Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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TO: San Diego Title Companies, Escrow Companies, Their Officers, Employees, Clients and Prospects
TO: California Legislators, Judicial Servants, Public Service Officials and All Homeowners


Distressed Property: 10169 Presley Street, San Diego, CA 92126 APN: 341-403-05-00

This is YOUR Legal Notice of the attached filing with The San Diego County Recorder on 11/23/2009.
We request any and all professional independent research donations to re-confirm our findings:

1. The default servicer received no assignments of the Deed of Trust from the original investor;
2. The original mortgage was separated from borrower’s original note by MERS without fiduciary duty;
3. The chain of title was broken by multiple trustees without notice to the borrower and/or investors;
4. The foreclosing conduits servicers, trustees, and agents were not legal holders in due course;
5. The auction value was unconscionably devalued by 40% without due notice to the public or borrower;
6. The new beneficiary received untitled transfer from the default servicer who did not have standing;
7. The beneficiaries under the deed of trust were not identified until AFTER the Sham Trustee Sale;
8. The bond security and pooling agents yielded financial gains but charged their losses to our collateral;
9. The financial services traders were unjustly rewarded as phantom purveyors against our home equity;
10. The foreclosure process belies Public Trust by providing NO SETTLEMENT STATEMENTS!

Due to these aggressions, the local justice system relied on inaccurate and fraudulent misrepresentations by scoundrel trustees, agents, servicers, beneficiaries, phantom investors, asset managers and phantom investors who failed to use expert title services. They defrauded us, our neighbors, our community, our state and our great country with ONE unlawful foreclosure and a truly unjust eviction from our home of 27 years!

The Real Investor was never known by us within our Deed of Trust, Mortgage or subsequent the chain of title to identify holders of our Note in due course, making the foreclosure unlawful and void. Title records today suggest up to three beneficiaries claiming entitlement and beneficial rights as if they were the owners, when none were known to us at any time before the untitled transfer via “Back To Bene” foreclosure on the Broadway Courthouse Steps in 2007.

Unprecedented actions by financial services markets under CFMA-2000 led to unbridled churning of borrowers in mortgage markets, which were compelled by artificial asset valuations in bond securities markets. Financial markets then used credit derivatives to minimize their risks, while MERS “as nominee” facilitated Bankster losses onto unwary housing markets. The completely unregulated foreclosure market now affects 40% of all San Diego homes already in underwater distress.

Please post and forward this Notice to Preserve Interest in our property to everyone involved in the home escrow process. Then make a full investigation SPECIFICALLY to identify the true beneficiary under chain of title. Finally, please consider supporting our efforts to increase public awareness against the Banksters stealing equity from homeowners in distress! Thank you, and may God Bless America,

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June Reyno & Freddie Reyno, Titled Owners               
National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice
Corporate Office Address: 10170 Presley Street, San Diego, CA 92126
858-361-2399 (INFORMATIONAL RESOURCE BY: FORECLOSURE AUTOPSY RESOURCE SERVICES (FARS) – Courtesy of Charles Koppa @ Cell: (760) 787-9966
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