Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Interesting find I found here.

This is the case I  initially lost my job over. Never knew there was such a high $$$ amount on the deal. Never have been able to figure out what Pandolfi made on this deal. In a couple of weeks I have to go to court to explain my whole ordeal again. Luckily I have the help of the forums and my knowledge of the nightmare morass they've caused. I just really and stumped on what to say. I've been sent interogs by the Plaintiff.

I'm considering responding with all my evidence from the fed courts to the state courts and wait for the judges expression. Seriously judge I've had two recusals or refusals to rule over the truth here. Even have now apparently lied to the court for telling the truth. As they say anything I've put into the court has NO TRUTH and now this means then I never created this debt somehow as well.

What a joke this will be....I'm prepared with my evidence of their FRAUD on the AMERICAN PUBLIC...If every fing corporate person can petition for HELP why can't us HARD WORKING AMERICANS??? I've been fighting for over 5 yrs now and won't give up! WE have a right to make GOOD INCOMES AS WELL. To be able to feed and clothe our families as well as theirs. Their snooty attitudes need to go to JAIL! Reading JUSTICE DEPT? I'm not DEAD. I'm a LIVE AMERICAN! ARMED WITH EVIDENCE OF YOUR CORRUPTION. Till it ends I WON'T BE SILENCED!

These interogs are interesting....They want a list of people I want to introduce into the case for my side...Hmmm...Let's see...

Your Honor, Plz bring on out....

Dave Kreisman
Gerald Schapiro
Chris Buehrle
Mr. Reardon w/Chase Home Finance

Also your honor I'll need a finger print person along with the papers that we're filed in my case. I need to know whose held the items I filed besides me and my hubby. As there's some pages missing. Wonder if anyone will bring a fingerprint person or not? Will they bring the judges out for a bill collector to get an attempt to rectify their bills for once?

I believe Judge Jackson even though she DENIED ME MY RIGHTS knew she was WRONG...Or else NO RECUSAL. So now somehow everything happened but nothing happened. Somehow I'm DEAD although I'm a LIVE BREATHING HONEST PERSON.

 HMMM....Please explain this. If I had LIED wouldn't I BE SITTING IN JAIL? Something? If I was SO WRONG? Since, this has happened though I've found even more SUPPORTING EVIDENCE by the very people PERPETRATING the worst FRAUD on all of us! 
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I wish you the best of luck!!!

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Here's a case this lady I lost my job over was involved in last year. I decided to send the appeal atty a nice email today regarding her and her unprofessional business antics.

Here's a good read. Some how she hires attys to turn the tables on creditors and homeowners. Try to be a homeowner and tell the TRUTH and your HOME IS STOLEN.

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Getting discouraged  

It feels like I am spending every spare minute I have looking up information on my impending foreclosure. The fraud is unreal & nothing is changing that. Everything I am reading suggests that I should have a strong solid case, but it seems the people are trying to fight and getting no where. The small percentage that are winning must have ulcers the size of Texas by now.

The information I am reading is conflicting and while it all sounds good, I am not sure I am strong enough to fight this.

Attorney's cost a fortune, legal aid is too busy and the judges in my county are doing these foreclosures like their eating right after the other.

Ok, I'm done....thanks for listening....
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