Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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The falling stock value of MGIC has large interests in Wall Street feeling the heat of coming investigations from the what they refer to as the "Sub-Prime" Crisis, those of us that have been out here a while, know that this is not a "Sub Prime Crisis" but a large "Criminal Scheme" to defraud individuals from the equity of their homes by using various  legal and illegal methods.  We have exposed many here on this site.
Thousands have already lost their job because of this, who are we going to blame?  and who are they going to blame?
Thousands here in Wisconsin are about to loss their jobs because of this, many with MGIC, Banks like US Bank, and others are on the short list of those facing job loss here, because of the greed and misconduct of  few individuals.  Its not like this could have been averted.  It could have been. No!  The very directors and officers like in the Savings and Loan Crisis have exposed themselves to personal liability through their corporate counsels of Litton Loan, CBASS, and MGIC.  Several times Litton Loan was asked to explain its business relationships, and owners, they lied!  As in the response to BOB SCHMIDT in KY, Litton Loan's lawyers Lied! not once, but several times.  In responses in UT, Litton Loan General Counsel Lied! and mislead the court with their respons's.  In CA, Litton Loan general counsel lied again! when not producing the POOLING AND SERVICING AGREEMENTS, then produced one that the defendant was not in, but in a thinly veiled attempt to say she was.  (two Litton loan lawyers) were sent up for sanctions, its unknown the outcome of those proceedings.
CBASS's general counsel, works with the Litton General Counsel on nearly every litigating, they are clearly aware of RADAR!!!! yet deny it exists!!!!  I guess they forgot that the Audits and SEC over site mention RADAR, as an enhanced internet computer technology driven to identify problems of individuals and morgtage holders, it contains a huge data base of various public information including credit information, health information etc. 
MGIC, being parent company to these, most likely will be held legally accountable for their wrong doing, and in the end by held responsible for loss's and injuries.  The Officers and Directors of MGIC face the future of personal litigation and exposure, this was the case with the savings and loan crisis.  I recall an old very good friend of mine, a lawyer and somewhat of a mentor when i was in the insurance business, We were also a market for D&O insurance.  He was retanied by the Resolution Trust as an expert in D&O insurance, on a number of times we discussed various litigaton issues, however it always came back to the same, THERE IS NO COVERAGE FOR FRAUD! 

We are now but a few months away from the filings of D&O cases, many more companies will not be here or around, more will have to file chapter 11 for protection.  For some, chapter 11 will not protect them from direct litigaiton as an Officer or Director. 
The recent infusion of what we call "huge" amounts of cash are but an attempt to cover the ass of the mule from becoming dinner!  It is no way sufficent, or even close to stabalizing the credit markets.  Begin thinking 3 -5 Trillion!!!  
Now lets get the states, and federal goverment going on who designed this and caused this!!! Most of the names have already been mentioned on this site. There are some more.  Before a recession sets in (not depression but RECESSION! States and the Federal Government have to do a better job!
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