Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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oh yes, lets all put our name on the list...

Attened this conference and then let it appear that WE REALLY CARE ABOUT FRAUD, and what it is doing to our borrowers.


as long as we attened, we look so innocent, willing to fix the problems............. and then we continue to fleece borrowers behind closed doors.



and lovely to note, that the key speakers are the fraudulent companies themselves!


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Now that the air is coming out of the market and the reasons why have become quite clear, these window displays are a common ploy to fein "Innocent Victim".


I love how some real estate "Professionals" have become fraud fighters.

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Vegas in December? Absolutely! It's getting cold in other parts of the country. I heard that some friends of mine just came in off the road out there from touring with Cirque. Anyone attending the conference let me know I'll make some calls for tix


Now that you're really catching on NON go take a look at the conference lists for the MBNA and the USFN for the upcoming 06-07 conference season. Orlando and Scottsdale are a good bet to be on the list in, say, February. Anyone want to take San Diego in March? Who wants odds?

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sickened by all of this!


Where the hell is MY government?

Wher the hell is OUR government?


When in the hell are they going to STOP ALL OF THIS?




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The "government" isn't going to do anything to help any mortgage servicing fraud victim. I've spoken to state Senators, banking departments, AGs,  FTC, OTS, OCC, Secret Service, FBI (both have financial crimes divisions), HUD etc. I'm trying to figure out if there are any agencies left that I can talk to just to cover the rest of the alphabet at this point.


Anyone who has spoken to Ms. Allison Brown (she never did like talking to me) at the FTC knows first hand that that agency is going to do nothing more - not that they've done much up to this point - to assist MSF victims. Writing letters and asking agencies to "help" is simply wasting time and effort in my opinion. The only thing that WILL make any difference/change is case law. And for that you need a law firm. And beyond that, you need as many victims as possible to get together and be willing to stand up and make enough noise that the industry and the government simply cannot ignore the situation. That's the only way that anything is going to change this situation. Individually, MSF victims, as a rule, don't stand a chance going up against a servicer simply because their pockets are too deep. They can out money any of us individually. In the grand scheme of things, I've got absolutely NO business being in the position that I am currently in. But I've made it this far.


For what it's worth, I really do think that the best shot that MSF victims have to make some serious noise is to challenge Fairbanks/SPS' Best Practices. And that has to be done in Boston. The FTC is NOT the only entity that can challenge that and if it was, they'd have one HELL of a lawsuit on their hands because they have done nothing to protect the USAvFairbanks Class post settlement.


BTW, I'm still here looking for Fairbanks/SPS victims to contact me. I'm currently going over the Affidavit of Fairbanks/SPS CEO Matt Hollingworth. Yes, he did make the deadline for whatever that's worth. I'll have a bit more about that up on my site in the next week or so after digestion and conferences.


The bottom line here is that MSF victims have to stop looking/waiting for someone else to save them because is simply is not going to happen. I can't do it. Nye can't do it. Dee can't. Ann can't. H. Gosh can't. We, as victims, can only help each other along. You are the ONLY one that can stop the process and to do that you have to EDUCATE yourself if for no other reason that to be able to walk in to an attorney's office and say "THIS happened to me as a result of THAT and THAT and THIS too and I need your help. As as result of THIS, THIS, and THAT I've been significantly damaged HERE, HERE and HERE." That at least gets an attorney's attention and the ball rolling. Anything of greater legal importance the attorney can find.


In other words - STOP being victims. START being heard. You may have to talk to 50, 100, 150 law firms - like I did - but the absolute WORST that anyone can ever tell you is "No." Sooner or later you're going to find someone who says, "Tell me more." and once you get that you're on your way. Trust me, if I can do this anyone else can. You just have to be pixxed off enough to keep going - but not SO much so that you lose focus of your goals. 

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4 justice now

Mike is absolutely right! No one is going to help MS victims, especially not any of the Federal agencies that receive our tax dollars to do just that. A few years ago I spoke directly with one of the OTS representatives (RD) who were once responsible for over-seeing Ocwen Federal Bank. He said the following: "Although, it's very clear that Ocwen is defrauding homeowners on a regular basis, we are not going to do anything...  not under the current administration anyway." (Not an exact word for word quote, but pretty much the same as what he stated or at least meant).

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Uh? wouldnt' something like this:
[PDF]Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage Corp. Goes Liv...

Irving, Texas-based EMC Mortgage Corporation, also a subsidiary of The Bear Stearns ... largest provider of information technology services to the U.S. ...


Have something to do with "WHY" there would be such a CONFERENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE?











A MOrtgage Servicing Fraud CONFERENCE? hmm, what a wonderful way to meet and greet, & share ideas & know how; to the multitudes of fraud.


BTW FISERV released the article on April 06, 2006 to "Business Wire"

This Conference was held on December 11-12, 2006.


And the "selling" of the "newest" software began?


the things that make ya go hmmmmm.

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All the crime family bosses will be there.

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H. Gosh

And Father Sica will be there to hear confessions, and tell you where Jimmy Hoffa's body is really buried.

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Wish to hell they would invite me to speak their, its just too bad, there are so many bad actors and our usual known "Terrorists" their. 
WAKE UP HOMELAND SECURITY!!!! THEY ARE STEALING OUR HOMES. And your sitting on your dead ass's!!! Spending Billions, how about defending Americans and their homes?   I thought that's what every Government Employee took an oath to defend and protect!   
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Maybe it's an FBI sting!!!!

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Don't think so Steve, this was last years conference, look at how many are no longer in business or near death!

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If I'm not mistaken there was another conference more recently?

There is much importance in this thread however, with the
realizations" that the STATE & FEDERAL Governments, haven't done anything, and "WON'T" do anything about the trepidations committed against home owners.

It's going to take COUNTY Officials who care, for the Home Owners to receive the solvency they so desperately seek, and at this point the only County Officials who care are.... The TAX ASSESSORS!

See the thread: Let's Discuss COUNTY PROPERTY TAXES
and: Dirty Deeds: Cities fight banks over vacant homes

and: Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo of creating a public Nuisance.
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