Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Want to do something constructive? Sign the petition to stop the bailout of Fraudy and Funny..oops, I mean Freddie and Fannie. If we do not stop these agreements to bail every one of the crooks out we will be forced to bail them all out, one by one. I do NOT want my children to have to contend with these criminal fraudulent enterprises.

Takes just a few minutes and might do some good. If my elected representatives vote for this bailout, I will not vote for them again. EVER.

Be heard and hurry!

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4 justice now


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Here is a site where you can track the votes of your elected representatives on this issue. Looks like I have a whole lot of housecleaning to do in my Washington DC House...sigh. My House sold me did yours do?

Oddly enough, looks like as a whole Republicans voted "nay" while the Socialist Democratic Party voted "hell, yeah". One more wholesale theft of OUR money for crooks. Why don't they just call it the "Let's Bail Out Drunken Wall Street Crooks So That All of America can Suffer the Hangover Bill"? Oh, I forgot, honesty eludes them.

Bush has reversed himself on the issue. If the Senate passes this travesty, Bush WILL sign the bill into law. Guess he found some of this mess in his own portfolios or something....YOUR great great grandchildren will be paying for this current drunken orgy. Sad.

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Perhaps he just wants to transfer the liability. Fannie and Freddie laundered the bad loans and Freddie owned a majority position in Mers creating the false title claims as well as initiating the unlawful foreclosures in their name again to transfer liability.

Can anyone say Federal Mafia. Under the homegrown terrorist acts sponsored by our friends Roland Arnall, Hillary Clinton, George Bush and Rabbi Heir, Deutschebank of the Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust museum we can be declared terrorists just for complaining exposing the truth. I'm referring to H.R. 1955 and S. 1959 the thought crimes act.
 I guess Roland Arnall left can still have people thrown in jail without due process for exposing his exploits even after he is dead.

Fannie and Freddie are criminal enterpises along with the Fed and all need to be shut down and we need to return to a lawful money and lending system, rather than begging the government for funds from central government run privatly owned monopoly.

Remember all this credit only drives up the prices of homes and  the interest deduction for homeownership which is really government sponsered extortion that says either you give your income to the banks by paying them interest on a home loan much larger than you need or we'll take it from you.

If we returned to a savings based economy we could pay cash for homes rather than spending our adult lives making the banks rich and creating stress and learned dysfunctional pattern of behavior for our families that you have to borrow to be happy. Humans may think they have outsmarted God or nature with the have now and pay later plan, somehow I think even a bird with a brain the size of pea has the wiser plan of building a nest first and then raising a family.

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I wrote to my Representative from my district. He promises a reply. We shall see.

I will hammer my Senators  with missives along the same lines when they also vote to bail out the crooks on Saturday!! (How did they get these do-nothing know-nothings to stay in DC for a Saturday vote anyway? Do they think they can hide behind a weekend and no one will find out how they voted?) They will vote to bail them out, I know they will. It is already a done deal. They have to hide the fraud somehow.

I am with you, Greg. This whole thing makes me want to spit. People and things I used to respect make me want to spit now. This country has turned into a gigantic cesspool of corruption. I will vote against any one of these faux legislators with their "yes" votes and urge everyone I know to do the same. Fall housecleaning is going to be brutal this year.

Dear Representative,

This e-mail is to let you know that, based on your vote on H R 3221, I don't think that I will be able to vote for you again in the future.

Privatizing profit and socializing losses is not American. Bailing out private businesses is not a governmental function yet we have (so far) bailed out Bear Stearns and now Freddie and Fannie. You have voted to bail them out with my money. I find that irresponsible in an American legislator. However, I would not have been adverse to you pledging any sum of your own funds to bail them out if you found it so vitally important to do so.

 If there was some urgent reason for you to vote against me on this issue (other than the herd mentality of party lines) I would be interested in knowing it.

Respectfully, blah, blah, blah.

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Thanks for the link Arkygirl and your hard work though the years. I signed the petition to stop the bailout as soon as I saw it on the forum.
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Well, the Senate voted for it. I knew they would.

I wonder if they knew about all the "other" little earmarks stuffed into the bill. Like the one requiring online merchants and auction sites to report credit card activity to the IRS? Since the IRS cannot legally access your credit report, this is the next best thing for them to have as a method of gaging income. Credit card activity and limits tell a lot. Bye, bye privacy; they will know what you bought online and from whom. If you or anyone you know is an eBay seller, remind them to begin reporting their profits from any sales, because the IRS will know about them immediately. Or try to work with postal money orders rather than credit cards. *SPIT*

The IRS will be making a list and checking it twice....I have always wondered about the legality of trying to tax sales of used property. After all, the appropriate taxes get paid when the original purchaser buys the new item in the first place. Most people sell items at a loss compared to new prices, yet they want to tax this as "income"? This is a scheme to make everything endlessly taxable. Tax, tax and re-tax. *SPIT*

There was also a little nice-nice for the fact, this whole bill was hijacked by special interests All sorts of things that have nothing to do with housing were in it. *SPIT*

There will be endless commentary on the web this week about who "won" and who "lost" with the passage of this bill. I know one thing, I lost. You lost. America lost.

I am still awaiting a reply from my so-called representative in the House. After today I will be awaiting a response from my Senators. Since it is perfectly clear that I, as an individual, mean little to nothing to them I have abstained from holding my breath as I wait.  *SPIT*

I am thing about taking up chawing tobaccy so as to have an excuse for this endless spitting lately, lol. I never knew it was possible to reach this level of disgust and still survive. I always figured that eventually the system would just shut itself down from sheer depression. If I have to live through this debacle I intend to use my time to lobby hard against every incumbent lawmaker in my state.

Out with them and the horses they rode in on. My funds (what little I have left after the endless taxes) go to the Campaign for Liberty. I am done with this two party nonsense! Take out the non-functional red part, plug in a non-functional blue part...other then the color, both parts non-function exactly the same.

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