Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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National Housing Forum - The Forum on December 3, 2007, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., will once again bring together some of the foremost housing and economic experts to address the most significant housing finance issues facing our nation. For last year's Housing Forum, an archive is available with a web cast, pictures and agenda.

Alright so they did this last year for their 1st annual ever.   Uh,  did they accomplish anything, well nothing that I've seen so far.
But then again I haven't read the minutes yet, will do that later.

if this is an open meeting (public attendance welcome)

Would be nice if we could get the SERVICING HEARD.
Wonder how many of the Servicers will be in Attendance?

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4 justice now

I agree, maybe one or more of the more articulate and/or experienced folks in this group would be willing to attend, assuming that they believed it to be worth the effort.

I'd be willing to contribute some money to help defray their expenses. If each of us here did so, the individual contribution shouldn't be that significant at all.

I'd be more than happy to put my trust in any of the following:
Arkygirl, Blossom, Dee, Gary, Greg, Gumshoe, Joe, Mike, Moose or this site's Moderator.

FWW: I know there are many others here that I would trust as well but these are the first that came to mind.


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 Good calls.

Another good one would be Nye; and yes you're right just about anyone from this board could do the job, but I think it is best left for the Veterans of msfraud.


We really do need to see if this is a Public event, and find out if there is a reservation charge, for attendance.

Would any one of those names mentioned like to go?

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With a Representative from CountryWide, and UBS Discussing, concerns, what is it exactly the OTS hopes to gain?

They will be discussing Predatory Lending, which we know , and the OTS knows it exists, to current date regulations have still not been made to Stop these activities. So what is the point of their Meeting?

They've known of it's existence for years and STILL have not made regulations, that either STOP the PRED. LEND. or hold the Pred Lenders accountable, whence they have committed a fraudulent loan.

Sorry folks the only "NON FORUM" attendees allowed are the following:
"The event will be open to members of the news media."

For further information, please contact Claude Rollin at (202) 906-6634.

An absolute waste of tax payer's funds.
If they want to SOLVE the issues, then they need to have an OPEN forum with Public Attendance allowed, otherwise loans and servicing of will continue to hold Americans and all their buying power hostage.

This was taken from their web page:
The Office of Thrift Supervision, an office of the Department of the Treasury, regulates and supervises the nation's thrift industry. OTS's mission is to ensure the safety and soundness of, and compliance with consumer protection laws (Well, OTS look at America you're not doing your damn job are you? Where is the "soundness" of allowing the Predatory loans to continue? Where is the soundness of allowing the Companies to still run a business illicitly without repercussions? Where is the compliance you the OTS speaks of? WHERE ARE THE WRITTEN RULES, THAT SAY WE WILL WITH-OUT A DOUBT PROSECUTE YOUR COMPANY FOR MISBEHAVIOR AGAINST THE CONSUMER?............OTS, YOU MAKE THOSE RULES AND ENFORCE THEM, THEN AMERICA WOULD SHINE LIKE IT NEVER HAS BEFORE!)
by, thrift institutions, and to support their role as home mortgage lenders  (YES OTS, it's obvious YOU SUPPORT THEM, AND NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.)
and providers of other community credit and financial services. OTS also oversees the activities and operations of thrift holding companies that own or control thrift institutions. (if it is OTS responsibility to oversee Activities, then why are they allowing these companies to continue the paths they have brought AGAINST America? America is faltered because the Mortgage Companies are allowed to defraud America and it's citizens, and the OTS "CONDONES" THEIR BEHAVIORS BY DOING NOTHING ABOUT THEM; & THEIR (OTS') NEGLIGENCE TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.)
Copies of OTS news releases and other documents are available at the OTS web page at

Now give us a real FORUM that might actually accomplish something OTS!
Hold a PUBLIC Forum with borrowers, HUD, and the news-press allowed!!!!!

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I have to admit I am pretty tired of hearing this type of stuff.

It doesn't take another meeting for them to stop predatory lending
or mortgage servicing fraud.

They've got the Fairbanks case to formulate regulations and oversight.

They've got the Ameriquest case to formulate regulations and oversight.

Why do they all behave as though they hearing about this for the first time.

You'd have to be pretty much brain dead not to have heard the cries for help.  We can't stop them because there is no regulation or enforcement
of policies for borrowers to pursue if they are caught in mortgage servicing hell.

Pffff and yawn.

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O -

2nd Annual Mortgage Fraud Conference

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