Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Looking for further evidence of Litton and Fidelity's relationship.  If you have please email me with it.

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Paritosh Pathak

Paritosh Pathak

1st Vice President, Production Development Fidelity National Information Services (NYSE:FIS)

Houston, Texas Area

  • 1st Vice President at Fidelity Information Services
  • CIO at Eagle Vision Communications L.L.P
306 connections
Financial Services

Paritosh Pathak’s Summary

I am the 1st VP for Fidelity National Information Services LPS division (NYSE: FIS). My work is focussed on FIS Desktop and it's components Process Managements, Invoice Management and Document Managements. I co-founded Eagle Vision Communications LLP, a software provider for Subprime Mortgage that was acquired by Fidelity Information Services. I have over 14 years of integrated technology experience in technology industry, most of it in subprime mortgages. I led development of Litton Loan Servicing’s top ranked (as by FITCH, S&P, Moody's) risk assement, default and reporting application. During my tenure with Litton, the system was integrated with all facets of servicing and multiple enhancement releases were made. At the time of my departure, the system supported the default processing for a $33B portfolio of primarily delinquent loans.

As co-founder of Eagle Vision, we developed of end-to-end loss mitigation software for clients including some of the largest mortgage servicers in the US. In addition to loss mitigation, I have led REO, Due Diligence, Fortracs (internal enhancements), Attorney Servicer communications, investor reporting (Radar Viewer), and OLAP reporting projects. I have co-authored a book on Microsoft SQL Server (McGraw-Hill Publishing) and spoken at multiple national conferences on Business Intelligence/OLAP and SQL Server.

I have experience with all major mortgage servicing platforms MSP, MortgageServ, LSAMS and all major BI packages. I have also lead consulting projects for Exxon/Trammel Crow Real Estate Services, El Paso Energy and other clients. I can be reached at

Paritosh Pathak’s Specialties:

Default mortgage banking, & npv based loss mitigation application development. Foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, reo, accounting, taxes, title search, & borrower areas. Executive Technical Management



Many thanks to MIKE!!! for this connection find!!!! THANKS MIKE, THE DOTS ARE BEING CONNECTED MUCH BETTER NOW,

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This guy will be deposed, and his responses compared to hundreds of written responses from Discovery that Litton Loan has responded to!  Janet (Litton Loan General Counsel) better begin to prepare for her own problems in regards to Litton Loan's response to questions about Litigation costs, and FEE's, 
I'm pretty sure Janet can take Larry and Larry down!  Hey IRS/SEC/FBI, follow the dots to Janet's, signatures on pooling and servicing agreements, and then back to Fidelity's contract for legal Refer Fee's!!  Like in my case, $9,999.00 twice!   As "LEGAL REFERRAL"!  

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Paritosh Pathak
(713) 647-0603
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  • The local time is 11:24 PM.
  • Location: HOUSTON, TX

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Interesting enough look at the recording of his own home...

739 Brittmoore Rd
Houston TX 77079

Combined Report   Printable Version
Property Information
 Owner(s)  Chaturvedi Divya / Pathak Paritosh  Parcel #  089-181-000-0015
 Property  739 Brittmoore Rd    Map Coord  4958C
   Houston, TX 77079    Census Tract  4501.00
 Mailing Addr  (no Mail)739 Brittmoore Rd    County  Harris
   Houston , TX 77079    Owner Phone  

 Lot Number  15    Tract Number  
 Block  6    Subdivision  Rustling Oaks

 Use  Sfr  Year Built  1960  Sq. Feet  2256
 Zoning    Lot Size Ac/Sq Ft  .303 / 13200  # of units  1
 Bedrooms  4  Bathrooms  2  Fireplace  1
 #Rooms  8  Quality  Average  Heating  Central
 Pool/Spa  N  Air  Y  Style  
 Stories  1  Improvements    Parking  Parking Avail-1
 Flood  X        

 Attributes  ; Slab
Property Sale Information
 Sale Date  09/30/1998  $/Sq. Ft.  $104.23  2nd Mtg.  
 Sale Price  $235,144.00  1st Loan  $176,800.00  Prior Sale Amt.  $221,000.00
 Doc No.  52154-199  Loan Type  Cnv

 Doc Type  Warranty Deed  Xfer Date  10/07/1998  Prior Doc No.  
 Seller  Jorgensen Flemming & Mary A  Lender  Alliance Mtg Co  Prior Doc Type  Deed (reg)
Tax Information
 Imp Value  $115,671.00  Exemption  Homeowner
 Land Value  $212,400.00  Tax Year  2007
 Total Value  $328,071.00  Tax Value  $321,071.00
 Tax Amount  $2,085.97  Improved  35%
Information compiled from various sources and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


 Sale Date 09/30/1998

 Xfer Date 10/07/1998

 Prior Sale Dt. 09/00/1998
-Things that make you go hmmm.....Him or who ever is listed with him don't have any pending issues in front of a judge that I can tell. At least on the fed level...Harris county wouldn't allow me to find out if his note was subsequently transferred, assigned, settled  or paid

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Did a search in Harris county on the people he bought his home from...Maybe the seller was a flipper...
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