Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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PAGE 1.well 8 years ago I was self employed my company generated about 1 mill a year I had a credit score of 720 and $130.00.00 in equity in my home ...well since the beginning of our loan its been messed up like the wrong info on my wife ss# occupation & income also my name was not put on the loan when we jointly applied .we were also told that we will be able to get our payments lowered and fix everything after 6 months all lies. well when the time came we wanted to lower our payments and do a refy I wanted to lower my payments and pull 16.000 out of my equity for my  companies insurance .that’s when things got real bad we found out about the pre penalty fees they stopped talking w/me and wouldn’t take my payments well

I was then looking for another mortgage co to take over my loan and got approved for 1 @6% with $40.000.00 cash out by this time I needed it.thats when me and the other mortgage co asked for a payoff we had 6 weeks to get it and complete the signing with the new mortgage co needless to say we never got it (the payoff amount) witch cost me that loan and some of my credit and my company no ins no work the whole time I was getting phone calls like what do we have to do to keep you as a satisfied customer and were working with you to straighten this out ect.i then went  back to ameriquist in braintree ma were we  signed and talked with gineene bland who was very helpful she got me in touch w/the office of the president @amc and once again got me approved for a loan all they had to do @ this point is the paper work through the office of the president now my credit was around 600 the guy justin told gineen in a 3 way  conversation that he  was going to  call me right back is that ok we both said yes .well he called me back 4 hours later 10 minutes before closing and said qoite I didn’t want to say nothing w/that b*tch on the phone but  this company is ripping off everyone that he and a friend that owns a mortgage company are taking all of ameriquist customers  and getting them great loans the people are so happy and that his friend will call me in the morning his friend Greg did call telling me that they have been stealing customers for a while with great results .I then called gineen back and told her what had transpired then I got a phone call from mike Justin’s boss claiming that if I tell him what had transpired he would personally see my loan through so I told him every thing    from the beginning and once I told him what company was stealing the work and who was responsible (Justin)I said that I just wanted to straighten my loan out not get people in trouble that’s when I realized I was on speaker phone and that mike had several employees there listening including Justin who said thanks for throwing me under the bus scumbag I started yelling back saying if you people would just do your job I would have my loan with another co. they all started saying stuff &laughing @me that ill never get a loan there going to take my house ect. when I talked with the a.g's office they were eager to help us only because Romney was running against Patrick for gov Patrick who I just tried to contact only to be told that he cant help me in any way by his assistant so I said what does he do for us citizens anyway and his assistant couldn’t tell me anything the governor does to help people ..Anyway he was on the board of ameriquist (owner) now they don’t really want to talk w/me since that time I was in contact w/a-generals and amc ameriquist who was very interested in helping me before.. I fall into the 325milion lawsuit and that’s great in 5  years but whets going to happen to my family in the meantime I have been in contact with ameriquist this whole time they say there going to make things right and over look credit  score and give me a loan but not my equity I got a letter from a lawyers office saying foreclosure so I called amc they always say don’t    worry about foreclosure I have them on tape saying that & there not doing that then I seen it in the paper still don’t worry its procedure they say then this morning imp taking my mother in-law to the hospital and some guy is in the driveway asking if my house is vacant yet I asked him who he was and he gave me a # with a fake name said that ameriquist sent him out to see if my house  was on the market @ one time I did list my house and was getting offers   Oscar burger @(amc)made me take it off promising me the loan so I can keep it another time to get me away from the attorney generals office Oscar burger sent me a discloser agreement   knocking $93.000.00 off my loan once I got away from the a-g they forgot all about it said it was a second loan for the equity .now they have fired everyone that was supposedly helping me 1 Oscar burger 2 Clyde botzner 3 Rebecca conti they have said in the past that I don’t work with them they cant reach me ect all lies I leave messages for them all the time...they never reported any of this to our credit agency in 2 years till just recently we need help and everyone should know whets happened to us the girl(Sonja sedano) that’s supposedly helping me @amc just told me not to worry about the foreclose again but couldn’t tell me a pay off or what I need to straighten out the loan… I pay close to 4000 a month have no equity & no credit & I did lose my company god bless America .now in march of 07 they called me and said they want to knock off $100.00.00 on my $376.000.00 mortgage if I work with wells fargo to buy them out I said ok when wells fargo wouldn’t call me  or Lisa cavin @ (fcc holdings) back she asked me to find my own guy to bye them out I contacted Jeff blais from (the mortgage group)Jeff got me a mortgage @ $240.000.00 June 2008 and PAGE 2. asked fci &fcc if they will accept that as a payoff they . said no so I called Joe sedano back telling him the loan I went for was approved @ 240 but fcc wont take it he said that he didn’t understand why fcc didn’t have me deal with Dan sweeny the guy that’s been getting all of fcc’s loans that he wanted to call me back he did stating that he has great news Dan sweeny will get the loan done and even better news got fcc to take a payoff of $180.000.00 on my home and sent me a copy of that pay off letter July 16 2008 and I said ok Dan sweeny called me and we got started after a while month or so he thought he had it done through a hard $ lender (eastern bank) eastern bank sent there own appraiser (George Brenner) to look @ the house and my living situation Dan sweeny told eastern Beth Yeager that I moved away from my wife & kids and that I rent to them as an investment property. so eastern denied the loan when they found out I live with my wife & kids I tried to get Beth to do it with me direct and Beth said that she can see I can defiantly afford it BUT with the new laws its impossible to write home owner occupied loans in my state and that ameriquist never reported payments history on my loan so she cant do it. I then went back to Jeff blais with the new payoff $180.000.00  he was mad that they didn’t take the $240.000.00 payoff he had done 1 months prier that he will try and get it done @ 180k and he did try and couldn’t that fcc let it go to long and finally reported late payments as of march of 08 this whole time I tried to get Joe sedano fci & fcc to get my re payment plan done  so I didn’t fall behind they kept telling me that I would be throwing $ out the window because im refinancing .now Im getting threatening letters about foreclose if I don’t come up with $65.000.00 within 90 days. and they don’t call me back .I think they cooked this new scam up to get me to be late again because I was paying 3000 a month on time and they make $ off the tarp currently waiting to hear from citi bank it’s been a week now and there not calling me back. they are one of the banks that got some of the bail out  $ from obama and it turns out there the ones that hold my mortgage this whole time? They say that fcc are my investors?..........ALL I WANT IS THEM TO HONOR THE $180.000.00 PAYOFF AND SET PAYMENTS TO THAT EFFECT…..  I don’t understand how they can get away with all this crap over the years if I rip someone off on a car it goes to court and they get 3 fold when they prove there case . but on a home you can prove the mortgage vultures wrong and nobody does nothing makes no sense I caught them ripping me off over the years and proved it and I can still now .but yet they get away with it .im a guy that caught them lying on the original app and can afford my payment .. They just never straightened it out and don’t have to answer to no one.3/2/09 CALLED CITY  GAVE THEM THE ACCT # FROM FCI AND THEY HAD NO RECORD GAVE THEM MY SS# MY LOAN CAME UP AS FORCLOSED ALL READY STEVE EMPLOYEE #SS25554 ASKED ME TO HOLD ON SOMETHING IS WRONG CAME BACK ON SAID THAT CITI TOOK OVER MY LOAN 2/14/09 LOAN #’S 0152392700 & 0152374864 AND THAT FCC WAS INSTRUCTED TO SEND CITI MY PAPER WORK BUT DIDN’T YET THAT  ACC  IS MY INVESTER AND THEY HIRED FCI THE SERVICING COMPANY I CALLED THEM AND SPOKE WITH ANDY THERE HE SAID THAT HE WILL NOTE THE ACCT BUT WOULDN’T TELL ME IF ITHEY WILL RELEASE MY INFO TO CITI ON THE PHONE WITH CITI AGAIN THERE SAYING THAT THEY PUT IN FOR MY PAPERWORK  TO BE SENT TO THEM AGAIN AND HAVENT GOT A REPLY FROM ACC OR FCI THAT FCI IS PROBLY HOLDING ON TO IT BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE $$ IF IT GETS FORCLOSED BUT WONT MAKE $$ IF THEY  SEND IT TO CITI WHO OWNS ITCITI IS TELLING ME THAT IT TAKES UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR THEM TO GET MY PAPER WORK AND A SUPERVISOR IS TRYING TO GET ITI SAID WELL WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY DON’T SEND IT & CAN THEY CALL JOE SEDANO AND TELL HIM TO BACK OFF THAT CITI OWNS THE LOAN NOW AND WILL BE WORKING WITH ME AS SOON AS THEY GET MY PAPER WORK ,CITI SAID THAT I JUST HAVE TO WAIT & THAT THEY CANT REWRITE MY LOAN UNTILL THEY GET THE HISTORY  FROM FCI IT IS MY FEAR THAT FCI & ACC DONT HAVE IT  well citi is going to contact joe sedano today and demand the paper work and tell fci that they have our loan now and to back off and stop forcloser  or contacting me /sending me letters & citi will call me back within 3 days

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All I can say is I wish you the best of luck!

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Contact this attorney he fights foreclosures in Mass:

Calm down give him the facts see if he can help.

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did he help you?
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 ACC  IS MY INVESTER AND THEY HIRED FCI THE SERVICING COMPANY I CALLED THEM AND SPOKE WITH ANDY THERE HE SAID THAT HE WILL NOTE THE ACCT BUT WOULDN’T TELL ME IF ITHEY WILL RELEASE MY INFO TO CITI ON THE PHONE WITH CITI AGAIN THERE SAYING THAT THEY PUT IN FOR MY PAPERWORK  TO BE SENT TO THEM AGAIN AND HAVENT GOT A REPLY FROM ACC OR FCI THAT FCI IS PROBLY HOLDING ON TO IT BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE $$ IF IT GETS FORCLOSED BUT WONT MAKE $$ IF THEY  SEND IT TO CITI WHO OWNS ITCITI IS TELLING ME THAT IT TAKES UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR THEM TO GET MY PAPER WORK AND A SUPERVISOR IS TRYING TO GET ITI SAID WELL WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY DON’T SEND IT & CAN THEY CALL JOE SEDANO AND TELL HIM TO BACK OFF THAT CITI OWNS THE LOAN NOW AND WILL BE WORKING WITH ME AS SOON AS THEY GET MY PAPER WORK ,CITI SAID THAT I JUST HAVE TO WAIT & THAT THEY CANT REWRITE MY LOAN UNTILL THEY GET THE HISTORY  FROM FCI IT IS MY FEAR THAT FCI & ACC DONT HAVE IT  well citi is going to contact joe sedano today and demand the paper work and tell fci that they have our loan now and to back off and stop forcloser  or contacting me /sending me letters & citi will call me back within 3 days…04-08-2009 well im on the phone on hold now 40 minutes with citi they say they got my paperwork from 07 i told them that i got my PAGE 3.orignal loan in 2000 they put me on hold  i also told them i can afford my mortgage & want to pay but fci lending services wont release all my paper work that i want to straighten this out today regardless that they offered me a currant payoff of$180.000.00 and i want to do this that i made $180.000.00 last year per my taxes my house is still worth $240000 per the appraisle in nov 08 and i want this done my lawyer wants to sue them all and have me not pay at all ..but i bought the house @ 266000 and the new payoff of 180000 will sufise for all the wrong doing they came back on telling me theres nothing they can do unless i get fci & acc to release  my loan to them and send in all of my paper work i said what if they cant because they dont have it he says they dont know .that i should just wait isaid im done waiting if you hold my loans and are part of the bail out you need to call acc & fci and tell them that were working thing out and there fired to leave there (citi) customer alone is my beleif that they dont have my paper work .citi came back on the phone and said they sent out a email to fci joe sedano saying that they want all my info and a release from them and got a reply saying that fci is the servicing company on mr grants loan thats it im calling acc now to tell them that citi needs them to fire fci now the c*nt from acc debbie says that cati dont own it and there going to forclose on it because they never told me to not pay they dont do repay plans THAT JOE SEDANO NEVER SAID THAT
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Most attorneys are not capable of bringing a suit against a servicer.  He is one attorney from Mass who does these types of cases, and I also listed below another.

I have communicated with him. I cannot comment about my case and whether he is helping me or not. You should not be posting case details here as the other side can read them since this is a public forum.

Check out his blog:
He is filing suits against servicers

Also try Gary Klein:

The Ag office and the gov have no interest in helping consumers despite what they put out in press releases. Mr Patrick within the first few months of his term after being elected governor made a call and essentially brokered the deal to have citit buy ameriquest since he formerly sat on ameriquests board. This major conflict of interest was reported at the time but nothing has been done about it.

These are 2 attorneys who can help since they do these lkinds of cases. Contact them and see if they can help you.  

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Please contact these attorneys, they are your only chance for help, we are on our own, as I said the gov has no interest in helping you.

I went through the same thing in 2004 (servicing fraud -> illegal foreclosure). I was waiting like Al Bundy waits for his wife to bring him a pizza, for help from the gov. I filed complaints contacted all the websites for the senators and congresspeople, the AG office no response except a form letter from the AG about a month later telling me to get an attorney.

I have seen people on here over the years since then experiencing the same thing - servicing fraud is not recognized as a crime by the gov, it is how the servicers do business with the govs help. The banking lobby is very strong so strong that they essentially own the gov and are rewarded for their stealing.

Despite the appearance of helping or saying they want to help stop foreclosures they still continue, they design the foreclosure help programs so only a very few meet the conditions. If they really wanted to stop them they would.

We are on our own. Get an attorney who does these kinds of cases. There are some good judges in Mass., (Rosenthal, Feeney) who are following Judge Boyko in OH and Judge Schack in Brooklyn NY (produce the original note or dismiss due to lack of standing) who may be able to help. You need an attorney to access the judges.

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one of those lawyers never called me back and the other one wouldnt listensaid he has no time for new clients

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Try contacting them with an email including the info below and following up with a phone call:

basic timeline with dates:

loan applied for and application

good faith estimate

hud 1 form

closing docs

servicing transfers

payment history

records of conversations and letters from servicer

You may be able to refinance into a safe loan:

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) and over thirty participating NCRC member organizations in Arizona, Ohio and New York launched the National Homeownership Sustainability Fund (NHSF) in October 2001 to help refinance predatory or problematic loans secured by real estate. NHSF assists families that hold high-risk mortgages or have experienced a change in financial circumstances that undermines their ability to repay. The Fund also aids senior citizens who have refinanced their homes with high-cost mortgages. The program was originally made possible by a $25 million funding and underwriting commitment from HSBC-North America. Other sponsors include Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Genworth, GMAC Mortgage, The Heron Foundation, Lehman Brothers and SPS Servicing.

The National Homeownership Sustainability Fund addresses foreclosure prevention through the following services:

Provides default and foreclosure counseling and financial education

Intervenes with lenders or servicers to restructure and work out loans; modifications may include eliminating abusive note terms, reducing of interest rates, and securing a delay or stay in foreclosure proceedings

Mitigates inflated appraisals by lowering outstanding principle amounts

Offers affordable refinancing options with low interest, no points and no fees

Assists member organizations in private enforcement of consumer rights

Eligibility and Process

Low- to moderate-income homeowners have priority for NHSF, but there are no set minimum or maximum income limits, distinguishing the program from those offered by the many legal service and other non-profit providers. Borrowers may enter the program through NCRC's member organizations, other non-profit organizations, our "Don't Borrow Trouble" participating agencies, be referred by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or their lender or mortgage servicer, or may contact NCRC directly. NCRC is a HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agency.

Loan refinancing is available through NCRC and its member organizations nationwide. Eligible properties are generally 1-4 unit owner occupied residential structures, condominiums or planned unit developments (PUDs). All properties must be owner-occupied, primary residences. Currently, there are eight full time trained, skilled professional mortgage advisors who provide counseling as well as work directly with servicers and lenders to refinance a loan. Homeowners call NCRC directly or are referred by HUD or a member organization. Member organizations prescreen homeowners and provide budget counseling. NCRC's Mortgage Advisors interview and decide with the homeowner the best course of action. Refinancing a loan takes about 30-45 days to underwrite. Intervention and mediation with existing lenders can take from 30 days to six months.

NCRC member organizations provide comprehensive counseling to homeowners in conjunction with ongoing financial education. They secure copies of all documents associated with the loan origination and assist homeowners to provide or locate missing or excluded information. Member agencies that provide loan counseling for pre-qualified fund applicants are compensated at a rate agreed upon by NCRC and the member.

Loan Refinance Characteristics

Loans may have any one or more of the following conditions:

15-year, 20-year and 30-year mortgages with 3%-7% fixed interest rates

Flexible credit standards and no credit scores

No points, closing costs or prepayment penalties

Up to 100% loan-to-value refinances

Escrow for property taxes and insurance

Total debt ratio up to 45% (net disposable income may apply)

Possible cash out up to $10,000 or 10% of loan for debt consolidation

Loans sufficient to payoff mortgage debt, possible delinquent real estate taxes or other related mortgage debt

No changes in original title

No closing on a loan in an active bankruptcy

No insurance or side loans


The NHSF has assisted over 5,000 borrowers and estimates it has preserved $500 million in home equity. The NHSF is unique in that assistance exceeds counseling alone. After receiving counseling, many borrowers remain unprepared to engage successfully in the detailed and sophisticated conversation required to rework and refinance a loan. NCRC helps the borrower manage the process.

Beyond assisting families in restructuring their loans, the NHSF provides insight into details that were previously unavailable regarding unfair and deceptive lending practices. This information gained through individual loan files has contributed to NCRC policy recommendations for new legislation, improved regulation and potential lawsuits. Formal complaints filed to HUD have benefited millions of homeowners.

For further information visit .




 Other links to use to find an attorney:

How to Get Legal Assistance

Find a legal services office in your state: Legal Services Corporation

Find a consumer advocate: National Association of Consumer Advocates

Find a consumer bankruptcy attorney: National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Hire a lawyer: American Bar Association

Energy and utility questions: National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates

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I checked foreclosure defense fraud predatory lending fraudulent foreclosure and their database showed these 2 names:



Name Organization City, State


Top of Form 1

Bottom of Form 1

Ryan Law, LLC Acton, MA


Top of Form 2

Bottom of Form 2

Deborah G. Roher, Attorney at Law Fall River, MA




First Name:



Last Name:



Ryan Law, LLC


481 Great Rd














Areas of Practice:

• Lemon Law (new car)
• Lemon Law (used car)
• Liquidation of Debts (Chapter 7)
• Improvements or Repairs

Mortgage / Real Estate
• Broker Scams
• Predatory Lending


First Name:



Last Name:



Deborah G. Roher, Attorney at Law


56 N. Main St. #413, PO Box 2984


Fall River







(508) 672-1383


(508) 672-1074



Areas of Practice:

• Fraud or Deception
• Lemon Law (new car)
• Lemon Law (used car)
• Sales or Financing Scams
• Service Contracts
• Supplemental Insurance (theft, "gap", life, disability, etc.)
• Unfair Practice
• Liquidation of Debts (Chapter 7)
• Reorganization of Debts (Chapter 13):
• Account Errors
• Debt Defense
• Deceptive Credit Offers
Credit Cards
• Billing Errors and Disputes
• Fees, Interest Rates
• Fraudulent Charges, Unauthorized Use
Credit Reports
• Credit Repair Scams
• Debt Reduction Scams
• Inaccurate, Incorrect or Obsolete Information
• Unauthorized Use (privacy invasion)
Debt Collection
• Collection Lawsuit Defense
• Debt Already Paid
• Debt Reduction Scams
• False Information
• Harassment and Abuse
• Letters and Telephone Calls
• Not My Debt

• Improvements or Repairs
• Coverage or Benefits Denial
• Lender Imposed
• Landlord-Tenant
• Other
• Personal, Check-Cashing or Payday
• Tax Refund Anticipation
Mortgage / Real Estate
• Appraisal Scams
• Broker Scams
• Closing, Settlement and Title Rip-offs
• Collection and Payment Problems
• Foreclosure Defense
• Fraud
• Fraudulent Foreclosure, Foreclosure Rescue Scams
• Predatory Lending
Sales Practices, Fraud or Deception
• Advertising
• Other
• Products
• Services
Student Loans
• Colleges and Universities
• Technical and Vocational Schools
• Electricity
• Gas


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I then selected Mass and no criteria and I got these results:




City, State

Top of Form 1

Bottom of Form 1

Ryan Law, LLC

Acton, MA

Top of Form 2

Bottom of Form 2

Law Office of Yvonne W. Rosmarin

Arlington, MA

Top of Form 3

Bottom of Form 3

Roddy Klein & Ryan

Boston, MA

Top of Form 4

Bottom of Form 4

Deborah G. Roher, Attorney at Law

Fall River, MA

Top of Form 5

Bottom of Form 5

Oney Law Office

Fitchburg, MA

Top of Form 6

Bottom of Form 6

Community Service Network, Inc.

Stonehaven, MA


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