Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Quality Loan Service Corp in San Diego sent me an unsigned notice of foreclosure sale may 25. But may 25 they filed a notice of sale with la county. This was a Christine Bitanga. Any news on her? How can I find out if she's been signing hundreds of docs in la, orange, san diego and riverside county at the same time?
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George Burns
What does it matter?

How does it help you to spend your time finding out if she is a robo-signer or not?

If you find out that she is not, What do you then do after spending your "grace period" on this instead of on a defense strategy? How much time do you have in which to file a response or objection or whatever is applicable in your jurisdiction?

If you find out that she is, Will you have enough time left to file your defenses or objections, or whatever is applicable?

Does it matter if she is a robo-signer but the documents are in order and all conditions precedent have been met?

Being a robo-signer does not, by itself, mean anything that is useful to you.
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Actually it does matter because I can use this to impeach the opposing party.

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George Burns
How is impeaching the signer going to help you or stop foreclosure?

If someone is burglarizing your home, would suing them for trespass help?
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If you impeach the evidence that they file with the court, and show that they didn't sign what they claimed they signed, them that evidence must be sticken from the record.  And as such, might help defeat summary judgement.

Furthermore, if you can prove fraud on the court, it just might help his case.

Im not saying he can prove all of this, but if he can, go for it!
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George Burns
He is in California, a non-judicial state. Nothing has been filed in court.

While he is twiddling and nit-picking the date for the sale of his property is fast approaching.

If he finds out  that there was robsigning, but the document is valid, but the sale has already taken place, What can he do?

If there was robosigning and the document is not valid, he will have to file a lawsuit to stop the sale if it has not yet taken place, or to overturn if it has.

So if he might have to file a lawsuit, Wouldn't his time be better spent investigating the general requirements etc for such  a lawsuit, instead of focusing on a probable detail. A successful lawsuit wil require more than just impeaching a robosigner.

IMHO, he would be better off finding out  how to defend in general. Robosigning does not necessarily mean that the document is not valid. I would be first looking at the document  and what it avers. I would be first looking at the conditions precedent, NOD, NOA, service, advertising, recording etc etc first and in a hurry, instead of worrying about possible robosigning and hoping to impeach the signer.

Clutching at possible straws when the lifeboat is beside you makes no sense to me.
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