Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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The Palm Beach Post is now reporting precisely what Mr. Roper and other seniors here at the Forum have been warning Forum participants all along: "Quiet Title" is simply a debt elimination scam!

Palm Beach Post: "Scores of homeowners unsure how to get back title from trusts"

Of course, this is but one of the many variant forms involving this particular swindle. While the details vary, as soon as someone tells you that they can make your mortgage or debt go away through a quiet title action, you should contact your local prosecutor and volunteer to wear a wire. Like dirtbag Mike H., these debt elimination scam promoters all belong in jail!
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The only one who is a lying "dirtbag" is you. Why don't you
reveal your email so we can deal with you face to face.
What happened in this article, that you posted, is that the
homeowners deeded their properties over to a third party who
promised to do a Quiet Title for them and then deed it back
if they were successful.
I have never suggested or advised anyone to deed their property
over to any third party for any reason. TELL THE TRUTH!
The fact is, title to millions of properties has been corrupted
because liens were placed against the properties by "bankruptcy
remote" "strawmen" who never loaned the homeowner anything, are
no longer in business, never assigned the lien to any third party, and could never release the lien even if it was paid off in full.
These "strawman" lenders were put on the loan documents in order to defraud the investors on the secondary market by selling
the same "obligations" multiple times to different investors.
It was all a part of the "pyramid" (ie Ponzi) scheme used
to defraud the investors. The homeowners were defrauded by the
inflated appraisals that were done, leaving the homeowners "upside" down and "under water".
The only way to clear these titles is through foreclosure (a
bad option) or through a Quiet Title action (the best option because it does not destroy your credit). The main problem is
finding attorneys qualified and willing to take these cases, but
eventually a "light bulb" will turn on and it will get easier in the future.
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See also my related thread:

"New Colorado Decision Proves Mr. Roper's Rule About Fraudulent Quiet Title Actions: McDonald v. OneWest Bank"
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