Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hi This is actually Kathy,
The lady from Stl. I've told you about the horrible things with my 2nd mortgage not knowing who owns my note. Well I've found out it just gets better.
In reviewing my documents for my 1st mortgage I found out I got hit with a YSP-Yield Spread Premium--or a Lender Kickback on my loan to the originating officer...So for a $135,000 loan this guy got like $2,000 in the front and like $2100 on the backside from lender based on how he setup our loan...
Which to me seems like an awful lot...I was at like a 7% fixed and now I know I have an adjustable arm...had a two yr prepymnt penalty, and now found out after all this if this person is good to help I got informed the following...
That they would suggest I refile a chp 13-Then some type of adversarial they could file would take it out of bankruptcy court and into state court here in MO...Going after lender now Ameriquest/Citi...This crap just keeps getting better....
They want $6,800 to do this. The name of the company is
National Associated Services
5348 Vegas Drive #557
Las Vegas, NV 89108-2347

Ran by a Ken DeLashmutt
But now where to come up with this money. I ended up speaking to my atty again and he thinks I should convert to a chp7 and either walk away or try to work things out with Citi/Chrysler.
But I'm also told by this Ken that taking them to state court may mean I may be able to get justice...But $6800 seems like an awful lot to not know if someone can actually perform....
I've done a google search on this company and havent found nothing but several postings by Ken. He seems very intelligent but who knows?
How can I find out where my notes are thru state or sec sources? Anyone know?
So I'm really blown away by what I should do next.
spaz 1968
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Moderator, if this post puts you or this site at risk please remove this post of mine. thank you.


We're glad you are doing research and finding the problems.

Let's talk about Ken DeLashmutt

He is a Foreclosure Help  Company.

There have been discussions on this board before about his services, and others.
First I would find out if anyone here has been helped by him, or others.
$6800.00 is alot of money.

Is he a good guy? Are they good companies? I dont know! He could be! They could be!
and it could turn out that he and they are only trying to profit off of other peoples misery.

Let's have a discussion now.


Good luck Kathy,

You can contact attorneys in your area. It might take you a while before you find the right one. But you'll know it in your heart once you find him/her.

NOTE: this is only based upon, wanting to know how we can help ourselves, not to discredit the livelyhood of others, by defaming or anything else of the sort. Simply trying to help ourselves. Thank you.
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Don't fall for it. There isn't anything they can do that you can't do yourself.

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Well.... how do I organize myself...This is all a bad nightmare.


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Joe B

     What have you done to get organized? A number of us have provided a number of very specific things for you to do. So, let's start with those, and let us know what you have done, and we can advise you on our thoughts of what is left to be done.

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spaz1968 wrote:
Well.... how do I organize myself...This is all a bad nightmare.

Yeah, I know it is. We all know it is.
Get out your phone book, and start Off with

You've got phone calls to make.

You need to talk with each group of Attorneys to see what they can do for you.

We've already told you to contact the above 3 types.
Have you?

Keep looking until you find the one you like.
Write his/her name down in your note book, and their phone number and put 5 stars next to it if you like them.

Then call another attorney.

You are looking for the one YOU KNOW WILL DO THE JOB!!!!!

When you can tell they are getting aggrevated about the entire ordeal, that is usually a sign that you've got the right one.

When you can hear it in their voice that they are Ticked at the SERVICER, (and not you, for trying to explain it) then there ya go!
He gets 5 stars!!!!
Then ask what kind of fees he is looking for, and Ask if he is willing to work on a contingency basis. You may luck up and get that!

But still don't stop there, keep calling more, until you know....... in your heart which one to go with.

Get to work. It's hard, frustrating, and rough. But you have to get busy now.
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1) Get a copy of your mortgage from the Probate Judge and the copy you

2) Write any differences down

3) Write a RESPA letter (send certified)

4) Get your cancelled checks in order

5) Ask for a payment history and compare against your checks (even though what they post is not accurate)

6)  Don`t expect to be able to work things out with any of the companies that are involved in this mess

7) Don`t talk to people on the phone...get everything in writing

8) Kee anything that is sent to you...even the envelopes

9) Get a binder and get your papers organized so if you need something you can have it right in front of you.


The reason you want to do some of these things is because you might find other problems once you start to check your mortgage on file very carefully.  Look at signatures, amounts of charges anything that seems strange.  If you are having problems in just one area of your mortgage, you probably have them in other ares that you haven`t checked. These are somethings you can do yourself and then decide if you need more help.
I know what you mean about CITI/Amerqiest/Deustche/???...same company as me.
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