Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Received a card in the mail inviting me to send in my claim for $60.00 as a result of a class action against Litton Loan. Claim forms must be returned WITH a postmark of September 7, 2010. Go figure. You can write and exclude yourself. I have.

You can get the class notice and claim form here:


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O -

Thats #$@%^@  up!

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Lionel Tribbey
Opt out must be done by June 24, 2010

Objection to settlement must be done by June 24, 2010.

$10,000.00 to named plaintiffs.

$60.00 to any other class member.

Not more than $200,000.00 for legal fees.

Litton denies any wrongdoing.

Litton pays $532,500.00

Gilardi & Co. are Claims Administrators

Time frame of settlement begins October 26, 2002 to "present". When does "present" end? The opt in date of September 7, 2010?

"E.  Cy Pres.  

Any residual amounts of the Settlement Fund remaining after all required distributions are made will be paid to Habitat for Humanity International, a not-for-profit organization."

As opposed to dispersing any "residual" amounts to the actual Litton victims.

This thing stinks even more than USA/Curry v Fairbanks or FTC v. EMC/Bear if that is at all possible. Never though anyone would have less concern for consumers/victims...

Don't forget to thank Attorneys Kelly Dermody of Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, Niall McCarthy of Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy and Dan Mulligan of Jenkins Mulligan & Gabriel, LLP on the way out of your front door. Granted, CA attorneys can only do what their clients authorize them to do but they were all involved in USA/Curry v. Fairbanks - and should know better than to have allowed this incredibly weak settlement to reach this stage.

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All I really see class action law suits are good for is the criminal Mortgage Servicers and Attorneys.I say sue them on an Individual basis because the more people that files suit against them individually the more the stink and more money the victims collect and criminals have to pay.Litton Loan you may continue to do your criminal activities here and get by the Judges but you have forgot you will stand before the Almighty Judge one day when your body dies (Hebrews 9:27) and within 50 more years you wont be robbing anyone but will be tortured by the demons of hell for your short time of robbery while living a luxurious life style and denying the poor beggars crumbs from your rich table here on earth.

Read Luke chapter 16:19-31 kjv preferably this is exactly your coming future and all the evil little litton loan clones.You can`t pay your way out of hell larry sr nor jr nor your clones along with every corrupt judge and polititian that you have payed off to keep you from robbing people and being held accountable.

Litton you foul evil wicked hell bound followers of satan.

I believe God created hell just for Larry Litton Sr and Jr and their employees they deserve nothing less than an eternity in hell while frying like bacon.

Please excuse the preaching but it had to be said sooner or later.
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Lionel,    What are you saying???? How do I opt out??? I don't want to be in a class action suit. If I have a leg to stand on later on, I will want to do it on my own. If I opt out, can I sue them for the same exact thing??? If I have another fradulant suit starring me in the eye and I go for the class action, can I sue them?? Or am I going to release them from everything if I go with this so called class action???? I have something against them, "BIG TIME".

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Anybody that has, or may have a suit against Litton NEEDS to OPT OUT! You have to write a letter, I suggest certified. There are specific things that need to be said in the opt out letter. All the details are on the web site I posted in this thread. If you don't opt out you will be bound by the settlement terms!!!!!!!


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Lionel Tribbey
How is it that the MA AG can get $60 MILLION out of Goldman Sachs and Litton
and yet this C.A. only got $500k?!?!? And is the $200k in legal fees allowed coming out of that $500k? And just how many victims have been certified in this action?

Any attorney with their name on this action on behalf of the plaintiffs/victims should be, at the VERY least, embarrassed. Their secret decoder rings should be revoked immediately.

Attorney General Martha Coakley and Goldman Sachs Reach Settlement Regarding Subprime Lending Issues

"Goldman agrees to provide approximately $50 million in relief to homeowners, pay additional $10 million to state; AG to continue with investigation of securitization practices in the industry."

"Additionally, for loans not currently held by Goldman, but which are serviced by Goldman’s affiliated servicing company, Litton Loan Servicing LP, Goldman has agreed to assist qualified borrowers with finding refinancing options and other alternatives to foreclosure. "

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No Clue
So, I have never been hit with a late payment fee by Litton even though I did get a card.  Does this automatically exclude me?

I don't want to be included in this.  I don't have problems with Litton as of just yet.  That doesn't mean I won't in the future though.

As I pay down my balance, I am counting the days until Litton pulls out one of their little tricks.  I know it's coming and I plan on being prepared for the war!
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No Clue, if litton loan continues servicing your mortgage be prepared to get screwed.Say your note is due on the 1st of every month and your original contract gives you a 15 day grace period not considered late until after the 16th of every month and say litton open an escrow account for you even though your original contract was an none-escrowed account.

What litton does is they will open an escrow account for you even though you did not sign anything saying they could and your statements start showing the suspicious so-called suspence account with all kinds of up and down money numbers from month to month and say litton loan receives your payments on or before the due date or within the 15 day grace period.

What litton loan will do to you is they get your payment on time and they decide it is time to screw this one out of some of his or her money so they can reward larry litton jr or senior or maybe a hard working hard screwing you litton loan employee.The litton loan employee trained to screw you will hold your payment or payments in the illegal escrow account until after the due date and grace period and then post your payments then the screwing you starts without lubricant until you can`t pay them their illegal late fees and they take your home by your so-called defaulting on the mortgage.

If they really want the screwing you to go into overdrive they will force place a little insurance on you to boot that will be very costly since they tack it on to your so-called late fees and it is around an extra $1000.00 take or give a little because if you have a 5% late fee and if your monthly note is say $600.00 they add the 5% percent of the $600.00 along with the other hidden fees and insurance etc and they then send you a little nasty default letter demanding the $600.00 plus their bogus insurance premium among other mysterious fees etc...and if you dont pay what they demand they will take your home from you and sell it on the court house steps for way less than they say you owe and you are still responcible for the debt while someone else gets your home for pocket change and the criminals get their bets payed off because your loan was created to default and they only win when they by illegal means drive you into a forecloser.

Goldman Sachs owns litton loan.

Litton will tell you if you send them a RESPA request they are servicing your mortgage according to the original terms of your contract when in fact much of what they do to you is not in the contract.Litton will not answer your RESPA ontime and when they do they post or pre date their letters to look as if they did etc.Also get a payment history out of them and go over it with a high-lighter and you will see very suspicious activities because if they send you a payment history as serviced as you pay ontime then they could not screw you so it must show when your payment was received and posted and litton hates to send out payment histories.

Keep all of your receipts and RESPA`s and their responce envelopes because of the date stamped on them etc.Make litton send you a copy of your mortgage and note and compare all the signatures with the originals filed at your court house because great chances are they were forged signatures as your loan passes around for their profit.I received copies that were so faded you could hardly read them along with forged squiggle signatures and forged notary signatures.

Get your buttocks good and ready because litton has a big surprise for you.

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Lionel Tribbey
Don't forget - June 24th to opt out or object
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I opt out via certified mail return receipt.

Today I received a call from the Gilardi firm. They said that I have two loans that Litton is servicing. When in fact I only have one that they service and the second is serviced by Specialized Loan Servicing. I had to email them and include the second account in the opt out even though I don't have this loan.

She even gave me the account numbers. I have to look into this now. Maybe they ripped my note in half one for each account. (HA HA)

So as I see it now, I must have 3 mortgages on my home. I have no idea where this second account number came from.
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CMC,  You now have 3 mortgages???  How will they explain that one? 

Oh, I took it out by mental telepathy

Yeah, I'm in one of those moods...

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