Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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This little film explains how "new money" is created and why it is important that we all keep borrowing like mad people to float our economy. Since we no longer make anything in America anymore, we are now a "debt-based" economy rather than a "goods based" economy. This is not necessarily just housing debt, but it is why you may be receiving many credit card offers every single week. ANYTHING to put us into debt drives our overall economy.

Once you understand this, you will begin to see the impetus that drove the housing mania and why Greenspan wanted "Weird Loans" and "Easy Credit" in the marketplace in the first place. You will also gain an understanding of why you were given bad loans in the first place and why this pie-in-the-sky industry was bent on the destruction of all of us. And why some items that may seem oddball to you get posted here at this forum; it is all connected to that hateful economy tree.

The film is 47 minutes long, so pop your corn and grab your sodas. At the end you will have a greater understanding of all of it.

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The promoters of these money myths and secret conspiracies never answer the question about who paid the seller of a property. Did the seller just hand it over without getting anything?
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Nye Lavalle
Someone doesn't get the point. Often they got digits, not money and fiat money has no value or trade except for a like note. Read Creature from Jekyll Island to understand better. This was a really good work of fact and artfully done in simple layman's terms. If you want to continue disbelieving, then that's what the wizards of money want!

Read these very well-informed series of transcripts and mpgs for more info...  
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Uh, "dot", the film explains it quite clearly.

It is all imaginary digitized money that shows up as a deposit in the same bank or another. The seller gets an "imaginary digitized" credit in his account for the selling price. I suppose the seller could ask for cash, but that rarely happens and the banks know it.

One thing that is important is that with the slowdown of new loans, there is less money in the system. I always wondered how the gov could keep saying that the economy was so "great" when we all seemed to be in debt up to our eyeballs. The scammy mortgage industry was creating "new" money so fast that they could say that.

Now, we are all in for some really hard times. It will affect everybody, even those with no Wall Street holdings and no history with the mortgage industry. As lending dries up, so dries up the economy under this repulsive system. The first to get out of debt will do better. Those left holding the bag are doomed. There is not enough money in circulation to pay the interest on these loans. They will get sucked off the treadmill into that little black hole.

Musical chairs, anyone? The music is slowing down. Best advice...throw money at your outstanding interest bearing notes NOW. Pay them off. Cut up your credit cards. Do without today in order to survive tomorrow.

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