Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Another example of Litton Loan "TERRORISM".
The attached letter was sent to me from Big Bob, it was recently found in documents he received from his attorney, he felt I should see what ATTORNEY GREG LOUGE wrote about me.  Its interesting how a lawyer lies! For the records Greg, I never tried to enter your "Agents" vehicle.  I assume it was Mr. Webb's vehicle, your "Agent" from Webb Properties. Mr. Webb saw fit to remove his license plates, and secure his car in the drive way of Mr. Schmidt's after a Federal Judge issued a restraining order, he then refused (Mr. Webb) to leave the property after being so advised. (See attached photo's of Mr. Webb's car).  This was the same individual who was overheard and observed talking with the Blount County Sheriff's Captain.  Perhaps you can answer the question Greg, being that he was your agent, what and how much did he give the Captain?  Its on the tape of the Documentary.  Its pretty clear Litton Loan and its "Agents" are corrupt, like you Greg!  Perhaps you can explain why your firm has not turned over or shown its payment and billing history from Litton Loan?  Perhaps its like mine, showing that Litton Loan Pre Paid for Bob Schmidt's foreclosure?  Or even payments in violation of Section 8 HUD?  And what about all those FORGED, altered and substituted Documents?  How many did you and your firm manufacture?  And present to various courts?  mmmmm   Greg I called you a "Pompas Ass" you are! You also represent the face of "Terrorism" against your own people.  I trust you looked at the video taken by the BLUNT COUNTY SHERIFF'S GOON SQUAD that your "Agent" was observed paying off!  That's "TERRORISM" and you represent it, as well as your firm!
Your letter is filled with inaccurate information.  The documentary "FOLLOW THE MONEY" crew video taped Bob's entire wine collection, and alcoholic beverages, when it was their prior to his eviction.  I under stand its all gone? Did your "Agents" share the wine with you? If not where did it go?  And the four storage sheds, wow! how ever did they manage to stuff all that stuff in?  Broken furniture, damaged photo's.  Your "Agents" must have been drunk from all of Bob's Alcoholic Beverages when they packed and stored his property! If they were part of the same "Toothless" crew that showed up with Mr. Webb, its a wonder they could even possess a drivers license, or they were just let out of the county jail to assist the Captain and Goons, oh Sorry "Agents of Litton Loan".
I trust you and your client are going to explain to some court how is it that Mr. Schmidt's loan was not paid off with the sale of his home? And, why his loan not owned by the Litton Loan, CBASS or that German Bank that you and your law firm created an "Assignment" for.  Oh, and its still a performing loan!!!!!    Isn't that very ILEA GAL GREG!!!! I guess someone at Litton Loan forgot to tell you! Maybe Chris Wyatt, or Larry Litton Jr.?  Oh yes, I almost forgot, its CBASS's corporate counsel that calls the litigation shots.  How are they doing for money?  Running out yet?
Greg you can post your response here for all to read!




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Sorry the letter or photo's did not attach, I will try and paste them on here.

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Webb's vehicle with his license plates removed.

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Sorry I can't get the letter or pics to attach.  I will post them as soon as I can figure out how.

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4 justice now

If, I were you I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for him to post. People like that are simply to damn spineless to confront you here, or anywhere for that matter. Although, I'm sure he pretended to be quite the tough guy when he had his goons there to protect him. If you ask me, he's just another thieving Litton backed coward who would wet himself if he ever had to do anything without his toothless pals. 



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I'm so sorry.
I was incredibly ticked when I read your post.

They will stop at nothing. It seems their own paranoia, has gotten the better of him/them. Take comfort in knowing that Gary! THEY ARE NOT SLEEPING WELL AT NIGHT!

I can tell by your post; You are ticked beyond belief......... try to laugh it off instead,  (easier said than done) because, you've apparently hit them where it counts, and they are retaliating even further.

That means you got them Gary!

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