Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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My husband and I have our home loan through Ocwen.  We had gotten behind on our payments last year and called them. 


We agreed to a loan modification which would now include our taxes and homeowner’s insurance.  I told them we were only paying $1,400/year for insurance (full coverage including black mold).  We were told the taxes and insurance would be spread out over a 12 month period of time.  We then received our monthly bill with the charge for insurance in the amount of approximately $4,500.00!  They then went ahead and paid our 2008 taxes now making it look like we are over $10,000.00 behind in payments to them! 

We currently owe our regular payment for February and March and have tried and tried and tried to work something out with them.  They want approximately $5,000 NOW and then the rest paid over a 12 month period of time on top of the payment which had gone from $1,643.57/mo. To $2,500/mo

They have tacked on so many fees – property inspection fee, attorney fee, notice of sale fee, foreclosure notice fee, and on and on and on.  With all the fees they are now saying we owe $25,000.+!!! 

We then receive a statement this week that our current payment due is $2,211.00!  But, it still shows the taxes, insurance and all the numerous fees they have tacked on.

It is ridiculous.  They set our house for foreclosure for April 1st – next week!  We should have received a notice that this was going to happen but never did and just found out at the end of last week.  I tried to explain that to them and they cannot even prove to me it was ever sent.  But, they are moving forward.

Now, I’m told that on April 1st our house will be sold on the courthouse steps and we will be given 24 hours to move out!

I found your site about all the problems with Ocwen and I guess mine is just another one to add to the long list of angry customers of Ocwen!


UPDATE: Our home was sold to Century 21


We are now only one payment behind.

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   You don't mention which State you live in. The procedure is different depending upon the State you live in. You really need to contact one of the attorneys listed on this web site to see if the foreclosure was lawful or not.

Ocwen seldom does anything in a lawful manner because they know that most people do not know the law on the subject of foreclosure and they can get away with anything. Don't delay in getting legal help !

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We are in Texas... you know, the playgound that houses many of these criminals.

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April 1 is now gone.  Did they sell it?

Are you still in your house?

I believe that Texas does have an eviction procedure they have to follow.

Type in your web browser, Texas Eviction Procedure.  That gives you a start.
You need to  know what they can do and when they can do it if your house
has been sold.

You are experiencing the scam and it is brutal not to mention almost impossible to stop once they've opened the door.

You've got the pyramiding fees that bury you in fees.

Take a look at the FTC-HUD-Curry case against Fairbanks Capiital Corp.

Look at the charges  made against Fairbanks by the FTC.

Read the Best Practices settlement agreement.

Even though this is a case against another Servicer, the FTC has released
statements that all servicers should be following this change in procedures.

I'm pretty sure you will see what happned to you.

Even if your house has been sold, shop around for an attorney to see
if one sees a cause of action.

Some of us see this as a possibility to file a lawsuit and make fraud
the cause of action.  When they are actually putting on the fee scam
they are attempting to commit fraud.  When they finally take the house
by foreclosure, they have completed the fraud.

This is to be considered a theory, a subject to be explored with your
attorney.  I wouldn't try this on my own and whoever you pick to represent
you should get the scam.  Having that Fairbanks case in your hands should
help the attorney who is brave enough to charge Ocwen.

I'm hoping you got an attorney to help before the foreclosure but if not,
let us know what happened.

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There are cases against Ocwen being handled by attorneys in Texas. Robert Hilliard is the attorney in Corpus Christi that has won a case against them.

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