Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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After nearly 100 days of presidents (whats his name) I have come to the conclusion, based upon a number of known facts that this guy is NOT going to be helping the home owner, or even address the Manufactured Foreclosures, or foreclosure problem.
Having come from the Chicago area, and been a Police Officer in the area, I know that President (whats his name) is a socialist, and as such he uses the politics of divide and take over.  As he did with Wall Street, first he backed the billions in bailout, then ranted at the outrage of the payouts.  Here he had his cake and ate it too, by taking over several prior banks using the FED and the Treasury he and his mob can now dictate how business will be run, and how money will be lent and to whom etc.
On the business of the auto industry we just saw how President (whats his name) is going to run, and ruin the auto industry.
On the business of the United States Dollar, first his spokesmen say it will not change, but soon after Russia and China talk about changing the US Dollar to another standard, we hear the Sec. of State (whats her name) say we are not opposed to the idea, and then GEITNER taking both positions, no we won't, then maybe we will.
Now the most scary part, the "Mandatory" two year youth program!  This is no joke,
I ask everyone of you to look up FEMA CAMPS and judge for yourself what is coming to America!
We will not see the help we needed in the mortgage crisis, only because it can be used for political gain by this President (whats his name). 
As two former FBI Agents reported they advised the former President Bush in 2002 about this, why did he not act?  Why would he even think of delaying on acting with such well documented information? 
I think we must begin as Americans to begin to prepare for a much bigger battle.  Thomas Payne warned us of this, so did Jefferson, and many other of our founders.
We just maybe have to become more militant in our outrage.
When our elected officials don't even know millions have been spent by the government to build and create these FEMA CAMPS, something is very much wrong.
My good friends here and those that drop in here please take what I'm saying very seriously.  Lenin, and Hitler, and others have used these same tactics and idea's to take over and rule.  For the last seven years it has been about our homes, it is now about our Homeland!
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Gary, been thinking that for a while now, got guns, got plenty ammo, where do we sign up? When, for crying out loud, are Americans gonna get their heads out their butt and WAKE UP!
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The White-House, (no pun intended) ASKED FOR THE RESIGNATION OF gm's top guy, yet they kept the Money Bank darlings in place.

WHO is being bought here?

I think I know.
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It's absolutely amazing how they will tell the largest employer that their plan is not good enough, ask for the CEO's firing, and basically tell them if you don't have a better idea we'll let you fail. Yet in the same breath give the fraudsters insurance company anything they ask for without a plan or any accountability and continue to give them what they ask for.

What is even more amazing is that they are doing it right in front of our faces and most of America is complacent and not willing to do anything about it. Personally I'm with Mike, 4J, Gary, and anyone else who has had enough. There's got to be something we can do besides sit here and watch.
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Nye Lavalle
Guy, you all are WAY off here...

First, I have seen more improvement in past 2 weeks than 2 decades. I can now go on Fannie and Freddie sites and see if they own the loan. In just 2 weeks, out of seven cases where different lenders/servicers are foreclosing and claim they OWN and HOLD the note, 4 cases show Fannie and Freddie own the note and the opposition now totally F'ed Up!

That alone, is one great deal. I lived in Detroit and grew up there and left in 75 when THEN i saw writing on wall. GM was a client of mine over the years and in late 80s told them they needed to get rid of Oldsmobile, Pontiac and merge Buick with Caddy ala Lincoln Mercury for one luxury div with 2 lines.

They didn't listen then and not now. Waggnor had to go. GM has not been same since my grandfolks next door neighbor Ed Cole ran things.

So, lets lighten up and don't believe everything you see and read.. or hear on Rush! remember, he'd a con and drug abuser!
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h gosh
Nye, re:  Fannie and Freddie - I know of a loan that was foreclosed in Fannie's name (via Shapiro law network).  After much research, it was found that the note was owned by WaMu.  One phone call to Fannie, and a subsequent search on their part, resulted in Fannie's attorney calling the Judge and WITHDRAWING the foreclosure action, setting forth the facts.  That never would have happened a few short months ago!!  So, I agree, changes are coming, slowly, perhaps not as fast as we would like, but they are coming.
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I don't mean to sound contradictory to myself, but with direct respect to Fanny and Ginny, that change alone is not insignificant, its a major change to access information, and I agree with Nye, that many changes have occurred within the short period of time, and accessing Fanny and Ginny direct greatly assists and address the "Ownership" issues.
My point I'm trying to make is the greater issue of divide and take over, being done my the mob and president (whats his name).
Why could they not have done this years ago is the question I continue to ask. 

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I checked out the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sight.  Fannie mae only ask for the address and city and state.  Freddie Mac ask for Name, Address, Phone number, Social Security Number almost everything but your !!!!!!!  Why does Freddie Mac need anymore than the address and city and maybe a name!

As to Obama, I hope he helps us, but it is wait and see for now. 

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