Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Most of us here have written a Q. W. R. to our servicer, however some have not, done it as of yet.

I thought I would share with this community, a way I have organized all of the QWR's, Ive sent, and a way to keep track of all the documents pertaining to the such.

So here it is:

"For *PERSONAL* Records ONLY"

Ameriquest  Q. W. R. Number 01_____

Q. W. R. Sent to Ameriquest on: _____________________

Sent Via Certified Mail, Return Receipt, SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

Certified Mail Receipt # _________________________________

Requesting All Account History Pages from UC lending, Fairbanks, and Ameriquest.

All the pages that are grouped in this documentation are to be considered as a “package” (for my referencing, to specific Q. W. R.’s, and all the other items contained within this documentation.)

This is considered and Labeled as Q. W. R. Package # 01

Things I will need to finish compiling, in this package are as Follows:

1. The original Certified Mail “ticket stub”. (stapled to this front page.)

2. The receipt for the expense, of Mailing this item (CM RR SR) (stapled to this front page.)

3. A copy Of the CURRENT---Q. W. R. That has been mailed.

4. A copy of the Delivery Confirmation printed from the U. S. Postal Services website, at

Upon receiving items in the mailbox, pertaining to this package.

I will need to do the following:

1. Staple the Green card to this package when the green card arrives in my mailbox.

2. Staple the “Acknowledgement Letter” to this package.

3. Staple the Original Papers from Mortgage Company to this Package.

4. If also faxed, staple a copy of the “FAX RECEIVED” confirmation, to this package.

Then Package is complete!

A few more things to do.

1. Now make a copy of the ENTIRE package.

2. Keep the Copy of this package for your (immediate records)

3. Put the Originals, in a safety deposit box.

What was involved in creating this package:

How many miles did I travel to the post office, and back?__________

How many of these pages have I used my ink and paper on? ______________

How many pages are in this package total? ______________(including this page)

Did Mortgage company send “Acknowledgement Letter” with in 20 days of receipt? (yes or no here)

How many days late is the “Acknowledgment Letter” ? ___________

Did Mortgage Company send requested Documents within 60 days? (yes or no here)

How many days late are the requested documents? _________

How much time did I spend creating/typing this Q. W. R., (through the mailing of said document, to adding the final documents? (list approximation of time spent here.)


IS THIS PACKAGE COMPLETE? if NO leave (blank) If YES (place the word YES here in red)

Date completed: _________.
~~~~~~~~~ END~~~~~~
All of the information will fit onto one page, when reduced to the size of 10 font.
It is helpful when compiling your paperwork, and trying to refrence to a specific Time, Date, QWR, signature, and so forth.
It is less time consuming if you print the document, with only blank lines (at the end of each question) and then fill the answers in by hand.
It's a great way, to make SURE, you have everything you need, concerning the QWR. So it can later be used against them, for "Unlawful, & Willfull Negligence"
Hope it provides more organization for you.
Good Luck and Keep up the fight.

(P.S. since i now have a trail of 3 Mortgage Co.s in MY trail, I have changed names of the  "REAL" Mortrgage Compnaies involved in MY specific Case.)

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