Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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  1. The judicial system is here to serve the citizens of the United States and not to make lawyers rich. That the rights of the people always come first and take precedence over the profits of lawyers.

  2. That it is the duty of the judicial system to strive to provide justice as efficiently, effectively, swiftly, and inexpensively as possible and to actively pursue judicial research so as to create new and innovative methods for improving the execution of justice.

    People before Lawyers

  3. That the ethical integrity of the justice system is of paramount importance. That lawyers and judges should be held to the highest of ethical standards. The public should never be satisfied knowing that lawyers and judges are crooks and that's the way it is and there's nothing that you can do about it.

  4. That the judicial system is here to serve the people and not to rule the people. That they are paid to serve the public. Judges are not royalty and should not be treated as nobility. Having to address them as "Your Honor" and to stand when they enter the court room are acts of acknowledging them as nobility. "Esquire" is a title of nobility. Nobility is specifically prohibited by the Constitution.

  5. Many court customs are obsolete and ineffective for dealing with civil cases because it doesn't allow the parties to interact in a conversation with the judge. This needs to be replaced by an abettor system for resolving most civil disputes. Although many court procedures have a long history of tradition, they are not written into law. The judicial system should be actively evolving it's traditions to find ways to better serve the public.


  6. A person representing themselves should not be held to a higher standard than the lawyers are held to. Many courts rule against people just because they don't have a lawyer. Discrimination against a person because they choose to represent themselves is unconstitutional and a violation of your civil rights.

  7. That people should not be penalized based on the fact that they have money alone. That the practice of forcing a person to pay the legal expenses of their opponent is immoral and unethical and is a tool for crooked lawyers to run up an unlimited bill at the expense of honest people who's only crime is that they have a job and work for a living.

  8. It needs to be acknowledged that money is a corrupting factor and that the court system needs to actively look at it's policies and correct as much as possible anything that they can that would allow money factors to influence the execution of justice. Lawyers, for example, should not be allowed to contribute money to the election of judges. Judges should not be allowed to receive royalties from book and movie deal about trials they presided over.

  9. It is Treason to the Constitution for the judicial system to police itself. Self regulation is no regulation. It merely creates the illusion of regulation. The state Bar and Disciplinary Counsels serve to protect crooked lawyers rather than to protect the public.


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I have spent over $12,000 and the case is just as bad as when I hired these attorney(s).  The first one is incompetent and does not communicate.  The second one just amended a complaint that the first attorney did.  He did not show up at a settlement conference and did not tell me it was canceled until I was almost at the courthouse steps.  He changed my jury trial without my permission and did not reschedule a new one.

Also, charged for communications, faxes, email and telephone calls some $50.00 or more.  Meetings that he did not tell me he was charging me for, it just goes on and on.

The third one did nothing but amend "Interrogatories that were already completed by the first one.  He did not do what I hired him to do, but kept all of my money and has the nerve to be asking for more legal fees.

Then they go off on all of these lavish vacations and want you to pay for them with these outlandish legal fees.

Hell, I haven't had a decent vacation in  over (10) Years!!!
Something really needs to be done about the whole legal and judicial system.  They are accountable to no one it seems and break laws as they please!

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