Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I know there are a number of loan servicer threads developed....along with a couple on OCWEN plus an OCWEN settlement thread. But we all need to see...up close...a single story ...pulled out of all the noise...and see what is really the street level.  Bear in mind, while reading this story that OCWEN just agreed to acquire Litton Loans servicing. Yahoo finance reports the terms of the deal: OCWEN would pay Litton $2.47 BILLION upfront and give $337.4 million to retire a part of the debt..

Then read just one OCWEN Servicer story from Writer/Blogger -
Martin Andelman...and his blog "Mandelman Matters"..on the...Giangregorios Family of California (click here) 

This is the story of Dina and Robert Giangregorio of Huntington Beach, California. That’s them, just above.  They have three beautiful children who they’ve raised in their home for the last 17 years.  Robert has “Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, one of the worst types of MS one can have.  Today, only one arm works, he is in a wheelchair… has a colostomy bag.

....excerpts from the article...Last year, Robert had to have some medical procedures that didn’t go all that smoothly.  He ended up having a pump inserted into his stomachit’s about the size of a hockey puck… and it releases medicine.  It was a difficult time, Dina (his wife)had to provide almost full-time care for a few months there, and couldn’t get to work much; she owns her own successful photography business, by the way. Robert was a General Manager for Clark Drugs/Savon. He had worked his way up and would have soon been some type of regional manager,  had he not been afflicted with MS
The couple told Ocwen of their tragic situation and Ocwen told them they should apply for a loan modification… and so they did… roughly a year ago..later Ocwen, had some less than good news for the Giangregorios… turns out, the offer had already expired. Too late…you just missed it. A few hours difference and you might have saved your home from foreclosureDarn the luck, you missed the deadline.  Too bad

....Well, just wait… because the real fun is yet to come.

Once again, Ocwen said the couple shouldn’t worry, there was no foreclosure and no sale date scheduled, and they would be reconsidered for a modification..... Each time another letter would arrive in the mail, Dina Giangregorio would call Ocwen and each time she was told not to worry they were still under review for their modification and that the servicer would not foreclose as long as they were being considered for a loan modification… so, there was nothing to worry about.  Then they’d ask her to re-send some paperwork or documentation she had already sent in multiple times
....She did try but got no return calls, so keeping in mind that the

Giangregorio’s home was scheduled to be sold on Monday… which was yesterday... by the way… I personally tried reaching Ocwen at every phone number and via every email address I could find on their site and elsewhere.  I left voice messages with the Ocwen Ombudsman and sent the Ombudsmen emails numerous times… nothing… not a single call or email in reply.  I tried the same with Ocwen’s senior management… nothing… nary a peep in response.

Want to send Mr. Erbey a note to share your thoughts on the Giangregorio’s situation…



Ocwen Financial Corporation

William C. Erbey, Executive Chairman

Phone: (561) 682-8520



let us know if you had any luck contacting anyone

..You can contact the author by Email at:


thank you in advance... for your action


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John Lewis - 561-682-8520 - 561-682-8560 - 561-682-8913
call into the switchboard and 407-737-5000 and ask for other members of upper management email and phone number

just called and got an answer at scott anderson ph = 561-682-8913
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Update 9pm EST: I spoke with Martin Andelman (in California) moments ago...and he still had ZERO responses from anyone at Ocwen. We both lamented that many of us.. simply READ theses stories, POST these stories, and LINK news about this whole mess. Collectively our readers... often do nothing....some...Simply READ the story and re post or tweet...but do nothing.

We both agreed - Let's start here -right now - with this family...and continue to ask do something. Martin Andelman...did his part - He reached out to just one family. Then he researched and wrote the story. John Lewis -thank you -you've provided some email addresses and phone numbers. OHIO FRAUDclosure (we've re-posted the story and provided some phone numbers and email numbers)
Mortgage Servicing Fraud Forum Readers - Please do something...start tonight ...with a single letter, then an email (lots of them), then a phone call. Then forward an "action request" to a friend. But something. It starts at one, like a child, take that first step...going forward, making a a time!

from a recent Florida attorney(Matt Weidner) blog post:
It all reminds me of the story about the boy who was walking along the beach and finding thousands of starfish washed up and dying….he grabs one and throws it back....his act seemed so futile to an old man watching….the old man approaches him and says, “boy, there are so many here, you cannot possibly save them or make a difference.” 
The boy grabs another starfish ..and throws it back into the sea and responds to the old man......
“I just made a difference.... to that one.”
Thank You!
Let us you helped or what you did ...on behalf of the Giangregorio family:
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