Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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We got 2 letters with 1 amt of 468.00 and the 2nd for 946.00 and we just have the one mortgage. They can keep it.  After I got the letters, I got 2 calls and have both of them on my answering machine reminding us that the deadline is Sept.10 and one of the calls came in after Sept 10th.  If people are in lawsuits against them, isn`t it wrong for them to contact you personally?  I thought it would have to go to your attorney.

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I am not sure about that.  But if you are part of a class action suit against AMC you should send the paperwork you received from Ameriquest to your attorney.  I still don't know how to find out what attorney we signed up with since my other computer bit the dust and the info I had is all in there... oh well, don't think I would take any offer from Ameriquest.... will contact an attorney if I receive anything from them.   Thanks for responding to my message....

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[QUOTE=Still Fighting]$600.00 here in Illinois! Woo Hoo! What a slap in the face for all the crap they put me through!
[/QUOTE  ]    I live in Illinois also- did you recive payment? Ours was 500.00 It said by September. Our closing costs were 7000.00 It makes me sick!
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Anyone heard when the Mo settlement will get checks and how much

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O -

Did you check the settlement web site?

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Inmate B Barber
Ameriquest Sets Up Settlement Website
Realty Times - Oct 12, 2007
Earlier this year, it complicated the Senate confirmation of Ameriquest founder and chief stockholder Roland Arnall, who President Bush nominated to be Ambassador to the Netherlands. Arnall has been one of President Bush's major campaign donors.
Agent Zero
Pitch Weekly - Oct 31, 2007
Prolific in the art of mortgage fraud, Barber is serving time in a federal prison for scams that, in the words of the US Attorney, tore "like a hurricane" through low-income neighborhoods.
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did anybody else have their initials forged on their paperwork and where is my whopping 500$?

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O -
Yes and I don't know...

Do you work for yourself? Did they Bait and Switch your stuff after the singing?
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Hi O-,

I really, really think I have forged documents also. The initials just dont look like ours. period. It looks funny to me, and I just can't quite tell if it was actual forging, or a copy pasting job. It's odd. but looks more like a forgery i guess.

Can you explain what you mean by bait and switch?
I have documents that they said we signed, but I don't ever remember seeing them. Would this be the bait and switch?

We also had blank, documents that they would not fill in, prior to us signing. They said it wasn't the contract for the home, but they needed to have our signatures on the document, so they could solicit, a lender for us.

We had already been quoted a fantastic interest rate, and were told that our rate would be at 7.29% with our credit. (The US Standard loan rates at the time were 6.9% if i remember correctly.)

This was the document we signed, so they could solicit the lender for us, and this interest rate had been filled in by them with "HAND WRITING", showing they were looking for a loan with interest rates of the 7.29% interest for us.

Came to find out that we were stuck with 10.25% interest. Showing up on documents we KNOW we HADN'T signed, & the interest rate of 10.25% Had been "TYPED" in.

We can't prove a thing though, because we never got a copy of the hand written 7.29% interest.  

We finally got a copy of our loan docs about 4-6 months later.
& there were papers there that WE didn't remember signing, or initialling at all. & there were papers stuck in the "Loan documents" with no Signatures, or Initials on them, but placed there as if though we had agreed on their terms.

So is this baiting and switching of documents?
if not please explain, and thank you.

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O -

Yea I would say so.

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O -

Sorry BAW, It was late and I get up at 5 am everyday.

Yes That's sounds like the old bait and switch thing. Was it ameriquest? They did that to me. They changed the interest rate didn't pay off things in the contract, changed things in the contract after the signing.

That's a BIG jump from 7 something to 10 something, DANG. FIXED? I hope.

I was going to ask if you paid points and how much, but I'm sure you must have paid points, I paid them and didn't even know till later during litigation. Over 2 thousand dollars.

Greenpoint did that to me. From 8.45 fixed to 16 aj. I said NO WAY! Then got snagged my AMQ. It's hard to say no to something you don't know about.
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Oh it's ok, short -n- sweet works for me. LOL

No it wasn't Ameriquest.
Lived the nightmare with three others.

thansk for the info, yes it's a fixed rate, at least they did keep it at that.

Had we gotten the loan two years later, though they probably would have done the adjustable for sure.

I guess they weren't trying to screw us too bad in the end (with adj) LOL yeah right.

Really though, I dont know how we got lucky there.
I'm sorry to hear they did that to you. I hope you get justice.

thanks for the info.
I just had never heard of bait & switch (docs) on this board before, & if I had I just didnt remember. Now I understand, thanks.

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