Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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How does NACA propose to do this? Clueless people will still be sitting in Countrywide's offices while Mozilo sells stocks!


(Jamaica Plain, MA) - On Thursday October 11th at 12:00 p.m. at NACA’s headquarters (3593 Washington Street, J.P, MA), a nationwide boycott of Countrywide Financial Corporation will begin. The boycott of the nation’s leading mortgage lender is being led nationally by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”) and locally by the Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Predatory Lenders. NACA is working with other local organizations to take the boycott nationwide.

Thousands of working families are losing their homes to foreclosure because Countrywide has put them in unaffordable mortgages and now refuses to restructure loans to what homeowners can afford. Since Countrywide has become the leader in these predatory practices, NACA has teamed up with the Massachusetts Alliance to kick-off the campaign to get Countrywide to change its practices or be shut down. “Countrywide is the number one example of the abuses in the subprime industry.” states NACA CEO Bruce Marks. “This boycott includes actions at many of Countrywide’s over one thousand offices nationwide. Angry and frustrated Countrywide borrowers will now be able to take action against them. People thinking about obtaining a Countrywide mortgage or a Certificate of Deposit will be discouraged from funding their predatory activities. By changing or defeating Countrywide, other lenders and servicers will follow.”

Martin Dolloff from Raynham Mass, a Countrywide borrower states “Although we knew the interest rate was not fixed, we were told we could refinance to a fixed within 6-12 months. When we contacted them to do so, they were unwilling to help us.” Boston City Counselor Chuck Turner, spokesperson for the Mass Alliance to Stop Predatory lenders, states, “There are hundreds of thousands of homeowners like Martin with unaffordable mortgages that need to be restructured. It is unconscionable that Countrywide would create a crisis yet but unwilling to resolve it.”

One of America’s chief banking regulators agrees that a standard needs to be in place to help these homeowners before a financial and moral disaster strikes once interest rates reset. FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair has called for a freeze on interest rates on subprime adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM’s) for many homeowners. “Keep it at the starter rate. Convert it into a fixed rate. Make it permanent. And get on with it.” So far, Countrywide isn’t listening. That’s why NACA and the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lenders are leading the way to boycott Countrywide. People should not choose Countrywide as their mortgage lender or as a place where they invest their money.

Countrywide borrowers along with other homeowners at risk of foreclosure and supporters will meet at NACA’s National Office at 3593 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA on Thursday October 11, 2007, for a noon Press Conference before fanning out to various Countrywide branches to confront Countrywide.

About the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lenders:
This coalition of taking on the fight to stop Countrywide and other predatory lenders from preying on Massachusetts homeowners. The lead organizations are NACA, City Life, Green Rainbow, and Office of Chuck Turner.

About The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America –
NACA, a national non-profit community advocacy and homeownership organization established in 1988, has been the lead organization in the fight to identify, expose, and oppose predatory lending and exploitive lending practices. NACA first exposed Fleet Bank’s lending abuses in 1991, followed by numerous other campaigns against companies that victimize low- and moderate-income people pursuing the dream of homeownership.

NACA provides one mortgage which is the best in the country requiring on downpayment, no closing costs, no points, no fees, no perfect credit at a below interest rate currently 5.625% 30 year fixed. NACA has $10 Billion committed to this mortgage with more than 30 offices across the country providing working people and an unmatched program and national model for doing mortgage lending the right way. NACA’s program and advocacy have been featured in the national and local media nationwide. In April 2007, in response to the subprime lending crisis, NACA committed One Billion dollars to refinance homeowners out of their unaffordable loans, constituting the largest commitment to homeowners to date.

NACA has recently done numerous interviews with media throughout the world in addressing the subprime crisis in the United States and its world-wide impact. Bruce Marks, NACA’s CEO, was recently in London on the show Global Players on CNBC which is a monthly show with a world-wide audience of over 300 million viewers.

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Joe B
Actually if you want to hurt them, there's a better way...

We should swamp them with applications. We should all apply for loans, request information, and completely overwhelm them with requests for loans.

Then do nothing.

Imagine if thousands of people applied for dozens of loans, and made them jump through some hoops for nothing. Maybe that would be better than a boycott... This actually costs them something valuable--time!

Just a thought.


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I could almost take this seriously if I wasn't already aware that Ocwen has bought its way into NACA with its "donations". Guess Countrywide failed to ante up.

If anyone was truly serious about cleaning this up, the National Guard (who swear to protect and defend America and Americans against threats foreign and domestic) would be sent to all these lending and servicing offices at the exact same time to take control of the computers and paperwork. Their bank accounts would be frozen at the same time. The troops would be followed by an army of CPAs and lawyers to sort out the mess and there would be mass trials for all of them very shortly.

Oh, I guess the National Guard is out of the country right now on an extended tour. And the CPAs and lawyers all seem to work or have worked for the lenders and servicers at some point in the past....the IRS only freezes the accounts of little guys who failed to pay $100.00 penalty; corporations are exempt.

This is all becoming a sideshow for the media, a lot of sound and fury signifying diddley-squat. It makes a wonderful smokescreen for the crooks, though!

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Countrywide Joins New National HOPE NOW Alliance

FHA Secure and Hope Now initiatives
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4 justice now

Are you sure it was NACA that Ocwen bought into? There's another organization with a much less than worthy reputation which they became rather cozy. Their name is quite similar to NACA. I just don't recall it right now.


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Hey Countrysly get a load of this 

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ALR6002 strikes again!!

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Countrywide's 'workouts' fall short, critics say
Consumer advocates say efforts by the nation's largest mortgage company to help homeowners avoid foreclosure are insufficient.
By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer
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This was a good one.

Pretty soon, there will be enough music to create a CD.

Rock on. 


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Joe B
So Mike, I see SPS is on the NTIC 'good guy' list showing 'absolute diligence' in 'helping homeowners stay in their homes.'

Well, I am diligently waiting for them to 'help' me... Have they helped you yet Mike?

I guess their version of 'help' includes manufacturing a foreclosure, and billing $40K going on $50K in legal fees covering their tracks after I challenged their records.

I even asked them to restructure my note and they flat out refused. This doesn't sound like a company that is diligently working to help homeowners does it? Oh I see, maybe helping means extorting more money to allow them to stay in their homes. I clearly must have mis-read the article!

Although money spent on press releases and lunches with reporters who don't actually investigate their bogus 'help' claims is clearly paying off!

I'll let you know if they offer me any more 'diligent' efforts!!

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Anonymous wrote:
Hey Countrysly get a load of this 

Thank you Anonymous for finding that and posting it here! It made my weekend! ) I loved the video. Great song to.
My Ameriquest Suck's! house get's around. LOL IT'S GREAT! I will be glad when I can bulldoze it down, so I/we don't have to look at it every day. If I can use my house to help let others know how ameriquest treats their borrowers, then I don't mind.
Ameriquest Sucks Tour 2007
Thanks Again!
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It's unfortunate that the mortgage company, banks and the federal reserve (notes - what we call cash) secrets are still far from so many people.

I know you may not believe this - but the day you acquired your home it was paid in full.  The mortgage company made you think they lend you money but in house has been paid in full already and by just don't know that...

You are dealing with high racketeers at it's finest right now...but there are many people that are catching on to their fraud and getting themselves in position to protect their homes.

I know of two people right now that have not paid their mortgage in over 5 years and they still have their homes...and the mortgage companies can not foreclose on them.

Lack of knowledge really can hurt you...
There are 45 million people in the USA that don't file taxes anymore once obtaining this knowledge.  I know some of you have heard of this before and I will encourage you guys to truly consider "UCC filings"... It's the only way you will overcome the threat of loosing you homes.  When you file a UCC filing "CORRECTLY" it is very powerful.

Please google "strawman"  - those of you who don't understand why they can do the things they currently do to you...

Have a blessed day...

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Apparently the Browns didn't have this information either...

There's simply no politically correct way for me to say this so it's just going to come out the way it does. I don't think I can seriously accept mortgage or tax advice from someone who doesn't know the difference between "lose" and "loose". Sorry, Monique... It's most likely my loss and I promise I'll suffer for it but it's been a huge pet peeve of mine since I began seeing it happen...You're probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time...
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No problem Mike - unlike you I don't sweat the little things...

I am merely here to enlighten folks not pick at them...with a fine tooth comb for we ALL has flaws...

I do appreciate you helping me with my spelling...

Have a wonderful day...
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The IRS uses intimidation and fear...

The IRS is a debt collector and not a federal government organization...

Again, lack of knowledge hurts many....

There is no law written in even the IRS bylaws stating it is a law to pay taxes...

Prove me wrong and get a copy of this law ...the American people must PAY FEDERAL TAXES.... (they can cause people like Mike and many just don't question it)

We don't even receive incomes to pay so call taxes... we are given Federal RESERVE "NOTES" for our labor's a debt instrument...

"For those of you that do not mine my mis-spelled words... please research what I am saying...(in depth research)...

The government can only enforce their codes, laws and policies on your STRAWMAN...and not the flesh and blood human being...

I'm not expecting everyone to believe me on this...because this is the very reason why...this deception is great and have been in existence for all these years...but after 1933 - the UNITED states - has NO MONEY....the money we know as today are NOTES...debt instruments...

They say it right at the top dollar bills..."FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES"


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Whew, take a couple of days off and wham...I missed a lot.

4J, I checked into your question and my statement about NACA is erroneous but it wasn't on purpose. I had read this little blurb at

"Foreclosure Solutions
Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America announced Wednesday a $1 billion commitment "to rescue the victims of predatory lenders and to organize victims to stop the foreclosures and make them whole." Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC donated $200,000 to the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, according to an announcement Tuesday. A Mortgage Summit Working Group in Massachusetts made several recommendations to deal with rising foreclosures in a report announced Wednesday."

I mistakenly mentally linked NACA and the Homeownership Preservation Foundation which is where Ocwen donated. On second read, I think this was just a compendium of unrelated news items and my perception was skewed. Nothing like putting many unrelated items into a format resembling a paragraph to mess up the casual reader. Thanks for asking so I can get my stuff straight.

Now I must return to my window cleaning and asparagus-picking for a couple more days.....
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