Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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If say an adj rate note is endorsed in the following manner  from one lender to the next is it valid?

Pay to the Order Of                                     Pay To The Order Of
Ameriquest Mortgage                                    ???????
Without Recourse                                     
Argent  Mortgage                                        Without Recourse
                                                               Ameriquest Mortgage 

Is this enough with an assignment letter of assignment? I'm curious since they have no name there. Then the assignment is a sep doc.

thanks everyone!

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 I forgot in doing more research on this Bk Judge here in Stl I found out that I'm not the only one this Judge is attempting to give the shaft. 

What if they never brought the real party in interest out? On my 1st they never brought Argent out. They never brought them out when Wachovia, What the F**k Wells Fargo and whoever else could of owned my debt.

Seems like I read somewhere that if they don't bring out the real party in interest than the group that came forward should have to take the same penalities as the RPI interest would of.

Somehow, here in another case he brought about the issue with the Real Party in Interest in another case close to mine. They didn't even record a 1st lien. It did the same thing probably Argent, Ameriquest. Then this one went to Wachovia. Anyway, somehow judge borught them out and let them cure the standing issue for like $7,000. Then the judge didn't give the debtor the right amount to be able to reinstate loan properly and they let them foreclose. Real nice letter to the judge about that one.

Then now there's another case that I've found in the same county I'm in. An Argent/Ameriquest nightmare. The lien is recorded initially in county records. Then nothing afterwards.

Citi files a proof of claim to be paid stating that their a servicer for xyz. I wrote about this before. But then they show somehow that the assignment happened from Argent/ameriquest to them in 2007 not recorded in county records but put into court records in 2009. Nothing about when Argent/Ameriquest assigned it to the company they were suppose to be servicing it for. MIND BOGGLING is what's up!

And all the ATTORNEYS are on the JUDGES SIDE! I'm ASHAMED of ever trying to be a good person. But I am optimistic about getting back to work. I'll buy errors and omissions insurance. Then the insurance company will have to hire an atty not me. l'm sure I'll find some good people that need help.  Their predicting almost $3m of these things this year!

Can you imagine this? What are we to do? Some how still be STRONG AND HONEST. DON'T LET NO ONE DETOUR THE TRUTH!

Be BLESSED and Well!
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   You have posed an interesting question. It appears to me that the second
endorsement would be a "bearer endorsement" meaning whoever has the
"Note" would have the right to enforce it. I'm not a lawyer, but that seems
like the situation.
    The key thing to do is look at who or what originated the loan and see
if it had a license to do mortgage loans in your State. This would become
an issue if the original lender was not a bank, but a mortgage company which
was not a WHOLLY OWNED subsidiary of a bank. If the original lender was
not licensed, then the "mortgage" might not be enforceable as a "foreclosure"
    In this situation, the Note could still be sued upon, and enforcement could
occur through a "Sheriff Sale" if the property was not "homesteaded". If
the property was "homesteaded" you might be able to prevent them from
taking it because the debt would be "unsecured" like a credit card debt.
    In any case, if you can, try to get an attorney who is competent and be
wary of any "mail solicitations" if you have equity in the property.
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P-notes are frequently "indorsed in blank," which does make them essentially "bearer bonds."

As far as I know there is nothing unlawful about doing this.

Check the UCC Article 3, which covers "negotiable instruments."
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