Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Shaggy Rogers
It certainly is real interesting to see an Orange County mortgage broker touting and quoting .   I'm jaded enough to wonder if he's doing it for better Google search result placement or to make him look like one of the 'good guys', assuming there are any left.
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Shaggy Rogers

I meant to add, either way, this guy is getting the word out, so best not shoot the messenger.  I hope his post brings him a lot of hits from people who need MSF info.

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At the end of Milne's post: "One way to help avoid mortgage servicing scams is to carefully read your mortgage bill each month".

Mr. Milne assumes that those targeted for mortgage servicing fraud RECEIVE monthly statements. The LACK of monthly statements are how servicers are able to split payments and run people into fast foreclosure!

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Reading your bills monthly does NOT avoid MSFraud!!

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Hi folks, here for a break.

you all are right, the fees, and extortion don't show in your monthly billing statements. If you are lucky enough to get a monthly billing statement EVERY month from these crooks.

Also, if you are lucky......... you might find a small error or two.

But it is the hidden fees, the hidden "suspense" accounts, where your money sits until it disappears, without out ever being applied to the monthly PRINCIPAL & INTEREST PAYMENT.

I know you veterans of this fraud know all of this, but I'v ejust sent a few more people to this board today. In hopes they will come, I wnat them to learn more, for the sake of their own homes, or possibly the home of their loved one, or neighbor.

This fraud is real, and it is evil.

It's what the Mortgage Servicing Companies are allowed to do, behind the scenes on your Mortgage account. There are no governmental laws or rules against their behaviors of illict collections; & what rules there are, ARE NOT CURRENTLY ENFORCED BY OUR GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES!

Good Luck to all, Take care........ I've got to get back to working on saving our home. From the Demands of an extreme excess of funds, they claim are due to them next month.

Anyone praying, please keep my family in your prayers. We really need it.
There is no way we can pay what they are saying we have to pay them on their newly concocted monthly payments!

last point. Our loan documents state our monthly payment is a permanently fixed rate......... This means, our mortgage payment SHOULD NEVER CHANGE!

The hysterical sobbing, has now become a soft cry,  and my strength and courage are rebuilding again, and as it does, I am becoming angry at them. I will have JUSTICE SERVED!


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