Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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You've got to be kidding

This amateur crap with misspellings and bad grammar has to be something from Litton to make victims look bad.


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I though it was great, it gets some of the point across on how the scam works.


I think it's someone that's been hurt by Litton, we all fight back in different ways even if we don't spell to good or have good grammar. I bet it took a lot of time and effort to do a video like that, he or she did a good job!


it might be a good idea to add it to the Mortgage Servicing Fraud web site.


I would like to see more people do things like that it helps get the word out "Independent Press" I like that idea!


 Fight Back Hard!

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Why so angry You've got t

Why are you so angry about the YouTube piece?  Some of the posts on this and other sites are not grammatically correct and yet they get the point across. 


YouTube is a powerful media outlet.  If each mortgage servicing fraud victim employed the tactic of using it to tell their story (cleared by their attorney - of course), maybe some substantive national press coverage would result.

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I think it may be the fact that MSF victims in general have been fighting the stigma of being the mortgage industry's equivalent of the sole individual that sees the UFO land in the middle of the crops that may be the issue. Things like poor grammar simply don't exude intelligence or credibility. Not that the content of the piece isn't good - it just makes it that much more difficult to be taken seriously by anyone not familiar with mortgage servicing fraud.  


Of course, this is coming from the guy with a home page that looks like this:  But if you watch the CBS piece you'll see that I at least clean up fairly well when I have to...

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Cute, but am I the only one who caught that the pieces are fundamentally flawed?

Litton Loan Servicing is NOT a lender. I don't think they have ever lent anyone a dollar, yet the narrator keeps calling it "predatory lending" and "predatory lenders". Blaaat! Just plain WRONG!

Just goes to show that the general public is still grappling with the difference between predatory lending and predatory servicing....and it still doesn't understand the niche that servicers occupy as compared to the niche that lenders occupy.
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Way Not To Go!!

I hope this piece is a corporate spoof.  Many times companies will produce spoof videos on their own company (or their competition) and show them at employee meetings to create some belly-slapping humor.  Some videos include executives, and sometimes even the CEO, dressed in funny costumes acting out some sort of skit.  The goal is to always have the piece somehow relate to the true agenda, subject or theme of the meeting.


One of the most frequently used premises for a video is to show customer service people doing everything wrong followed by presentations on how to do it correctly.  Many times the video will include a customer on the phone asking a stupid question and receiving an even stupider answer from the customer service employee.


The YouTube piece posted here is a perfect example of a corporate spoof video.  It totally discredits Consumer Affairs, portrays borrowers in the worst possible light, and makes a mockery out of what ever good the Consumer Affairs website could have been.


One thing is for certain, play this piece before one-hundred or so EMC employees and they will be rolling in the isles with uncontrolled laughter.  


Once the audience returns to their seats and calm prevails, the presenter need only say: “And to think. . . we were worried about what these idiot customers were saying about us on the Internet”. 

I strongly suggest this entire thread be removed.  It reminds me of a once famous tee shirt.

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arkygirl is not in the business of making "corporate spoofs". It highlights corporate ripoffs.

Dumba$$ shill.

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I dunno. Seemed pretty real to me. I recognize that tone of  utter hysteria born out of desperation trying to deal with clueless and indifferent mortgage company employees trying to figure out why in hell they thought I was 6 months behind on my mortgage.The part that rang true to me was about being on hold for 25 minutes at a time while they transferred and lost the phone call  and I had to start all over again. Please EMC. Litton or any other company corporate training seminars. As if they had any. This rang true to me.
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Way To Go!

Come on now, let’s get real.  How can you take anything serious when they can’t even spell the word “predatory”.  This is a video, not an email or message board posting, where an occasional misspelling or grammatical error is to be expected.


Believe me, this thing has spread like wildfire through Litton and I can assure you there is uncontrolled laughter coming from Larry Litton Junior’s office, to every minion’s cubical.  It may even have spilled into the streets of suburban Houston.


Attempting to give credit to this thing will only result in Litton’s ability to validate what they have been saying about their borrowers for years.  There is nothing new here, only what has been known for a long time.  If Yomosh Productions doesn’t know that Litton is not a lender, then why would anyone believe the few facts that may be accurate?


If there is not a retraction posted on Consumer Affairs’ website by Friday, then we will know they are condoning the work of Yomosh Productions.

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strange, for a spoof it seemed a lot like what happened to me. so does it make fighting a foreclosure on my house house for the past two years funny? If those guys and gals at Litton think its funny what does it say about the "people" that work at Litton. Maybe that is just as it is at any mortgage servicer. Maybe its not a spoof.
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Nye Lavalle
People need to stop criticizing, complaining and whining. ANY evidence and news and support that can be used for a jury or judge to educate is good. Grammar, articulation [ask Joe Biden], quality or lender or not, really isn;t the point. Get on point and message!
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This kind of thing is bogus. All it takes is a very low cost looney bit to paint all victims here as uneducated trailer trash.


You can bet at least one of the servicers is behind it. They know how to manipulate legislator opinions and spend big $$$ to do it so the laws won't catch up with them.


They have deliberately taken over a lot of what goes on here on this forum to ruin the purpose of this site and now they use cheap video clips to make victims look like fools.




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I'm waiting for an email, or a return phone call from this production company.
Until I hear from them, I will wait to respond to posts here.

Next stop, Consumer Affairs....

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I agree with Nye. I had a single mother with a college degree ask me to please explain to her what the difference between a forbearance and loan modification was! What we keep forgetting is I only wanted to live the American dream and own a home. At what point in time did any paperwork I signed told me of my loan would be sold on the secondary market? What about a pooling agreement? What is a servicer? What is a trustee? I am only a homeowner and my only obligation was to make sure my payments were made!

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Donning my protective gear before I type ....


This video was obviously done in a production studio (look closely at the background). When most victims can't afford a lawyer, what makes us think they can afford to hire a production company to make a video? If this was done by the production company as a freebie for a victim, the production company should be ashamed of themselves for releasing such a poor quality end product. All that being taken into consideration, it does beg to ask the question of whether or not it's a legitimate production or a production done to make victims look bad. IMHO, it's hard to tell what the actual truth of the matter is just from watching the videos, but then again I am known for being a sceptic.  


I strongly disagree that any publicity is good publicity when it comes to MSF victims. If said publicity makes us look incompetent, greedy, or like conspiracy theorists that does nothing to help any of us.  



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Way To Go!!

“Sam”, who is surely headed to be the next Walter Cronkite, is using a virtual set.  He is actually in front of a green screen.  The background is nothing more then a jpeg that was most likely ripped off from a virtual set designer's website.


Thanks to those who see this for what it is.


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Ya know, I knew that that old blue screen I had lying around in storage would eventually be good for something. Am I dating myself ? Has everything gone green now instead of blue? Now I just need the rest of the production equipment.

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O -

Yomosa Productions


 You could ask him? Lol

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Why so angry You've Got

I agree with Nye.  All of this bickering and notions of conspiracy theories are not helping our cause - DEFEATING PERPETRATORS OF MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD!


If the content and grammar of the YouTube piece offends you so much, help the author/producer of the piece correct it.  I really don't believe that some mortgage servicer produced it.


Lastly, misguided hostility will only serve to alienate people who are solidly in your corner.  The unscrupulous servicers want us fighting each other and not them.  Remember the old adage, "Divide and Conquer".


We are on the same side!!


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Well, we do know that there are various "conspiracies" out there for lack of a better term. And the entity that actually produced the Litton Loan piece is a production company - whether the individual that produced it is also a victim remains to be seen. However, if that really is a professionally produced piece I have to say that I wouldn't want the company working for me.


And there is no hostility involved in this - at least from my own POV. It's simply a poorly produced piece that doesn't really do much to impress anyone. If you want professional attention, you're going to need to act professionally. 

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Has anyone else done a YouTube piece about their mortgage servicing experience?

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Campaign 2008
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YouTube Ameriquest
Ameriquest Sucks video comming soon!
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 So funny.... I would even buy a ticket to see the video.............

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Former Ameriquest Workers Tell of Deception

Listen to this story... by  

Morning Edition, May 14, 2007 · Some former employees of the nation's leading subprime lender say the company encouraged them to conceal rate terms and make fake fixed-loan documents that pushed customers into loans they couldn't afford.


The founder and owner of Ameriquest, Roland Arnall, became a billionaire. ... and told us to go into the conference room and watch a couple of videos. ... - Similar pages

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Hooker Heels Fool Moody's
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YouTube - Economic Meltdown!

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Over 4000 views

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There is only a gazillion different reasons people don't learn to read or write.

It is okay to ask the poster to try to clean it up but don't even do that
unless you offer the person a few options to try.

How about having a online buddy to edit any important postings.

How about trying educational programs.  Hooked on phonics is a
good program.  I bought it for a friend.  She didn't have 1st grade
function.  Ir's kinda pricey at $200.00.

There is another program  called Literacy Volunteers of America.

All you have to pay for are your books.  Check what volunteers do
in your state and city.

Get info at websites:

Literacy Volunteers of America.


Hooked on Phonics

I know that there must be more literacy programs for adults.

This is just a couple that I have had experience with.

Before ripping someone to shreds, try to understand that not being literate
is a shameful experience for some of them.

Check out EBay for better prices.


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I thought it was great,  really got a kick out of it.  At least he is taking a stand against Litton.

All of us meaning, the (Mortgage Servicing Fraud Forum) should all get together and do a YOUTUBE.COM video about Litton.

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We would have to use a stadium to fit most of us in.
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I wish I had a better video camera, I'm sure I could do better if I had more then 10 seconds of filming time. I have been doing YouTube by video phone against ameriquest and HSBC. they didn't come out to great.
I would love to see this forum do a YouTube Video.

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