Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I have found that online Court resources which feature full online access to both docket information AND to the underlying documents themselves can be a very fertile source of data to PROVE evidence fabrication, forgery and perjury by foreclosing plaintiffs.  Such resources can also be useful to pro se defendants seeking EXAMPLES of both plaintiff's pleadings and evidence, as well as defensive pleadings, responses and evidence in the few defended foreclosure cases where a defendant has mounted an effective defensive strategy.

Essentially ALL Federal Court dockets and many pleadings, motions and orders are available online through the PACER system to subscribers (See ).  PACER subscribers must set up an account and arrange for credit card billing, but the service charges a modest $0.08 per page for documents.  Those who have seen or benefited from my numerous posts regarding the Ohio Federal Court dismissals relating to plaintiff standing are indirect beneficiaries of my own use of the PACER service.

I have found at least two Ohio counties with similar online access to pleadings, motions and other filings, in Summit County, including Akron ( ), and Montgomrey County, Ohio, including Dayton ( ).  (Of these, the Summit County Court of Common Pleas, where the Judges seem to be paying attention and demanding strict prima pafia proof of plaintiff allegations, is more useful.)

Over the coming months, I will be posting some of the evidence of forgery, evidence fabrication and perjury which can be readily found at sites such as these. But it would be helpful to scrutinize data from MORE JURISDICTIONS.

While MANY jurisdictions provide for online access to indices of cases and basic docket information, full online access to underlying pleadings, motions, filed evidence (affidavits and discovery) and orders is rarer. 

Could each of you who KNOWS OF a state or county which makes FULL ACCESS to these underlying papers ONLINE, please POST A LINK to such sites?  Where possible, I will reciprocate by posting evidence I uncover through online data mining from the sites so identified!   
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Nye Lavalle
One other area to examine are the property records in each state Bill. Here in FLA I have gathered over 10,000 assignments, satisfaction of liens and mortgage releases. next, we are building a database whereby each PDF is placed and the name of each person, company, title, notary, witness etc... is placed and address of all parties and notary.

We then can compare the many signatures and "squiggle marks" to for each person and show the following:

Forgeries of each person (dozens of examples of one person's signature)
Same person signing for dozens of companies
Same person located and signing in several states
Notaries signing the names
Assignments missing
Same address for dozens of companies

In essence, virtually ALL of what you have seen recently in the NY cases....

I recently spoke to some of the judge's clerks and learned they have found info from our reports to help their efforts.

Anyhow, I know the FLA courts are ready to start doing and in fact, some of my recent cases were ALL scanned in. In time, we will have all the systems offering this service!

Good luck and continued thanks for all your work, dedication and support!
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Here is Summit County, Ohio.

Akron, Ohio, and Multi-Jurisdictional Searches.

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I am well aware of online public records relating to land records.  County implementations of these online site giving access to the land records are generally much more robust than the similar court clek web sites with respect to availability of digital copies of the underlying documents.

I mentioned the three examples -- Federal PACER, Summit County, OH, and Montgomery County, OH -- as places where the underlying court records are already readily available.  The two Ohio web sites mentioned are particularly useful because data can be acquired COST FREE.

I, too, have downloaded and organized MANY land records, particularly mortgage assignments, and I think that I have adequate samples to readily understand the underlying dynamics.  My focus has NOT been so much on volume, but rather on statistically sampling to get a good idea of the nature and breadth of mischief.  Your summary of the kinds of things you are finding is certainly quite consistent with my own findings.

But the purpose of my post is to INQUIRE whether others are aware of good state or county implementations of online court records like those we see at Summit and Montgomery County.

Without giving away prematurely what I am finding, I can tell you that I have found the most eggregious perjury by mortgage servicers and their contract forgers and perhurers takes place in the jurisdictions where they are subject to the most rigorous scrutiny.  In many places, the plaintiff mortgage investors and/or servicers are getting default and summary judgments WITHOUT submitting ANY sworn proof AT ALL.

Where proof is DEMANDED, they simply fabricate it.  They FORGE ASSIGNMENTS and they fabricate perjured affidavits.  Though the forged affidavits are probably statutory forgeries in many jurisdictions, they are probably at least falsification of business records or the recording of false documents in others.  The perjurous affidavits seem to me to be particularly likely to be useful to defendants and criminal prosecutors alike.

So while I can obtain the assignments in the LAND RECORDS, I need accessible COURT RECORDS to obtain the perjured affidavits.  And it is far more efficient and economic to pull these from a single efficient online web presentation of court records rather than personally visiting clerk's offices and manually pulling these records!

Hopefully, others with familiarity with good local courd records sites can tell us where to look!

Those in need of examples of perjuries of affidavits need only e-mail me the affidavit that the plaintiff has used in THEIR foreclosure case and I can probably furnish an affidavit by the SAME person giving contrary information as to title, role, position and authority!     
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I am not sure if this helps, but it has many links to Ohio courts

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