Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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How do I check out an auditor I would like to use but am not into trusting people anymore, been burnt by lender and don't want to get taken again.

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It sort of depends on what you are going to do with the "auditor" report.

Or do you need a Forensic CPA?

If you want to use it for court, make sure they have the credentials and experience levels you need.

type auditor into your web browser and read the various web sites you will find.

Same for forensic certified public accountant.

You will get an idea for industry standards and see if this person you are
considering meets and beats minimum requirements.

When you have one of the scammers, it is a smart thing to have someone
with credentials to track the mortgage repayment process.  It shouldn't cost an arm or a leg.

Make a list of questions to ask this person.

What experience does this person have with mortgages?

Tailor the questions to fit your needs. 

Do they have a relationship with the lender in question?

Make a list so that you don't forget to ask an important question.

None of these things would be free as I am sure you are aware.

If you are just wanting to track the repayment process, you could
consider using a mortgage calculator which you can find on the web
and use for free.

It will ask for the total amount of the loan, number of years of the loan
and your interest rate.  Plug those items into the calculator, press enter
and you will get the proper calculations of both amounts paid and amounts
left to pay for principal and interest.

Before all the scammers appeared on the scene, Money Magazine reported
that approximately 33% of mortgage loans had errors in the calculations.

I can't even imagine what the rate would be now.

If you are planning on using these calculations for a court case, then you
must ask if they have experience testifying in court.

The forensic part of this means that person is capable of preparing a
report that would be acceptable to the courts as evidence.

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Your in a difficult place to be. It's truly hard in today's society to know who is telling the truth or not. Do you have an clue as to how bad you've been swindled? I've asked people across the nation about help.

All to be mislead by most. I had considered hiring people to help us besides the bankruptcy atty we had hired. A lot of attorney's tried to mislead us. Even some good intentioned people did as well.

1st main point how do you think you were burned by lender?
Was it at origination? Mine started there just as an example. The more knowledge I gained by asking questions the some people want different amounts to help. The more help I could get for free the better. Then I read my booty off. Here and in actual cases filed in the courts thru Pacer.

Most of us here if you have any idea as to how bad they truly tried to rip you off can probably help you. Your right to not TRUST most.

But the way I do it is by doing GOOGLE searches on names of companies and officers. Running them thru the Sec of State. Maybe look at ripoff report.Usually a google search under a companies name will show if they've had any negative responses posted about them anywhere. Maybe even by typing company name then put real or scam may pick up things as well. Telephone number reversals thru I've found tells things as well. Another thing that sometimes works is putting the telephone number they advertise with into goggle this may help as well.

Anyone can put up a website with an address...A few months back I was trying to figure out if some principals we were attempting to do business with were indeed real or fake wannabe oil sellers. White pages reviewed the office number they used went to like a big office corp building that leased office space. Then the address reversal we did on the website they gave told us they actually had their bills going to a mailboxes etc.

Then if someone really was a PRINCIPAL with true bulk oil allocations we figured well we'll check real estate records. This revealed one principal actually lived in a small rental home and owned no property at all...I know if I had that kind of money I'd own something of value especially my home.

The other principal ended up owning their own home but had property taxes due.Basically what we found out was that they were lying. As even though this princpal owned their own home if they were rolling in money they wouldn't have taxes due on home or they would of had a much more expensive home paid for. So we had to say bye bye.

I'm not sure where your located or how in depth you think their fraud runs. But I would be looking for a GOOD CONSUMER PROTECTION ATTY. As anyone else I don't think will be able to help you enough UNLESS it's us HERE. As other's WILL BOLDFACE LIE TO YOU.

As most others will not be interested in anything but the fees they can make from you. But all of us here will do our best to help if you have questions or clues about what your up against.

In my case I was looking to do a HELOC. Instead we were told we had to refinance our first mortgage what we regrettably did. As this was the 1st time since purchase we were attempting to take out any type of financing.

So we went from a 7% fixed rate to being screwed with a 2 yr arm, 2 yr prepymt penalty, and a YSP that'll probably cost us an extra $40,000-$60,000 over the life of our loan. Then as well for some reason they made our new first mortgage a purchase money mortgage instead of a refi.

All the attorneys I spoke to in person tried to tell me there's nothing wrong with the docs...Well after being on here and reading cases I was able to put together my own complaint without an attorney. My complaint so far has effectively stopped foreclosure on my home.

To me we all put our pants on the same way. We all end up having issues in our lives. Does this mean we're supposed to be lied to and possibly have our homes stolen? No!

You will probably need to find out about your COMMON LAW rights. Understand the U.S.C. and FDCPA. Not word for word or verbatim but enough to understand they are good DEFENSES that they don't want to be called on the rug for. Attorney's and mortgage companies are everyday putting their livelihoods on the line to lie and foreclose and are trying to hide the truth.

 Especially when they're requested to show ownership by possession of the promissory note their attempting to collect or foreclose on you for. Not just a copy of the created debt instruments as usually allowed. True ownership is shown by possession of the actual  instruments you signed not copies.

Usually by Fed Rules of Procedure COPIES are allowed. But in today's age none of them can be trusted! If they run after your complaint you know they can't produce them.

Maybe the best thing to do is put up the name of the company your thinking of using and we'll all dig with you to see if there's any true success stories that they've accomplished for people or failure stories where people have been ripped off by them.

Best of Luck!


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