Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Still Fighting

I was informed she was leaving me because my house and my battle with Litton has completely consumed me and I have been neglecting her.

I did not realize this until she pointed out my behavior and how I have gradually become more and more distant and constantly fighting for my house. She said if I can get this taken care of she may come back. Problem is she is attractive and fun, it will not be long before she meets someone else who does not have these issues.

I agree with April, the corruption of our government and corporate America is destroying this country. This country needs a complete overhaul, It needs a complete economic crash to bring it back to what it was founded on. People should look in the history books and see all of the other great civilizations that have collapsed because of greed, the writing is on the wall.

I have always been a fighter, I have black belts in three different martial arts and I am a certified instructor so my mentality has always been to never give up ,but this time I do not know what to do. I am really going to be livid if I end up losing my house and the best woman I have ever known. I am PISSED!!
Sorry, had to vent, the people here are the only ones who seem to understand the frustration we have been caused.
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Sorry to hear about this SF.  I know exactly how you feel, not that I have lost a loved one to this, but about only people here understand what were each feeling and also the consumption part.  I CAN NOT tear myself away from this issue for longer than a few hours at a time!  I'm constantly reading articles and messages, now taking to writing them also.  I think there's a buzz in my mind that won't rest until this story breaks in the media and relief, real relief (not the phony ass ploy outlined by Washington and the criminals themselves - as if they have any intention of saving anyone!) is in sight.  Until that happens, I just can not see myself "letting it go"

My husband keeps telling me "we need to shift, we need to shift" to something else - but it's literally everywhere.  We are still in our home, so it's here.  We see the news reports, so it's there.  We have family and friend this has already swallowed up and spit out, so it's there.  I had a meeting at school today with my daughter's teacher, we're pretty close (as parents and teachers go anyway LOL) she listened to my tale and chimed in that she is looking to get away from Countrywide, so it was there.  We are engulfed and I can tell you all this, there is no way out but through!  We have to speak, we have to speak loudly.  We have to speak in unison - which I will address in another thread.

As for you, dear SF, have faith.  I know that's hard to do right now, amongst all these wolves in the world.  I'm sure my family and friends are getting tired of this being about the only thing I have to talk about right now, somehow we have to remain active normal citizens, friends, and partners when we feel like mortgage scandal zombies (I guess that's what I'd call it)  These companies have taken so much from us already, but we can decide how much more we are willing to pay with once we've seen what it is they are doing.

I no longer desire to save my home.  The greedy bastards can have it.  As for me, I choose well being, a lawsuit, and advocacy as my direction.  I've learned from all of the challenges I've faced in life that a situation doesn't feel as heavy once you discover how to put it to work, especially to work for other people.  That's why I'd rather fight in the media with these crooks than spend my energy trying to save a sinking ship (my house).

Think about it.  What can you give to another that you are seeking for yourself?  My heart and prayers go out to you, and everyone else that is feeling lost and disempowered because of this monster.  I hope your fiance will see another loss for both of you is not the answer.
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O -

You are not alone, I know how you feel.  I can't seem to take a break from it. My ears ring, I dream about it. I can't get away from it even in my sleep.

April is right, If we go to court we might find a fair judge that will look at whats going on. Or we might get one that's not. It's a Flip of the coin. I'm fighting from the net and on the street.

My boyfriend says I need help and that I am obsessed with this, I know he is right, An attorney that I talked to last year asked me if I thought I was obsessed, I said yes I guess I am. He though he knew more about the company I was fighting then I did. He found out different.

How do you fight back when there is no laws? And No help from the Government...Freezing will not help. It will ONLY let the Predators get away.

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Obsessed......was Martin Luther King obsessed? Was Mother Theresa obsessed? How about all the women in our country who fought for their right to vote, or the womens movement in the 70's for the right to receive equal pay for equal work. Where do you think the Equal Employment Opportunities was a result of.....Obsession?

If that's the word people want to use...then so be it. When it comes to fighting for your personal rights and the rights of others obsession is what makes things finally happen in this country.

I'd much rather be called that than an apathetic whiner who let's others do all the work.

Next time someone calls you obsessed say yes I know and thank you for noticing.
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And to Still Fighting---

Wonderful people don't give utimatums that are self centered and blind to the trials and tribulations of their future life partner....

Truly wonderful people are those who take you by the hand and say WE will get through this you honestly deserve anything less?

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I know exactly what you are all saying. Every morning when I wake up it's on my mind. Every night when I go to bed it's on my mind. It does consume us. The thing that I don't understand is that fraud has allways been illegal so how come these companies get away with this? Why are they above the law? Everyone of these servicers are law breakers and yet somehow they get away with it. My BK lawyer even tried to tell me that it was all about greed. That it was not political. We have an appointment with him this week and I will let him know that I know better. I'm tired of being talked to like I have no brain. Fighting this fraud is so hard when you are fighting alone. We all need each other on here. We are the only ones that understand what each of us is going through. Every one of the politicians and all the courts know what is going on. Yet they treat us like WE are the wrong ones. We have to keep fighting because even if we lose our homes we need to fight to keep others from losing theirs.

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Still Fighting,

I came to this post early this morning, and didn't know what to say to make you feel any better. I wanted to offer you great support but didnt know where to start.

I still don't, but I will share with you some things that I have learned over my life time and some things I have seen.

Usually in a relationship, there is one who always cares about the "outside" world, more than the other. Though there is nothing wrong with this, the one who is more focused on the "inner" world, is usually not able to comphrened the desires of their spouse to help, the outside world when there is trouble.

I wouldn't call it selfish, but more self absorbed. Those people tend to want instant satisfaction, and often things go a little haywire, between the two.

It's not that its either persons fault. It's jsut the way they are.
One was raised to have compassion for others and their troubles, and the other was raised to "take care of yourself cause no one else will"

Neither person is bad, nor their traight.

Though I cannot sit here and stereo type you, and define your character in whole. I'm gonna guess at it and say, You are the compassionate, caring one, because you are trying to help millions and millions of people.

We all fight this fraud in our own ways. Some behind closed doors, some in public, some on the phone or in emails constantly. Some in the polotical areas. We all bring something different to this board, and when we do..........
What we bring together helps each other, and thy fellow neighbors who
aren't even aware they are a victim of this fraud yet.

We come together here, we gather our strenght when we are down; by what others willingly offer to us, and we pick up our battered, and beaten, hearts, minds, and souls, and WE CARRY ON FIGHTING THE FIGHT THAT WE CAN NEVER GIVE UP FIGHTING.

It costs us dearly, in more ways than can be explained. For each cause there is an "affect" for each "affect" there is an "Effect", so the list just never ends.

I've learned that compassion for the outside world is an excellent quality, and we should always remember that.

I've learned it's okay for others to be more concerned with the "now", and with the "me".

I've also learned it's okay for me to be selfish, to pursue this fraud for the ultimate goal to be the reward, of people sick, ederly, disabled, black, white, rich, or poor, NEVER HAVING TO WORRY AGAIN, ABOUT THEIR HOMES BEING STOLEN FROM THEM.  IF I HAVE TO BE SELFISH, sometimes to FIGHT THIS RESIDUAL HELL, then so be it.
Because in the end it wasn't completely for me! It was for the others who have no voice, or who are unable to help themselves.

Please know Still Fighting, that what you do, when you do it, whether being selfish at the time or not is not in vain, and most certainly know that this FIGHT STILL NEEDS YA! & the board too.

May your strength guide you and lend to you the strenght needed TO KEEP FIGHTIN' THE FIGHT MAN!
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Hey Still Fighting sorry to here about your personal loss.

Divorce, job loss, homelessness, suicide, stress related illnesses, even death is common in normal foreclosures let alone unlawful seizure of homes.

There are other martial artists, military men and police officers in this fight it's just matter of time before we win.

Things have been really tough for many of us.

The personal losses and loss of time and missed opportunities are the worst because they are non-replaceable.

The seizure of food-clothing-shelter is a fear or flight life and death issue though and sends people into emotional shock, fear or rage so these are normal human instincts
don't let anyone tell you you are overreacting  or it's just a financial loss.

What these financial criminals have done is place us in a life threating situation for personal  gain.

What makes me mad is they are sneaky, secretive, cowards and they have no honor.

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Still Fighting
Found out tonight she has a new guy!!!!!!!!    Now I am sunk!!!!
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