Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I'm currently Pro Se.  I had my note and mortgage assigned from my lender (who is in bankruptcy) by MERs as a nominee strait to a trust (guess it doesn't matter what the PSA or purchase agreement for the trust says)  I am fully aware what is going on and have obtained a lot of the docs I know I'll need.  My question really is MERs is showing my loan is inactive.  It is showing the holder being a different party than the trust.  How can I get the MERs milestones and other records from MERs showing who their records claim the holder of the note is?  MERs is a defendant.  Can I send them a discovery request?  If I send them a subpoena will they just ignore it?  How do you get these records? 

Would be pretty tuff to explain that the servicer acting with power of attorney from the trustee used it's own employee to sign a MERs assignment for a company in bankruptcy without relief from the court to assign my mortgage and note to itself when MERs system clearly shows someone else owned it. 

Thanks for the help.
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     Since MERS never owned the Note, it has no standing to assign the Note.
MERS is listed on the Mortgage as the Nominee of the original lender for service of process, which it is supposed to then forward to the current owner
of the Note (which it hardly ever does because the owner of the Note may no longer be a member of Mers and may no longer exist).
      Ownership of real estate is like a bundle of straws where the borrower
owns some of the straws and the lender owns the rest. In other words it is
similar to joint owners with rights of survivorship. If one party to the contract
"dies" without having "lawfully" transferred its "bundle of straws", then the
surviving party has the right to take the "dead" party's straws by a foreclosure or an action to quiet title. This is why it is called a "Death Gamble" in the French language, ie "Mort" "Gage". ( Gager=to gamble)
       When the servicers notice a "dead lender", they try to become a "pretender lender" and steal the "straws" (ie EQUITY) of the owner, even
though they do not have any "straws" ie equity in the deal.
        To prove they have "equity" when they don't, they will counterfeit and
/or forge a Note to fool the Court into thinking that they do have "equity"
         To win your case, you must EXPOSE this FRAUD to the Judge.
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always confused
I love the analogy.  Best thing I've read in a week.  I have the documents showing the fraud.  All certified copies.  I'm sure someone has gotten this info from MERs.  It's a little more difficult for me because they are not the one that is foreclosing. 

Who has had sucess with getting MERs documents?
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