Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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My wife’s ex is somehow named on the Experian New Homeowners Database as the owner of my house ( family house of over 40 years, deeded to me 4 years ago via Trust). I discovered this after inquiring from many companies where they got their list of names to direct mail their solicitations. They all had purchased their data from the Experian New Homeowners Database. I have run various database searches on him, and he appears to have set himself up with my wife of 15 years, (his ex of over 16 years) in some type of ID manipulation, where she appears as his wife, with his name on various databases. He appears on Zabasearch at my address, but my own wife does not. Over the last few years the data has been changing. He has been aware of my aggressve attempt at discovering how he did this, and otherwise planted his name at my address, as an apprent tactic to harrass, torment, and otherwise destabilize my marriage (I am now in the midst of a divorce!). He appears to be covering his tracks, now that he succeeded in destroying my mnarriage, and ruining me finacially by destabalizing my wife in ways he was alll to aware of how to accomplish.He has a history of forgery and in fact used a forged power of attorney to sell their house while they were married.
The forged power of attorney was easy to see as forged, (and not properly notarized), thus the individuals involved, Real Estate brokers, bankers, attorneys, appraisers were apparently knowing accomplices, and believed they were immune from any legal exposure.
Apparently these were people/firms he used in his government position. They apparently knew they were ‘Protected’ ‘Immune’ from any criminal or civil liabilities.
But this was long ago, and not my issue. However it does go to a pattern, and capacity.
He has also been able to execute some rather elaborate scams over the years, causing havoc in my marriage and to our finances. All with a similar appearance of having a dummy file, or a fraudulent document, and the like set up and used in place of an actual one, and using that as the conduit for his crime(s), and he gets away with it. He would appear to be involved in some type of a racketeering operation. He appears to have ‘protection’. I cannot know.
I have to uncover what method and means he used to commit this act upon my property, and what may lurk under the radar screen in terms of a crime, mortgage fraud, etc, that I cannot know, but am none the less at risk. He is a loan guarantee officer. He must have some serious contacts and appears to believe (and so far has been!) immune from any type of liability, criminal or civil.
I am told, and the Experian New Home Owners database web sight says, that they get their information exclusively from court records, etc, and that this information is bullet proof. The Corporate people I have contacted who purchased their customer list from Experian, are of that belief as well, and were all very shocked, and sympathetic, and very unnerved, even horrified to have been unwitting parties to this, and were apologetic about how traumatic this has been.
Aside from the anguish caused by receiving mail to this guy, as owner of my home (family home never owned outside of my family), from mortgage refinance companies, national Corporate companies of many types, you name it, all naming him as the property owner, even FEMA, it appears he may have taken out a loan on my home, beyond tampering with what would appear to be a secondary file at the court house, or some type of serious misrepresentation at a very deep and covert level. A title search at the court house comes up clean.
Experian tells me that they do not obtain their data for the database by name (thus not via ‘consumer credit’ file, Soc Sec#’s or the like), only ‘property records’, and thus can delete the property, but not his name, and cannot therefore put my name on my property.
I presented this to the FBI, along with a large file on this guy, documents, etc, going back over two decades documenting his activities so as to show his history, and character type, and his apparent MO.
I do not know what they are doing with that data, if anything, and probably will never know. I was told they had no knowledge of the Experian New Home Owners Database, thus of its significance in 'accidentally' revealing a potential mortgage fraud, or ID theft, or some other type of financial crime. He is sophisticated and connected through a VERY powerful attorney. I was told by an individual in the Mortgage and Real Estate business that he took out a fraudulent loan on my house, and conceiled it via a network of co-operatives (I have clear title to my house, no loans/liens), thus no refernce to it at the court house. This certainly would involve tax raud as well, if this is what has occured. He believe he is involved in buying up forceclosure property with his fraudulantly obtained funds using third party fronts. I beleive this in part because of false information refernced on various databases, such as his having differing dates of birth, my wife date of birth reflected as mine, seeming seperate files where my wife is two different individuals, one his wife with his last name, then the other as my wife. Both with very different profiles as to relations, addresses, etc. My wife has a false entry on her Experian Credit report, wherte she lives in another state as what is named as a military household. Her ex apprently placed this data on her credit report at some time, though her date of birht, and soc sec # are incorrrect. My wife has been convinced that I am somehow paranoid, and this is all an innocent situation, and I have been unbalanced in my fear of this guy and what lay in wating down the road where his 'plans' have been concerned. 
He was smart enough to put his name on various mailing lists to obfuscate this, trying to dilute the nature of it, having many mailings to my home. At first blush, it appeared to be a means of harassment, until I started digging deeper into the nature of the mailings, and came to understand, I was dealing with an apparent financial crime, cloaked in a well designed appearance of harassment.
In the mean time, I need help.
I have been told, he is dangerous, however that is another issue.
Can anyone give me serious guidance? 
At this point I need specific direction. No one seems to have any idea how I can PROOVE how he did this, except to say he is ‘he is not operating alone’ and ‘he is dangerous’. The authorities want 'THE NAME OF THE LENDER' he used to defraud me out of my wife and life, peace of mind, and my extreemly high blood pressure. (I am certain he calculated my possibly having a lethal of dibiltaing stroke) I have been unable to obtain the data I need to persue him, including having used an attorney to demand Experian to provide it to me, to no avail. People in the know seen very afrqaid of this, and when they find out he works for the Federal Governement.
I must believe, as I have been making waves for a long time now, he has covered his tracks well at the present time. Howver, I did receive a direcrt mailing addressed to him as the 'owner' of my house yesterday, after a long time of what I thought was the end of that happening.

Oh, on the MERS database, he appears to have discrepancies on what is on the database, and what is filed at the court house, as well as having his name on at least two deeds, where he is named as the debtor along with this goverment agency. He may have taken out hidden loans on his property. I cannot know for sure. I have been unable to find any other deeds where a loan gaurentee officer is a named co debtor on a deed where is was the loan gaurentee officer for the lender/securer.

The DOJ told me to send my documentation to the Secret Service. However, I am burned out on this, and need  I need HELP in preparing to bring this further on.
(I probably need a body guard as well).

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