Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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This morning at 9:00am, I understand a Grand Jury is convening in Salt Lake City involving LITTON LOAN. As I understand it, a number of issues are going to raised, including the creation of false documents by lawyers working on behalf of Litton Loan.
I have been notified and I may be requested to testify.  I hope so!!! 

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Hope so!.
Wouldn't that be some great satisfaction of testifying agaisnt them!!!
This sounds interesting, keep us posted!

Good Luck to the fighters, & good luck for you.
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Why only Litton? They may as well put them all into this mess! I sure can't name them all ! That's how much fraud there is! Now to be the fly on the wall to see what the JUDGE
will do!!! Will he give JUSTICE???
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There's some caution in order here.  An indictment is nothing more than a formal criminal accusation. There are prosecuting attorneys who say they can get a ham sandwich indicted.

The problem is, things grind slowly if an indictment is handed down. Very slowly. AND - this is a very important:  As much as you'd love to point out they're headed to trial in a criminal case, the fact that individuals in a company have been indicted cannot be considered by the court in your civil case against the company. If they're convicted, yes, but until then, it would be considered prejudicial and could result in a mistrial.

We know they lie, cheat, steal, forge, etc., but until this grand jury concludes there is reason for prosecution and a conviction actually comes down, it's not going to help.

But I can't wait to see the names.


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Lets Be Realistic
Although Gary's assertion OMITS whether this is purported to be a state or federal grand jury, one must bear in mind that a grand jury sitting in Salt Lake City is going to be primarily interested in crimes relating to either the State of Utah or the Federal district in which the grand jury is empanelled (probably STILL Utah).

A state or county prosecutor in Utah would have NO AUTHORITY to seek indictments of persons for crimes NOT committed in Utah.  I am a bit less clear on the Federal rules in this regard.  My GUESS is that either the PERSONS involved or the crimes would need to in some way relate to Utah, EXCEPT perhaps where an investigation of Utah crimes also resulted in discovery of crimes committed elsewhere arising out of roughly the same facts or circumstances.  I would think that even in a Federal setting if ALL of the crimes happened elsewhere and involved persons or real property elsewhere, that the information would be forwarded to the United States Attorney in teh District with apparent jurisdiction.  [This is just a GUESS.] 

I HAVE SEEN Texas cases where a FORGERY taking place in ANOTHER DIFFERENT JURISDICTION but involving a deed to Texas property was found by Texas to be a CRIME under Texas law despite the fact that the forgery was created out of state.  Similarly, I would be inclined to think that FRAUDS upon Utah citizens or involving Utah real property and/or forgery, document fabrication, perjury, etc. touching Utah persons or real estate might constitute Utah crimes.

But I DO NOT THINK that crimes committed in Houston, Texas, involving property in Ohio or Tennessee are going to be subject to prosecution in Utah, EXCEPT possibly as a part of some larger action (perhaps RICO).  So why don't we defer making flight reservations to Utah until we have something a little more tangible than an unsubstantiated rumor of grand jury activity posted on this message board.

Those of you with specific information about UTAH CRIMES or Federal Crimes committed in Utah or relating to Utah property might want to lean forward to learn more, perhaps by contacting law enforcement officials THERE.  Those of you with evidence of crimes in OTHER JURISDICTIONS should probably contact law enforcement officials in those juridictions. 
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