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ABC news

New Faces Join Homeless Ranks

As the Foreclosure Crisis Continues, More Find Themselves Without Shelter


Time is running out for Tracy Mosely.

homeless families
Homeless families try to keep their belongings dry while waiting for housing placement outside of the emergency overnight shelter intake center in this file photo in New York City. Homeless coalitions say they've seen an increase in homelessness since the foreclosure crisis began. Collapse
(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
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A single mother of five, Mosely is on the brink of homelessness after the house she's rented for a year fell into foreclosure and was sold at auction. Mosely, a part-time restaurant hostess, came up with $500 for a security deposit on another place. But she says all the landlords she's contacted want $1,000 or more.

She doesn't have it.

Lying on her bed in Florissant, Mo., flipping through the newspaper, seeking a place to move her family, Mosely says she's not sure if she has weeks or days before she'll be evicted. She may wind up, she says, in a homeless shelter.

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"My blood pressure is sky-high," she says. "We'll be on the streets. I'm just lost about what to do. We were settled here, this was home, and the kids are looking at me like, 'Mom, please.' I told them I'm doing my best."

Mosely is one of the faces of a national real estate crisis whose most grievous victims are increasingly facing the ultimate fate: homelessness. With more families on the cusp of having nowhere to live, thousands of both former homeowners and renters are winding up in shelters or turning to charities for food or other aid to get by.

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Homeless Children usa?

How many of the Homeless are Youth?

May 9, 2007 · No Comments

How many of the Homeless are Youth?

homeless childThis is taken from a 30 page report by Jan Moore, Unaccompanied and Homeless Youth ,  that I hope you will take the time to read.  

It is one of the ones I posted earlier, but perhaps I can summarize it for you.  

The number of youngsters in the U.S. that go homeless at some time during a year is between 1.3 million and 2.8 million, depending on whether you are just counting kids that go off unaccompanied and living on the streets, or if you also include kids that are part of homeless families.

That is a lot folks.   Too many.   The number of runaway children is between 1 and 1.3 million children each year.  The combined number of runaway/throwaway children is about 1.7 million.  Throwaway children are those forced out of their homes in anger or apathy - they either don’t want them home, or don’t care if they never come back.   Yeah, that’s right.  As much as you and I love our children, there are far too many parents that just don’t care or are even hostile to their kids, maybe even sexually or physically abuse them.

We aren’t talking some third world country here where there are no parents alive to take care of them.  We are talking about our own Unites States.   We have no excuse.

Why do kids go homeless?

  • Family Problems. Family conflict is central for youth because they are usually financially, emotionally, and legally dependent on their families.
  • Economic Problems. For some youth, economic problems may lead to homelessness.  There is a high incidence of parental unemployment.
  • Residential instability is another factor contributing to the homelessness of youths. (includes doubled up conditions, foster care or treatment facilities.)
  • Other influences such as difficulties with school, teachers, peers, delinquency, pregnancy or parenthood, sexual orientation, and behavioral or mental health issues.

Oldtimer’s comment:  Click for All the Homeless Youth articles 

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