting advice to on how to handle fraud and suspense account illegal tactics by AMC/Ameriquest and Bear Stearns/EMC mortgage if I too become dishonest.
3) Errors are easily reversible. If you don’t know that, you should know that Ms. Rubens. Why do you think $800 million in Bear Stearns assets were seized by Merrill Lynch? Why do you think Ameriquest/AMC Brantley et al were hit with an estimated $400,000,000 judgment? These are large reversals. This one is $1,000 but don’t think I won’t take action. Fedler made that mistake and look where he is right now.. This is a benchmark case here; I am posting the results online along with examples of mortgage fraud, deception, seemingly endless lies, and creative stalling tactics by the above mentioned firms.
4) You are also grossly mistaken in your apparent belief that this adjustment has since occurred. It has not. That’s why Bear Stearns and specifically Greg Fedler are unable to supply any documentation of that adjustment Fedler claims was “already made.” It never occurred.
5) That’s also why you ACC/Citigroup/AMC/Ameriquest as well as Town & Country also have no supporting documentation of the correction you seem to believe has already been made. It has been dealt word service by AMC and EMC and BSC, but nothing has been done. Except for yet another attempt at mortgage fraud by crediting the $1,000 on November 8, 2005 (Not even the correct date of May 3, 2005!!) then incredibly reversing out the same credit the same day. I can document what I say, you can’t Ms. Rubens. And that’s the DIFFERENCE. This is a final demand for a corrected 1098 from AMC. Just because AMC is bankrupt and defunct facing an avalanche of lawsuits and criminal charges, is no excuse for not at least correcting the paperwork, on the crime that AMC and James Brantley committed in May of 2005. There is no statute of limitations on fraud Ms. Rubens.
Respectfully and thanks again for your professional courtesy,
Ed Cage
1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023 /(Phone number listed)
PS: Ms. Rubens are you copying my correspondence to Citigroup as I requested?
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Thank You all for your support in this confidentiality matter.


Mr. Ed,

I'm sorry you dont understand, the compassion I have for protecting my confidentiality, in regards to the fraud my family suffers. I truly am sorry.


There was no need for you to bite back with the insinuation, that I was trying to POSE as two different people, or that I acted completely like two different people.



You also said this:

The reason I said it was justifiable for some to use aliases is because some understandably fear the tactics of criminals like Bear Stearns?EMC.. Perhaps others are embarrassed that they fell partially behind in payments and then were exploited and prematurely accelerated towards foreclosure by scoundrels like BS/EMC. I stand behind my above quote.



I suppose you should firstly know, THAT I WAS NOT BEHIND IN  PAYEMNTS.

Yet, still involved in the Servicing Fraud. Would it matter if I was?????

I say this becasue I feel as if your above post was trying to attack me on behalf of not paying my bills, at least thats how it seems you were trying to angle this cruddy post.


Yet again, I feel insulted. Oh well no worries, I'll get over it.



I asked you to come to this board, because of the information I was reading that you were giving to others on the topix board. It was valid and you seem to be up on the game, with a great mind, and great knowledge of how this fraud works. Not just from the borrower but all the way up to the SEC's and Wallstreet investors. I SPECIFICALLY ASKED YOU TO COME HERE, TO JOIN AND MEET WITH THE OTHER GREAT MINDS IN THIS GAME.  I'll be honest with you right now, I don't understand how they SEC, and investor stuff works Mr. ED. but there are individuals here who do, THAT IS WHY I WANTED YOU TO COME TO THIS BOARD, not so you could help me. But so that your knowledge of the Wallstreet aspect could be combined with the Knowledge of the other WALL Street savy posters here.


I had no idea you, knew Nye Lavalle, do I know him? yes I do, I've read all of his posts, and YES I have sent documentation to him previously, last year. Does he remember? I don't know, he probably has an entire wharehouse or2 or 3 full of documents, from borrowers all over America.


I have NUMEROUS times given victims on the topix board this web address, and asked them to come here to post there questions so that they may learn how to fight the fraud.


Most of the time they don't come. Which is a shame because I am more focused on helping the poor little old lady, and the family with a severly disabled child with no money for medical, and Mortgage Servicing fraud.


My heart is for the victims, that are so confused they dont even know where to begin. And this site is exactly what they need. Because here, they get the information the need to help them make choices that most appropriatley represent their families, and needs.


Sure I feel sorry for the investors who are losing money to this too, but ya know what? Thye've got money, that's why they are called "INVESTORS" because they have the FUNDS to place it somewhere else other than spending it on the monthly necessities, to live the American Dream.


Now I will post the emails that I have written to you, Im sure you wont mind, since you have done somewhat of the same thing.



This is what you said in one of your above posts:


`          ***************

Baw I honestly didn’t know until you (Not me) today

divulged that those two aliases were both you.

`          ***************


This part of your above post is also particularly frustrating because it is grossly inaccurate:
Baw ON: ----------------------------

“I spoke to you via email, and what I thought was in confidence.

I explicitly told you that I was weary of Whom I divulged my

information to, and then you come here, and divulge information?”

Baw OFF -----------------------------


The below is my first contact with you. an email from me sent to yoru email.


11/6/2007 10:46:12 am



Mortgage Servicing Fraud



Hi Ed,
I'm writing on behalf of posts I've seen from you on the
Topix website about EMC Mort. Corp.

Are you currently a poster on the


I think I've seen your name there as well.
I've been away from topix, and msfraud. sites for a while
now, and have recently come the fraud just
never ends.

I have information, and documents that you might need, if
you could please give me a phone number where i may call
you, I would greatly appreciate it.

At this time I do not have any questions, about the fraud,
or how it works..... I completly understand it all.

Please provide me with a phone number, and i will be more
than happy to get documents out to you.

aka needonenow, claims to file, beenawhile, baw
and better advice, on the topix website,  
Thank you. (END OF MY EMAIL)


Look just above, do you see the names i provided, for you? beenawhile, and baw are listed there arent they? Isn't it true that there is NOTHING changed in this email provided?  Did you know that tiggleiggle was associated with ~beenawhile? Yes you did!
I provided those names for you so that you could do
research on those names as well, to PROVIDE to you, that
not blowing smoke into thin air.

This is your response:

Tig, thanks for your email. I have seen and visited

but I don't recall posting there. I think I tried but couldn't break the
code. Perhaps you can help me post there if I can't easily do it or figure
it out.


I'm trying to focus on these "suspense accounts" and "corporate advance
funds" where illicit charges and inflated charges exist. This is a primary
methodology used by Citi Residential, Bear Stearns aka EMC, Ameriquest, AMC
et al. to cheat their unsuspecting customers and force them (illegally) into
premature foreclosure. I am currently trying to bring the biggest mortgage
fraud perpetrator and outright liar in America Greg Fedler of Bear Stearns
to justice. Next is known mortgage fraud felon James Brantley who Citi
incredibly hired to expand their mortgage fraud operations designed to
exploit the more vulnerable mortgage holders and cheat their own investors
as well. Brantley was largely behind the failures of both Ameriquest and AMC
Mortgage and his illegal tactics were in no small part responsible for the
$400,000,000 judgment Ameriquest was hit with for fraud.

It is *amazing* that Citi Residential would hire a known mortgage felon like
James Brantley of Orange California.

If you don't mind I will post this email to you under:

where others can benefit. I will refer to you as "Tig" and I would really
like to see you post here as well because it sounds like you may know more
than me.

Tig the only way to stop this is to put these rip-off criminals out of
business. EMC, Ameriquest, and AMC Mortgage are already defunct
out-of-business. Bear Stearns is on life support in the mortgage fraud
business and will soon be out of business in that area as well. Additionally
criminals like James Brantley of Citi and Greg Fedler of Bear Stearns who
are both currently being criminally investigated must be indicted and
convicted for their crimes.

Regards and thanks,

Ed Cage, Plano Texas,


This is the Next email I sent to you.

Date 11/6/2007 1:10:21 pm
To"Mr Ed" <>
SubjectRe: Mortgage Servicing Fraud


Hi and Thank you for your timely response.

I've got the documents, all I need is an adress to send the
information to. It clearly states their illict collections
of fraud by placing money into an Suspense account, and
letting it sit there until it magically disappears, or until
they move it to an escrow account.

It clearly shows that they Charged me Several times within a
year for Home Owmers Insurace.

I have been able to tell how long they had held my monthly
paymets before applying them to the Princial and interest on
the account.

********Now the questions begin,************
Why are you interested in bringing them down?
What have they done to you and what is your story?
And how are we getting closer to bringing them down?
Im sure you must understand my hesitations here to divulge
information more than that of what I have already given you.

I'll wait to hear further from you in response to those
questions above.

Again, thank you for the timely response, and the time to
read the email. is the best place for someone such as
yourself to be posting information. The site is a mountain
of information involving the different realms, in the ENTIRE

The people at have all suffered at the hands of
these servicers, and are TRUE VETERANS of the fight, against
the fraud.

You would be an excellent addition to the site.

Thank You,
Will look for your reply.


Send what information to? I apologize Tig, I get numerous calls/emails. Of
course I'm familiar with you but not the "send information" to what address

You are on the right track. I have posted about 50 times on

You can read them and I think you'll feel good about me but you are 100%
correct to be cautious.

About 40% of my story is posted on

and previous pages.

I want to nail them because they owe me about $9,000 in actual damages. But
I really want punitive damages as well.

Also VERY IMPORTANT: I want to help other victims.

If you lay in bed and say "THEY ought to do this" or "THEY ought to do
that." You'll go nowhere. It is up to law-abiding citizens to bring
criminals like James Brantley of Citi and Greg Fedler of Bear Stearns to
justice. I am making headway and I'd like to think I am at least partially
responsible for a number of them already being criminally investigated. Huge
fines, possible jail time if there were prior convictions, disbarment for
EMC Chief Counsel Eileen M. Smyth, etc , etc are necessary to deter future
blatant criminal acts. Ameriquest, EMC, and AMC Mortgage are all out of
business. Bear Stearns (Wall Street and Mortgage sections) will also soon
fail. That's four less criminal mortgage fraud firms and a half dozen
individuals that are out of the mortgage business or soon will be.

NUMBERS, honesty and tenacity are my long suits. I retired early but I have
been doing this sort of thing all of my life. "This sort of thing" refers
to trying to correct social injustices.

I'd LOVE to see your examples Tig.

Warm regards and never ever give up on bringing these *criminals* to
justice! - A worthy cause.

Ed Cage
(Your street address, and

phone number withheld. by me baw)


EVERYONE here is willing to help those who have questions, and is willing to give them the best possible advice they can offer.


We here at this board are not out to hurt each other, or cause problems for each other. period.


Now forgive me Dear Sir, If I offended you that much, by asking the simple question if anyone here knew of you, and your plause.


It was simply to verify,  you are a one of the good guys.

did I throw your name? YES I did.....  I used your name on this board, with the thoughts that you would not mind, or have a problem with me "dropping" your name, BECAUSE, as you haated on this board a few times, and the TOPIX board, that YOU HAVE YOUR NAME POSTED, VISIBLE, and available to anyone to use, for research.


So Mr. Ed, that is what I was doing. I'm sorry if you feel this way, about the entire situation.  Keep in mind I never said "Hey anyone got any dirt on MR ED?" all is asked was if you were a good guy? Why become so defensive?

Why feel the need to attack, and exploit me?



This is all in order to DEFEND myself, and the credibility of the advice, that I can offer to other individuals from my own experiences of fraud.


Let me remind the board of this statement made by you in an above post.


Nye is a personal hero of mine.  We are built the same way: Honesty, intelligence and extremely tenacious. But understand you *grossly* and inaccurately misrepresented the two emails you sent to me which may cast doubt in some reader’s minds as to who is telling the truth in a forum



NO!... Mr Ed, It is not me which is *grossly* and inaccurately misrepresented. The two emails I sent to you have been provided above for the other viewers of this thread  to see....That I NEVER EVER FOR ONE MOMENT MISREPRESENTED MYSELF, IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM..  They can and will Judge for themselves, if there was a misrepresentation in those emails by me. They can and will Judge if there was a misrepresentation by you. 



I apologize to all for every bit of this childish crap that is penetrating this board. When you are tying to help others, your character need not be, destroyed or discredited by anyone, who might be trying to manipulate the truth. Character is important for people to trust you, and not believe that you are a MOLE, looking to further destroy individuals.

That is why I have posted the emails. For all to read, and understand, that I am on your side. No matter whether tiny little victim, or investor experiencing

WALL STREET FRAUD.  Now can we please get off of this little game of BLANTANT ATTACKS of me, my screen names, and the such? It would be greatly appreciated. By me and others of the board, i'm sure.


Thank You,

When you'd like to start fresh, announce the moment. 






(Blue, red, & bold were colors added by me, to stress key notes of email correspondence only. They were not in the actual emails, Just the normal black type.)


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