Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Rip-off Report: Ameriquest (AMC) Torin Beeler Totin Change contract informtion from 40 yr fixed rate to 30 adjustable @ 7.9 t...

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    Report: Ameriquest (AMC) Torin Beeler

    Category: Mortgage Companies

    Ameriquest (AMC) Torin Beeler Totin Change contract informtion from 40 yr fixed rate to 30 adjustable @ 7.9 then 13.9 in may 2008 took advantage of deployed soldier and family. Orange California

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    Ameriquest (AMC) Torin Beeler

    Phone:  714-210-3550

    Orange, California,

    Submitted: 11/22/2007 11:02:52 PM

    Modified: 11/22/2007 11:03:00 PM
    Reported By


    san bernardino, California

    How to get Rip-off Revenge

    My wife and I chose AMC Ameriquest to help refinance our home, we meet with Torin Beeler, We discussed what we wanted; 40 yr fixed rate plus pulling our $25,000 for debit consloidation and home repair. He told us he could do that with a new program were we would make 3 or 4 payments at $2265. the the payment would drop to $1165. for 40 yrs. My wife and I agreed to this. I asked if this was a 2yr ARM. he said, no. I told him I was leaving for Iraq in 2 days, and that my wife has power of attorney and would sign. I told him to print this contract up. we signed a draft document showing that we agreed to what was told to us. I believe Torin knew my wife wouldn't read the contract, so, Torin Beeler changed the contract to a adjustable rate at 7.9% with a jump to 13.9% for 30 yrs and only giving us $12,000 cash and a check to a lcredit card lender that had already been paid off. I would never agree to this, and if he would of told my wife, she also would not agree. Torin Beeler took advantage of my family. I can not afford this 13.9% rate. we will lose our home of 15 yrs, which we have never missed a payment. nobody in their right mind would agree to these kind of number.

    san bernardino, California

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    Joe B

         This guy is in a bit of a pickle to be sure, but this guy is better protected than most if us, and he should be!!

         The soldiers and sailors relief act provides all the protection this guy should need. All he has to do is take his paperwork through his command to the local staff judge advocate, and spell it all out. If he is still deployed, his wife can do this with the appropriate power of attorney, which he should have completed prior to his deployment. He is very well protected from this kind of behavior. It should be easy to get this issue resolved, unlike the rest of us that will have more challenges.

         If anyone can reach out to this guy, please let him know how he should go forward; or he can contact me directly, and I will walk him through the steps he should take to get this matter resolved.

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