Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hello Ms Forum.

I know this forum is being watched by the crooked mortgage servicers,so I will not mention my mortgage servicers name,nor mine.I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy several years ago,to keep my home and during this time I have done my homework etc.During the course of my bankruptcy my BK Trustee has been sending in my monthly mortgage and it was arranged that he payed it one month ahead of time so the mortgage servicer could not charge late fees etc.

Every year during my case my Trustee has sent me a periodical showing how much he has payed and to whom along with the balance owed to them.I decided to meet with my BK Attorney and let him know that I feared the mortgage servicer had been doing their crooked deeds even while I was in the bankruptcy.He forced them through the court to send him a payment history of our account since they first started servicing our mortgage.

During my bankruptcy I have maintained my own property insurance without a lapse in coverage.Lo and behold the servicer was forcing placed insurance on me during my case even while I had my own insurance and the servicer had proof of this yet ignored the proof and was taking it out of my Trustees monthly payment and charging me late charges during my case.My Attorney went back through the payment history with a fine tooth comb and found 60 mistakes made by my mortgage servicer.My Attorney sent them a letter pointing out each mistake and told them to correct it and refund me the money for force placed insurance or he would bring legal action against them in front of a Federal Judge.

The servicer did just that and applied all money sent to them which greatly lowered my principle balance.I have completed my BK Case and am waiting on my discharge papers and am still under the Automatic Stay protection and my Trustee notified me to start sending my payments to the servicer once again,which I will do one week ahead of the due date.I owe under 4 years on my mortgage.My BK Attorney told me that since I dont have that far to go and my filing was not under the new law that I qualified to refile with his firm and could pay-off my mortgage through the bankruptcy system that would be stamped payed in full by a Federal Judge and I can arrange it to be payed off in 30 months.My BK Attorney knows it will be impossible for me to pay them directly without them robbing me and taking my home.

I have the errors my Attorney found by the servicer and the payment history of where the servicer received all of my payments on time and yet the servicer posted them after the 15 day grace period.I also have a letter from the servicer where it said my payments could be raised or lowered due to my mortgage being an adjustable rate.My original mortgage closing papers is a fixed rate.

Also my original documents filed at my local Court house matched with the faxed over documents by the servicer clearly has a forged notary signature with a forged signature by the original loan officer.The squiggle marks signed from the original to the servicers faxed ones are as different as day is from night and was not done at the same time.

Well this is my situation and if you are in a bankruptcy with your mortgage beware,because they will cheat you even under your bankruptcy.

Thank you all.

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Is your attorney a graduate of Max Gardner's bankruptcy bootcamp?  He goes after the violations you have described and wins fines and fees.  Check it out!
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The Equitable One
Congratulations. It sounds like you have been able to hold and fight them off.

It seems very fortunate you can file another 13 and pay off the remaining balance under that protection. All here know "they" are relentless in their many deceptions and frauds and given any opportunity will perpetrate more of such in an effort to rob you.

As the previous poster mentioned there may yet be a way to go after them for their misdeeds. Were I in your position I'd be pressing counsel to do exactly that.

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Thank you for the comments.Yes being fortunate enough to file another chapter 13 and pay off my under $20,000.00 mortgage within the next 4 years will be a blessing.I have been on the property for 38 years and my wife 22 years and to see the crooks take it by fraud would be like watching someone shoot and kill your mother while standing by powerless.

I do plan to seek out another Attorney and drag them into small claims court for the Attorney fees I had to pay to get them to fix their mistakes and the pain and suffering,am I right to do so?They have made our lives as miserable as life can get I promise,all the while our Government represenatives gets payed big money for their campaigns,so the predatory mortgage crooks can rape and rob Americans.True many have fell behind on their mortgages and it gave them a reason to rob them more.

What about the ones who pay their mortgages on time and the crooks sit back and post the payments after the grace period and due date and then demand the money or take their homes?

What if their hidden fees are not mentioned in the contract,do they have a right to collect them or take our homes ?

I live in a state where it is a Judicial Foreclosure guidlines they have to go by.This gives the little man a chance to show the Judge whether they are behind or not.

I am thankful for a website that is fighting for us along with the information here.WOW.

Thank you all.

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Go to , to see the problems of fake assignments, fake notes fabricated by Foreclosure Mills 

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#1.In my Mortgage contract it says that a late fee of 5% percent of the payment can be charged after the 15 day grace period if a payment I make is late.A letter I found from the servicer says the note is late one day after the due date and every day thereafter.This is not contractural,but fraud in my opinion along with their bogus hidden fees etc that I dont find my contract giving them the power to do.

Example:My note is say $600.00 a month and I am late and do get a late charge tacked on,is this right $600.00 plus a 5% of the payment added = $630.00 is this right?

They wanted almost $1,700.00 for one so-called late payment a few years ago.How do they figure this? since over $1,700.00 is not the $600.00 payment plus a 5% percent of the monthly payment charged?

Any advice on the above comment?

#2.In a Respa Request to my servicer in their responce to me the servicer claim`s that someone else is the note holder Successor by Merger solely in its capacity as Trustee under pooling and Servicing Agreement and another loan asset backed certificate outfit and to contact the originator of the loan for inquiries reguarding the origination of the loan.

Also as the original mortgage papers and note as filed in my local court house matched with copies my servicer faxed to me a few years ago the title agent squiggle signature marks are completely different as is the original notary signature is.Anyone can look at these signatures and tell they are forged.

Any Advice on the above?

Any help you give is deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much.


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I have been going over my closing documents when my loan was closed years ago.I have two sets of truth in lending discloser statements for the same mortgage one document has completely different annual percentage rate-finance charge-amount financed-and total of payments,but the same monthly payment.In the year i financed this mortgage these documents, one is dated say for monday and the other tuesday of that month and year,but completely different figures on how much will be payed back etc.

This is getting real suspicious.

Any advice on this one?

Thank you a bunch.

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