Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Back in April of 2007 I was in a dire financial situation, DIRE. I was carless and had bills up the gazoo and needed money to help me out to fix these problems. I looked into different ways to borrow money but with my past credit history from college I was unable UNTIL I cam across a company called Northpoint Lending Services. I will admit I was blinded and dumb at the time BUT they were my light at the tunnel. I spoke with them quite alot and exchanged emails as well. I had no feeling of scamming going on. I even did a little research and nothing came back about them. They offered me a loan and then it never came. I filled out the paper work and everything for this loan, but on the day I was suppose to recieve it I never did!!! I called them and they told me due to credit history they bypassed I would need to send 1250.00(wired) Now at the time I HAD NO CLUE THIS WAS illegal and that this is called AN ADVANCED FEE LOAN. Well I did what they said and then the following day they told me they needed another 1250.00!!!! And once again I listened. Now all the while I am borrowing this money from my very close cousin, both of us had NO CLUE we would never see it again. After still not seeing my loan and with 2500.00 in their pockets I sensed something was very wrong. I googled their name once again BUT this time I could not believe my eyes!!!! Their on the screen was two RECENT complaints WELL after I sent my money. THEY were con artists, they stole from me and several others, NOT ONLY our money BUT also our identity. I flipped, had a nervous breakdown. I didnt know what to do, I couldnt work, I didnt know what to tell my cousin. After the smoke cleared I decided to take action, I filed complaints, called local authorities in the are they were located and I spoke with the district attorney. AT one point I even spoke with media, I spread the word as best as I could BUT that was it I was never to see the money again. I had to tell my cousin what had happend, and I continue to pay him back, it has put a strain on our relationship. It has been months now and still nothing UNTILL TODAY!!!!!!!!

WHILE doing another google search I CAME ACROSS a new WEBSITE THESE DIRTBAGS put up!!!!!!!!!!!

After everything had happend they took down their webiste and went into hiding. Probably after the numerous threats I put on them. I mean you type in Northpoint Lending Services now a days on Google and you will get tons of hits just on stuff I wrote on various websites and boards.

They are now going by the name LINDENBERG LENDING!
Same website design same website sounds. I AM FUMING, I am mad, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I wrote them and anonymous email. I reported them to internet crimes ONCE AGAIN but by their new name. I want revenge, I cannot believe THEY ARE STILL IN BUSINESS!!! I want to go to where they are and smack them(well do worst things to them) I want them punished, put in jail. I cannot stand this.

Please help me by spreading the word.

That is their website.

If anyone has any advice on what I can do to stop them please help.

Hopefully they will one day be unable to steal from people who need it and also take their identity. I have had to put hold on my personal info and my credit history, its been aweful.

Thank you!
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PAZ,  Go to your local DA and police dept and they might can give you some advice....I can`t believe your AG didn`t jump on might want to try to see if you can e-mail the FBI and let them know what has happened.
GOOD LUCK.....let us know what happens.

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OK, everybody take three deep breaths!  This is NOT about Mortgage Servicing Fraud.  This is about plain old garden variety FRAUD.

Reporting the matter to police is problematic.  The web site shown is cleverly designed to OMIT ANY MENTION of a physical address, the identities of ANY people associated with this enterprise OR and means of contacting Lindeberg Lending Services OTHER than through their web based form.

Sorry, Paz but ANYBODY that would send or wire money to these guys under such circumstances is a VICTIM looking for a con!

This creates a rather basic PROBLEM.  WHERE is the crime being committed?

There is, perhaps, a bit of GOOD NEWS.  If money wires are being used in the fraud, it is probably a FEDERAL crime.

But it is difficult for ANY police authority to get very interested without VICTIMS.

Note that Lindeberg Lending Services does NOT represent itself to be INCORPORATED.  So you are probably NOT going to find in corporation records.  IF incorporated it is probably incorporated under a DIFFERENT name and using an ASSUMED NAME.  In many if not most jurisdictions, ASSUMED NAMES also must be registered.  But only for use in THAT jurisdiction.

In many jurisdictions, lenders are required to be registered or licensed to lend in THAT jursidiction.  But note that the web site does NOT represent that Lindeberg Lending Services is even doing business in ANY particular jurisdiction.  Thus they can simply come off as an entity with an ambiguous web site.

I understand Paz's sense of outrage.  The site clearly IS the successor to NorthPoint Lending Services.  Take a look at this page where they seem to have FORGOTTEN to change the copyright statement at the bottom of the page!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of cons and scams going on at any one time.  I usually get several new phishing e-mails every day (most filtered by my anti-Spam software).  Investigatory and prosecuting authorities must necessarily prioritize and focus their resources to focus on the cons and scams affecting the MOST PEOPLE and affecting people within their jurisdiction!  A DA in Dallas cannot prosecute a Nevada boiler room for crimes being committed in Indiana.  Even U.S. Attorneys have jurisdictions of interest.

Perhaps some hard charging consumer protection advocate MIGHT take an interest.  The Harris County Texas DA's office had one of the very first consumer crime departments many years ago.

YOU were a crime victim of NorthPoint Lending Services.  Presumably, you filed some sort of criminal complaint in YOUR jurisdiction.  Presumably you have SOME additional CLUES as to the LOCATION and bank accounts of these scam artists.  YOU sent them some money!  What BANK did YOU wire the money to??  If YOU failed to follow the money the first time, how do you expect OTHERS to find these folks given the thin information shown at their public web site.

These guys ARE ripe for a STING!  Any police department in the country with a cooperative person with marginal credit could probably set it up, though it would be EASIEST with the involvement and cooperation of the jurisdiction from which they are actually OPERATING.  The means would be simply having someone fill out thier web based form and wait to be contacted.  The person could have a permissive wiretap on their telephone.  But these guys are probably using throw away cell phones.  Catching them is going to involve FOLLOWING THE MONEY. 

A final note is that the ONLY clue to contact and/or physical location is the identity of their web host:

Rocky Butani
3145 Geary Boulevard #220
San Francisco, CA 94118

He may be involved, but more likely he set up the site and hosts it for them and is paid by money order.  He may have never MET his customers.  ALL of his contact may be digital.  But that does NOT mean that digital contacts cannot be traced.  The IP addresses of incoming e-mail and the IP addresses of various interactions with the server will rather precisely LOCATE WHERE these guys are operating.


Depending on WHEN the fraud took place, you may still have a valid civil cause of action against these guys.  But I am NOT optimistic that you are likely to find them and serve them, much less COLLECT.  But a civil action DOES give you some rights to discovery and discovery might lead you to banking records of Internet records which would help you locate these guys.  I mention this if you have time, patience and a passion for justice! 

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Another avenue for investigation is through the major credit bureaus.  Since these swindlers NEVER intended to give you any loan but rather to simply separate you fro the advanced loan fees, it is UNLIKELY that they ever made any credit inquiries through the bureaus, but IF THEY DID there will be a record of it.

At one time the major credit bureaus were VERY particular about who was permitted to PULL consumer credit reports.  My GUESS is that this has been vastly liberalized.  But IF either NorthPoint Lending Services OR Lindeberg Lending Services has set up ANY arrangements to PULL consumer credit, the major credit bureaus are going to have some sort of application or record. 
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It seems as though Mr. Roper was already identifying swindlers in 2007.

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