Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Just as a cattle rancher will call the bank for a loan using his cattle as collateral, so go the citizens of the United States of America in 2008. Using Congress as their brokers for the sale, Wall Street can now claim all of us as an asset. All the fruits of our labors will be their asset as well.

Like all good ranchers, Wall Street will use it's ranch hands in the U.S. Congress to brand all of us with it's own brand via the Real ID RFID chip. Good bankers always keep up with their collateral. In order to maximize their return, they will need to know where we are at all times and what we are doing, thinking and saying. They have built electronic fences to keep us within the boundaries of their pastures and escape becomes more difficult by the day.

Our jobs are now to reproduce and produce for the benefit of our new owners. In return we may be allowed medical care, basic shelter, clothing and food but not much else. Like all cattle only the bare bone basics are needed for our maintenance and upkeep. Like all good cattle we have no right to expect more, let alone demand more.

The new Patriotism will be defined as being willing to labor hard and to the death for the country of Wall Street and never question why we have so little in return. We will never be able to question when our offspring are removed from us to be pastured out elsewhere as needed on a basis to be determined by our Wall Street owners.

When our productive days are behind us we will not be allowed to while away our final days in an idyllic pasture until nature takes its course and death claims us naturally. Instead we will be slaughtered via the Big Pharma Wall Steeters who will feed us drugs that will soon stop our hearts, freeing resources for those more productive.

I used to feel sorry for the cattle in the fields. Day after day they would graze without knowing their existence would end in the slaughterhouse. They would calve and then bawl sadly for days when the rancher's truck took their calves away to the sale. But soon they would forget only to repeat the cycle again the next year. This is very comparable to Congress who as a body does not seem to realize that they sold themselves in the deal, too. They think they and their progeny will magically be spared from the results of this sale. I wish them luck with this line of thinking.

Will the Wall Street ranchers be good stewards of their herds? Only time will tell. Maybe Congress will be able to tell us in the next few years...if Congress still exists by then. They are making themselves increasingly irrelevant to the country of Wall Street and the cattle in America. Maybe we will meet them in the pastures in the future as we toil side by side.

1984 + Animal Farm = Orwellian States of Wall Street (formerly known as the United States of America)

Pray for our country and for yourselves.

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