Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Face it.  The new reality is that the traditional mortgage is obsolete.  Nobody can sign a document, promising to make a specific payment on an exact date every month for 30 years!!!

The average job in private industry lasts 3 years!  Permananent employment is non-existent nowadays.

Answer:  3,5,7 year housing contracts.

More to come.
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4 Justice Now

You are so very right! Also, what possible advantage could there be in entering into a contract when you are the only party that will adhere to its terms, and nobody is willing to hold the other party/parties accountable?

Besides, it makes little sense to invest in something that can be stolen and/or extorted from you at anytime, simply because someone wishes to obtain the equity that you worked for so very hard. Especially, when they are aided & abetted by our own government. 


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4 Justice Now
Unfortunately, I'm afraid JUSTICE has also become obsolete for everyone except the wealthy of this nation.

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EQUITY is an illusion of the past.  Now that HVCC is in effect, third parties can't carry a pet appraiser and inspector in their hip pocket, so investors won't be looking at real estate any more for those quick, obscene profits.

Gone are the days of flipping, buying a property for 400k one day and selling it for 600k a week later was only possible with appraisers and now appraisers are obsolete.

Real estate is not and never has been a market.  Supply and demand have minimal impact on pricing and if appraisers can't inflate prices, they'll continue to decline until they reach equilibrium with stagnant incomes and real estate will no longer be the hottest commodity for the get rich quick set.
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4 Justice Now

That may very likely be true, but they'll simply find a another way to screw the public out of their hard earned money, as long as those in power allow them to do so, and the lobbyist's will assure to that. Therefore, they MUST be removed no matter what it takes!

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This is so true you guys!

So when is the rest of the country going to figure this out?


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The Equitable One
When the dust settles, and it is too late.

I'm not any smarter than anyone else. I'm just an early victim and was fortunate to have access to some information. But then, I'm also a bit on the dysfunctional side of things and insist beyond most peoples reason on integrity, honesty, justice.

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Knows About Mortgages
The mortgage has been around for over five hundred years.  It will survive this crisis.

The self-amortizing mortgage has been around for onlyabout a century.  It was a vast improvement over the previous interest only, balloon model with a short five year term.  The self-amortizing mortgage will also survive just fine.

The deed of trust is overly oppressive.  It should probably be legislatively OUTLAWED.  Those in deed of trust states ought to be making this a serious political issue.

The mortgage securitization model has some rather serious deficiencies.  The current appraisal model also has many deficiencies.  Congress also needs to REPEAL the legislation that gives the three major rating agencies a monopoly on grading investments suitable for ownership by certain fiduciaries and trusts.  The complacency of this monopoly franchise helped to facilitate the current crisis.  

Congress also needs to BAN all prepayment penalies for residential mortgages.  Prepayment penalties are oppressive, stiffle competition and tend to hold borrowers to oppressive, non-competive conditions, after being originally defrauded.

There are also a variety of fraudulent practices of mortgage servicers that need to be BANNED and borrowers need to be given a private right of action to sue servicers who violate their duties. 

The proposition of "3,5,7 year housing contracts" is utter nonsense.  The MATH doesn't work.

Housing reforms enacted during the Great Depression were real and durable.  It was the corruption of those reforms by FNMA and Wall Street during the Clinton administration that brought about the current crisis.  And the Bush administration was largely asleep at the wheel as Clinton holdovers drove the bus over a cliff, precipitating the current socialist takeover. 
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4 Justice Now

The Bush administration was largely asleep at the wheel?

No way! they were well aware of what was going on and choose to do nothing for a very obvious reason. That said politicians from both parties were/are equally at fault and should be removed from public office. 
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There is someone that believes in JUSTICE. And everyone is going to answer to him. Just because this old system is full of injustice does not mean that justice will not prevail in the end. Check your Bibles. Their money will not buy their way our of Gods furry.

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