Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Former Attorney Terry R. Gray of Gray & Assoc. LLP has surrendered his license in the state of Arizona and the state of Wisconsin. He has been TAKEN DOWN by poor little homeless foreclosure victims.
The remaining attorneys in his firm are going to be taken down too - there are 9 more of them. Then I'm going after others - make no mistake about it this is being done nationwide by foreclosure law firms. They lie, commit fraud upon the court, forge documents, cut and paste, file false claims, don't trust them one bit at all.
PLEASE files lawsuits in state and federal courts - use fraud upon the court. Careful - don't trust any attorney even one you paid. They are all in a "fraternity" and protect each other including the Judges. You have to be consistant and lay it all out for them in simple terms. Keep the pressure on.
Report them to the state BAR, report them to the state attorney general's office, the FBI, the US Trustee if in Bankrupcty, write to your local state rep, your national congressman/senator (you'll get a form letter then fire back again with the damaging true information you can to get their attention). Write the FTC if a mortgage servicer is involved (Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.; HomeQ, Lender Processing Services, Inc. and many others).  
Your friends are due process, jurisdiction, fraud upon the court, TILA, RESPA, Sec. Z, forced placed insurance, false filings the bad guy attorneys probably did in your foreclosure case or bankruptcy case. Especially look at bankruptcy cases because those are Federal. Means = Federal criminal law applies = stiff prison sentences.
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You forgot mail fraud and wire fraud.
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I would like everyone that reads this thread, that PB has worked tirelessly in his effort to make this happen, and make no mistake about it, others are going to be dis-barred too!
The tide is turning, we are making headway, and PB great job!!!!
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Well all these posts are great guys. Tuesday, I go in front of the judge to do just everything you speak of everyone. It'll be interesting to see what they do.
At first Citi claimed my new civil case was a nuissance case. Then I filed a motion to vacate the judges order since this was the second time I was DENIED any HELP.
So within my MTV-I exposed all the fraud I know. You know these managers saying ignore them. JUST COLLECT THE MONEY instead of calling the client to verify if they actually made a mistake in placing them in my office or not.
I always only wanted to collect rightfully. The attys and judges are not. I think other people will say I'VE BEEN DENIED MY CIVIL RIGHTS AS WELL.
When I go to court on tuesday, not do I only have all the good cases we've been given in recent months in our fight against their monster but I have places for them to verify my truth and hopefully start making other people lose their homes as well.
Mainly my former bosses, the foreclosure trustee. Most Defiinitely CITI ....They pushed until I wouldn't keep silent now I've made them silent. I have good use of them if I get what I want....If I do I'll be able to help a few people make amends...maybe regain some of their dignity. If not I guess they'll just deny me my rights some more. But the irony of this is if someone goes thru the trouble I did to end up being denied then someone needs to be disbarred as well. There's a reason why there's laws in place to make sure everyone follows them. If they intend to be prejudice people and be biased then they need to be off the bench.
Honestly, what I got fired for I never would of been fired for if my employer had told me the truth when I took my job. Instead they lied. They need to be penalized for telling someone they had the rights to sell mortgages for one of the biggest banks in the world if they didn't.

I have the right to be heard. Just like every other homeowner. Now if they provide results I can to. It will be more beneficial to help me than keep on laying off endless people. Taking endless homes....I've said it before I'll say it again.
Us working people try harder then most of these bankers. Always try to be responsible. In my opinion debtors or people in default try harder than bankers to do business properly. So its time for it to end. And make it a better day for everyone. We all need to be able to fulfill our dreams not just a select few.
By the way anyone see William Roper around lately?
God Bless,


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PB, Thanks for posting about this. how did you get this done? I don't know if you can talk about it here or not since the other side hangs on every word that's said on this forum.

ksu, I have a hearing on Tuesday also, it's at 1:20pm by phone in Pinellas county, it might be heard by Judge Vaccaro.

I requested a hearing on my motions to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and change of venue. The plaintiff attorney Ekonomides requested that I add my amended motion for rehearing. So that it will be heard also.

I'm still trying to figure out why he as the plaintiff wants my (amended motion for rehearing) to be heard???????

IF, my amended motion for rehearing is granted, it could undue the default judgment's he got against me, as far as I know? I'm still trying to find out about that part.

I guess Nickolas Ekonomides thinks he is ABOVE the law, Tuesday will show us if he is OR NOT?

Tuesday's hearing will show us if it's OK for a Florida attorney to pose as the defendant/former client, During Litigation, Using the Florida courts and tax payers money to do so. I have submitted evidence to the Pinellas county court in support of all my claims against this attorney Nickolas Ekonomides PA.


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connect the dots
common sense--not legal advice.

if your motion to dismiss is based on lack of subject matter juridiction (plaintiff is not the owner and holder)  and , it is the court that lacks juridiction as the real party of interest is not before the court. in order for the court to have jurisdiction there must be proper pleadings by the proper party. If the real party is not before the court, the judge has no discretion, he/she must dismiss the case without predjudice ( ala Boyko, et al.).
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4 justice now

Thank-you so much for your outstanding, most generous work in exposing and punishing these greedy scumbags. You have accomplished something that very few others would ever consider even if they had a team of assistants and a huge bank account.


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I second that!

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It was and still is extremely hard to do. And credit goes to Gary Wait for sure too - even more so than me.  I never thought about how I am doing it, just am.  Will have to think about that question.  One key is knowledge...but it took a year of almost full time studying to learn the law, talking with other people, reading ALL the posts of MSfraud and other related websites. You can see patterns and pick the ones that happened to you.

In my Federal Case I can now announce I have gotten to discovery. When I get those bastards in discovery they'll have to build a new prison to hold them all.
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Answer to above question - there have been 18 attorneys to date involved in one way or another in my case. Two I hired, since have let go. ALL of them have been corrupt to one degree or another. From breaking BAR rules,to state law, to Federal law; criminal and civil.

Get everything in the record. Attach things you want to get into the court record as an exhibit, or a written objection, or send a Memorandum letter. Proving the facts and the law that relates to it, to the BAR rules that where broken and how. List what was done wrongly to you, tell them why, then support it with why per either the BAR rules, state law, Federal law, rules of civil procedure. Even if you have to state it was just plain wrong and not in the spirit of the law.

Read your state's BAR rules. It will surprise you as to how many the opposing attorney in your case violated. With mine it is well over 128 and still counting. 4+ Federal Criminal laws, 6+ state laws. 2 dozen rules of civil procedure.

What opened my eyes was I went to the US Trustee's Office at noon once. Everyone was gone but one person in the back and she asked me to come back to help me. What I saw in the not-for-public conference room, way in the back, was "fraternity" photos. Where all the attorneys in the surrounding area had their photo taken (little ones like back in grade school) then posted up all together in a frame. Just like a fraternity does. The US Trustee was in it, my attorneys were in it, the Judge was in it.  They protect their own. Don't trust your lawyer fully that you are paying. He won't fight to the death so to speak because he has to go before his brothers/sisters. When your gone through the meatgrinder system he has to be there again facing the same judge next week.

Read your state's BAR rules. See what applies in your case, file a compliant with the BAR if you have good grounds. Keep emotions/slander/bad words out of it or anything you file will immediately be discounted. Stick to the facts and law.


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Thank You So SO MUCH! I am grateful for any ideas or help.

I have done a lot of what you said in your post, that's some really good ideas. It sounds like you have been working hard. I'm glad to see and hear from people that fight back so hard. TY There are a lot of good fighters here!

I still could not hear what they were saying during the phone hearing today. Nick would start talking fast and loud and then they talked at the same time. it was very hard to understand. there was a bad Eco.

I live in Florida. I'm fighting this attorney Ekonomides, I hired him to defend me against Ameriquest mortgage and HSBC.

He didn't do his job or make any effort ot file suit, So I FIRED him. Now he's trying to SLAPP me for talking about him on the this forum in March 18, 2008 of this year. He filed suit March 31, 2008.

I was hit by ameriquest in 2004, then by hurricanes, then I hired this attorney that would not even file a claim or make any effort to collect evidence, Now him again.

I'm having to pay five hundred a month so we have all have a place to stay. This attorney not doing his job has cost me a lot of money time and Grief!

Thanks for taking the time to help out. and thats a good idea about the numbered list. TY

Here's my email address:

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SECOND attorney being taken down, it is in the works right now. 60+ pages of violations of the BAR rules, state law, Federal law, violation of oath, criminal felonies.
The attorneys for the mortgager servicers are pure criminals. Take them down!  Go after them personally - document their rules of professional conduct violations, have supporting evidence, then file a complaint with your State BAR. It costs nothing, the one last great device that a homeless, foreclosed upon person can take.
Once filed, let 2 weeks pass then file a complaint with the Attorney General or appropriate state agency (of Feds) and put in your letter "the attorney BAR is investigating this attorney". This agency calls the BAR and yep, the attonery is being investigated. That raises their eyebrows and makes you 100% more credible. Use them against each other, otherwise you get a form letter and are filed in a stack of 50,000 pages in the backroom and forgotten.
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