Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama defended his administration's beleaguered foreclosure-prevention initiatives on Wednesday by arguing that more aggressive steps to assist homeowners might help people who don't deserve to be helped.

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William A. Roper, Jr.
But voting for Democrats would result in the re-election of politicians who don't deserve it!

An interesting paradox, isn't it!
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How about Foreclosures would ONLY be stopped if there were fatal legal flaws in the mortgages.

We want some Anti-Fraudulent Foreclosure Prevention methods to uphold the law dude...

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Obama is an empty suit. For a former lawyer (he voluntarily retired from law in 2008 to pursue another career...what was it...hmmm...oh, yeah. He wanted to be a IMPORTANT professional empty suit.) he sure tolerates blatant disregard for the laws of this land. As long as it is the bankers breaking the laws, that is. Or himself and his Congressional minions and cabinet members.

Here's how this will work...on November 02, 2010 a notice of intent to foreclose on the White House will be sent to Obama and his entire family of professional empty suited Congressional minions by the American people. He will have to begin moving many of them out by December 31, 2010.

For a couple of years Obama will fight the foreclosure along with what is left of his family of Congressional professional empty suits.

On November 02, 2012 the American people will successfully foreclose on the White House and reclaim it as our own. We will personally carry out his advisers and leave them on the curb to be ransacked. Mr. Obama may return to the practice of law at that time, but how could anyone take him seriously? There will be a few stragglers loitering around but they, too, will be gone in a couple of years.

The greatest thing about it is that THIS FORECLOSURE WILL BE ENTIRELY LEGAL. Not one robo-signed vote in the file.

"Hope and change". When Obama began making his changes, I began losing hope. I guess one out of two ain't bad.

[This is strictly my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views or thoughts of msfraud or its staff. Thank you for "listening".]

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Yea but we are in a catch 22, which is worse, OBAMA or the right wing republicans who think that the banks(private sector) should get all that they can. 

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They are all bad...they've forgotten their function. And until they remember what they are there to do (which is very darn little, really)...the American voter must

RINSE, FLUSH, REPEAT, RINSE, FLUSH, REPEAT....send em in, flush em out.

America was never meant to have "career politicians". That is a death knell fort he Republic. As long as they are worried about their career, they are not worrying about the Republic.
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    In defense of Mr. Obama, I think he has good intentions but he lacked the
experience for the job. Instead of critisizing him all the time, we should all try
to inform him and help him get the job done.
    As a new President, he was forced to accept advice from older, wiser men
whom he trusted. Little did he realize that these men were among the same ones who either caused or allowed the problems in the banking system to fester and metastisize to the housing market and the wider economy.
    The real problem began in June of 1968 when he was only a child. Congress removed the 10% gold reserve for the issuance of Federal Reserve
Notes which essentially gave the banking system carte blanche to inflate
the money supply at will and put Americans in debt up to their necks. When
the process began in 1968, Americans were largely a debt free people (only
ankle deep in debt). After 40 years of the "fiat money experiment", the American people were so deep in debt, they started defaulting "en masse".
The tide had gone out, exposing all the "corruption" which had been largely
hidden since the inception of fiat, unconstitutional currency in 1968.
      So what is the solution? First we need to clean out the Congress (I love
the idea of "foreclosing on the Capitol" and returning it to the people instead
of the bankers and the foreign special interest lobby which controls it now.
Next we need to revalue all the old silver coinage to 20x face value so it starts circulating again. All foreclosures need to stop and serious attempts
at modification need to begin. Since the government owns 50% of the Notes
anyway, this should not be too big of a problem.
      The Fed needs to be audited along with Fort Knox and then
Fed Notes need to be rebacked at least 10% with gold. Instead of borrowing,
the Congress needs to start issuing non interest bearing US Notes as currency, fully backed by Fort Knox gold at whatever ratio is required by the
findings of the audit. A temporary take over of the banking system will probably be necessary because without all the fraud, many banks are sure
to go under. Management needs to be changed and the corruption elliminated
with a return to sound banking practices. Good luck at the Polls!
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Instead of critisizing him all the time, we should all try to inform him and help him get the job done.

Sorry, Mike, but that dog don't hunt.

He is a LAWYER and was a Constitutional law professor/lecturer at the University of Chicago. I take that to mean that Obama knows the law and understands how it works. He just doesn't seem to have much respect for the law when it is banks that are breaking it.

Maybe his time with Penny Pritzker of Superior Bank warped him somehow? You know, the original sub-prime lending bank in Chicago that failed early on for the same reason all the other ones are faltering now....too much fraud.

What could we "ignorant, fearful" peasants possibly tell him that he doesn't already know?

We will not remake the monetary system and policies and neither will he or his advisers. Just like the bank Ponzis, it will fall under its own weight and there will have to be a do-over. It will be a convulsion.

Heaven knows what sort of awful monetary construct these people will come up with; I shudder at the thought of it. I would bet the farm that it would not be the Constitutional monetary system that you describe. That type of monetary system would not provide the government with the power that it now craves like some old junkie.

What worries me is that, faced with irrefutable evidence of fraud and corruption, Obama seems able to ignore it and lets the banks continue their pillaging. It seems to indicate a psychic schism within our President. He speaks arrogantly to us, he pities all of us down here and he does not and will not lift a finger to help us.

We are simply too uneducated and too fearful to understand his grand plan to redistribute the wealth so we cling to our guns and Bibles. Better than trying to cling to him...two years in and the man is still working on the evolution of his spine.

I really don't like the arrogance and being treated like some mentally damaged fool by the government that supposedly works for me. It is not just the President; it seems to be an epidemic in D.C. It is becoming increasingly clear that there is no respect there for us. But we can fire them....

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