Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Morgan Stanley CEO calls for stop to "Short Selling", now that's the really the pot calling the kettle black. 
After years of raping loan victims!  Now Morgan Stanley feeling the heat of the "Free Market" he whats the rules changed to save them!  What a crock of bull!  

Short Selling on Morgan Stanley, and Citi is the only way a "Free Market" can take advantage and punish bad actors.  Now the SEC acts to curb "Short Selling"  where the hell were they when tens of thousands complained about loosing their homes!  

And, while I'm on my soap box here, what was the government thinking giving 85 Billion to AIG?  That money could have gone a long way to stop foreclosures, and pay back the victims of MSFRAUD!  But of course the 8 million people that lost homes, they don't count! 
Weather your a DEM or REP, it does not matter, both candidates for president come with huge baggage.  Neither would appear at this time to act in the interest tens of thousands of victims.  If we could raise our voice in unison, we could have had the 85 Billion for victims, and restitution for victims.

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Gary - I agree these candidates are not very strong leaders..I do like Sarah Palin, but she isn't running for president

Count me in I want my voice to be heard!! How many of us on this website? Is there any organizations where we could get money to run ads...we could get the phone numbers of each state Atty. General's Office, have anyone who lost a house or about to lose a house call in. What a laugh that would be to see them trying to answer all the complaints!

Anyway It is just a thought..if you want to put anything into action anybody..I am game! I am ready to help make changes, I am ready to get our voices heard! 

Do you realize if we formed an organization that we might get our voices heard to the new elected Pres. & Vice President?

Remember Strength in Numbers!

Remember that show were they had to find I think 7 people who could help get them to their target person (like a celebrity). Well who knows...anything is possible.
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Jane Doe
How any of you can vote republican at this time is beyond me.

McCain is Mr De-regulation. De-regulation is what started this mess.

McCain has Phil Graham as his finance chairman, the master mind of this present mess.

Keating Five?

He LOVES war & is willing to spend our grandchildrens future in order to fund his beloved war.

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How anyone can vote Democrat is beyond me too! I just don't want to cast my vote with the O'Bauma antichrist.
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Quite honestly I don't think either candidate is worthy to represent us. Remember that O'Bauma is Pro-Choice for abortion, I don't know about you but, I am a follower of Christ....not the antichrist..No offence..

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4 justice now

Gary's absolutely right! Honestly we have every moral right to declare war on those who would be and are now traitors to this country and it's people. We know who they are and what they are. They would destroy our country and enslave us at a moments notice, if they weren't afraid of the many hand guns out there. It's our right to protect our selves and our country, especially  when our own government has refused to do so and up hold our rights as dictated in our own U.S. constitution. Bush and his cronies have replaced our Constitution with their own self interests. They are the traitors/Terrorist who need to be imprisoned.

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To Jane doe on the Republican issue. The problem is the banks being able to create money on the fractional reserve system in other words charge to lend the public's own money to the public and government. The fractional reserve uses others peoples money to lend back to us with interest. When you deposit one dollar in the bank eight dollars are available to lend. When you get a mortgage on a home the equity provides collateral to create a debt based loan. Woodrow Wilson and FDR (Democrats) are by far the biggest culprits in creating a corporate dictatorship in the U.S by creating and expanding the Fed IRS. FDR was involved in the second greatest financial scam in history literally seizing the U.S. citizens gold giving it to private banks which resold the gold at a much higher price.

The Fed/IRS was formed to transfer massive amounts of U.S. citizens money to arm Europe for WW1 while the official policy was neutrality.

The lenders get extraordinarily rich funding social programs and wars which create massive cash flow and public debt.

The frame work for this current mess was the repeal of the Glass Steagal act under the Clinton's (Democrats) which gave the banks, Wall street and the insurance companies unlimited power to pool assets and loot the economy. When I first started working on ms fraud and predatory lending the primary money trail went straight to the Democrats look at the Clinton's donations. The Clinton's also pushed for NAFTA which provides an investment for the money looted from our economy, our stolen homes are being used to build up China, Mexico, Central and South America, Indonesia etc.

The problem is for whatever the reason the Republicans under Bush have pursued a Statist policy towards the economy and the government Bush pushed home-ownership to an all time high at the cost of a false lending based speculative economy. 

It's almost impossible to imagine the logic of someone who would say the government needs to have nearly complete control of the monster they created, it doesn't make any more sense to me than the people screaming Bush is a Fascist dictator who established a police state so they want the government to take all the guns away.

I'm not defending Bush or the neo-cons actions far from it I'm a lifelong Republican and consider them statists which have high-jacked the Republican party, but to give government Democrats or Republicans more control over a system that caused the sub-prime crises because the government granted a monopoly to the Fed, lenders, Wall street and the insurance companies makes as much sense as sticking a rattlesnake on your arm to cure a snakebite.

Lets simplify the subject the Democrats and current breed of Republicans (statists)
work hand in hand with the financial services industry to create problems specifically so the government can gain control over the economy. The sub-prime crises was created intentionally as an excuse for a taxpayer bailout and ensuing government regulatory action and takeovers. The government based GSE's Fannie and Freddie are at the core of the sub-prime mess so how on earth could any government based agency fix the mess they created. The lenders and the government knew the bad loans would cause an economic implosion and knew they would ask the taxpayers to bail them out.

Here's a simple solution that has worked since the dawn of time work hard, save money, pay cash. The cash needs to be hard money with real value. In fact the great depression of the 1930's was caused by transferring the gold of the U.S. to England to pay for social services in England and make it appear as if socialism was beneficial, and a combination of a speculative boom followed by a contraction in credit. The corporate crooks want massive social services, they want regulation, they want a central bank, they want massive public and government debt in fact it's their life blood they get rich funding debt and they don't like competition.

Under a hard money economy with limited government and low or no taxes the common citizens gain wealth and prosperity. Under high debt high tax big government a handful of corporate crooks pull the levers in the background and convince the public they are too weak and helpless to run their own lives. The Wizard of OZ was a movie made to convey this concept to the public.

Don't fall for media B.S. or revisionist history, the basic fact is we can keep the money we earn and spend it on ourselves and creating businesses or give it to the government and the banks the idea the we can borrow ourselves into prosperity or have the government provide our needs is ludicrous irrational non-sense.

I'm not trying to tell anyone how to vote of who to vote for or which party to chose, as far a ms fraud and financial fraud goes these crooks would not have foreclosed on our homes if they were not creating wealthy by taking our equity and converting the mortgages into securities the money was raised though the fractional reserve system itself which is backed by the government and the taxpayers.

Both parties have failed miserably in supporting a stable self regulating monetary system immune to inflation and resistant to boom and bust cycles. The government is required by law to provide a free hard money currency based on fixed value of silver or gold. Regulation prevents the free market system from working because it excludes competition. It would be foolish to jump from the frying pan into the fire based on false assumptions and a knee-jerk response to run to the snake that bit us for solutions. The people are people and private businesses are supposed to run the economy and the government not government sponsored and protected monopolies.

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson advocated very limited government with complete private ownership and no central banks they were by far the most pro-common man Presidents we ever had with a genuine solution to guarantee the common man a path to prosperity, just as a wise parent would allow their child to learn from mistakes gain wisdom and independence we should expect the same from a wise and caring statesman. The founding fathers laid out a brilliant plan and wrote the Constitution as a frame work for our prosperity, security and freedom.

They said nothing about the government reallocating assets from one group to another based on peoples feelings and direct democracy which is really not much more than mob rule, and wisely set up a Representative republic based on the rule of law. Once you set up a system for the government to run our lives and provide our needs you have supported a system that can easily be used by criminals and dictators. The first chief Justice John Marshall stated clearly the power to tax is the power to destroy. Am I saying people don't need help and tough luck your on your own, not at all I'm just saying we must find solutions outside the government to preserve our freedom and wealth.

The government was paid off to allow these crooks to loot our country plain and simple end of story.

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Wasn't Hitler's dog name Blondy!  Now he was the real Antichrist.
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     Hitler    -   What do you got against blondes? Last time I checked it's a democracy so she can have an opinion.

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When I first posted this thread, I had no idea where we would be today.  What a change!
Now its time to take back the country, and either we have a "Free Market" or we give new financial powers to government.  Its really called Socialism! 
Not acceptable to me, Sen Dodd should be Impeached, and found guilty of "Kick Backs" from Bear Sterns, and others.  All it takes is someone with some "Balls" to investigate him and his assets in Ireland, and the Bank of Ireland!  No rocket science. I maybe the first to call this, but many others know of it.
Now Goldman wants to "Rush" this bill through for the Bail out, IT SURE AS HELL LOOKS LIKE THIS ENTIRE BAIL OUT PLAN IS REALLY THE "GOLDMAN PLAN".
Any one that votes yes for this Bail Out should be removed from office employing any means necessary!
Now because Wall Street is crying they are hurting the rest of the country is supposed to cry with them, not me, Goldman bought Litton Loan in December of last year, just after the first of the year they got a government deal for Fanny or was it Freddie, dosen't matter, now Goldman becomes a Federal Bank!  Why now?  Because they can get access to the Fed's money, at a discount to save them.  Let them go under!   And good bye to Larry Litton, both of them terrorists!
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Jane Doe
Heck I wasn't even referring to the financial mess that they got us into.
I was thinking along the lines of deception, lies, manipulations, no bid contracts, putting themselves over the law, removal of my rights, illegal wiretapping, torture, failure with natural disaster relief, faking evidence to start wars, not providing proper armor for our soldiers, abusing our military,
..................................... this list can go on forever.

BTW- Jesus would be a flaming liberal. & if you are a true christian like you say, you would need to display the acts of love & kindness displayed by the son of God. He said to help the poor, feed the hungry & care for the sick. (that doesn't sound too republican) He would support caring for your enviroment & sharing all you had with others. He didn't say a word about starting wars on lies, or torturing to get information or that greed is the rule. He would have severly frowned on governmental policies that hurt the lower & middle classes, while empowering the rich. In fact he had a few choice words for the rich.

It's time the republicans realized that the party has abandonned your ideals. They aren't republicans, they are neocons. If you vote for them- you are supporting neocon ideals.

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Jane Doe your quote:

"BTW- Jesus would be a flaming liberal. & if you are a true christian like you say, you would need to display the acts of love & kindness displayed by the son of God. He said to help the poor, feed the hungry & care for the sick. (that doesn't sound too republican) He would support caring for your enviroment & sharing all you had with others. He didn't say a word about starting wars on lies, or torturing to get information or that greed is the rule. He would have severly frowned on governmental policies that hurt the lower & middle classes, while empowering the rich. In fact he had a few choice words for the rich. "

The word Liberal and JESUS just doesn't belong in the same sentence.

JESUS wouldn't support baby killers. Quite honestly he wouldn't support either party at this point. I think he is quite dissappointed with mankind. Afterall remember even our best deeds are as filthy rags to him. None of us including any political party could ever be worthy enough for Jesus.

The only thing we could do is pray that the right leader whomever that may be is HIS choice. God already knows the outcome....remember he wrote the story from beginning to ending.

All I know is that both parties have so many lies at this point it's hard to know who is telling the truth.

If you feel convicted to vote Democrat then have at it, but on the other hand if I feel the same about Republican then that's why it's called a democracy still.

Have you ever thought that God is giving us a warning with all of this political, financial turmoil?

Problems are a way to draw us closer to Jesus, that through this process we learn to trust him. It strenghtens us for further trials.

Have you ever thought that maybe if our nation went back to worshipping God instead of money and all our other gods (material goods,false gods) how blessed our nation would be again?

If we spent half the time that we worry, and spent it  praying magine what our nation would be like. Wow, that would be awesome!

Ever think of praying that congress votes down this bailout plan? I know I have, I have prayed that this evil gets revealed and their evil deeds revealed.

Everyone take time to pray. The power of prayer is more powerful than any man alive. It's really all we have left. God Bless You All!

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