Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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In the continuing and ever changing world of Litton Loan, and Goldman, the big question now is Green Tree going to buy Litton Loan?  reports of several meetings, including this past weekend at Larry Littion's Sr. home, are leading to speculation that it maybe so.  However a very large sticking point remains the ever growing, and continuing litigation Litton Loan finds its self in.  Exactly who is going to be responsible for all the liability? 
Information, that former Vice President Chris Wyatt, has been quietly talking to several investigators about individuals at Litton Loan, both former and current continues to be heard.  Even though Mr. Wyatt was let go with a severance and a non disclosure agreement. 
Chris Wyatt has reported to have named several former and current employee's at Litton Loan that were responsible for signing altered and forged documents,
Wyatt smarting from his dismissal from Litton Loan after Goldman took over continues to work as a "Consultant" from his home in Spring Texas. 
Several years ago I wrote about piercing the corporate Vail through its Corporation Counsel.  Well the time has now come for that.
Under the POOLING AND SERVICING Agreements, LITTON LOANS, corporation counsel is and was responsible for the removal and disposition of all mortgages from the agreement that were either paid off, sold or foreclosed up.  Well it appears that she did not perform these duties as required under the terms of the pooling and servicing agreements,  In fact, they were left in the pooling agreements, and interest continued to be paid by Litton Loan leading investors to believe they were in fact "performing" loans. 
What ever happened to the "Original Mortgage"?  Well according to the Pooling and Servicing Agreements only Litton Loans Corporate Counsel knows!!!   Welcome to the Fraud!  Now what happened to the money? When the investors were getting there small interest payments, what happened to all those fraudulent fee's like forced place insurance?  BPO fees, late interest charges, charges for loan modifications?  and all the other bogus charges Like the $9,9090.00 LEGAL RE FERAL FEES you charge and hide in your maulti accounting systems.  
How much longer do you think Janice will be able to hide behind being the corporations counsel, when she is asked what she did specifically with several mortgages that were contained with  the pooling and servicing agreements? 
FRAUD BY INTELLIGENT DESIGN! Now its not just the home owner, but the Investors and now looking at you!
Green Tree I hope you feel comfortable if you buy Litton Loan!  But then you guys have your own sorted past in Minnesota, don't you?  How many was it that went to jail from Green Tree?   

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Well, what a small world we now know of Chris Wyatt's, his soon to be announced deposition will make news!,
After Wyatt's departure from Litton Loan, (via Goldman) guess who set Wyatt up in the mortgage broker business's!    Yep Larry Litton,  Well Larry now Goldman knows.  And exactly how much business is Wyatt getting with your help?  Great discovery request!  
Oh and if MGIC and RADIAN thought there out of this mess with CBASS and Litton Loan,  Guess again,  New questions are now being raised about MGIC's SEC reporting, CBASS officers and Directors may not escape personal liability.  Can anyone beleive that CBASS could have no adverse effect on MGIC stock???   Really?  
Oh and for those that have followed my case, today I won the THIRD motion of Summary Judgement against me by Litton Loan!  We should be off to a fast trial now.
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I sent you an email and I must apologize that in my hurry to email you I made an error with David Wyatt's name.  Please accept my apologies.  I am interested in Green Tree.  I have some information on them and would like to access more.  I have a lot on Litton Loan.  Congratulations on your progress.
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Hi Gary and Debbie,

I have been fighting Green Tree (REO Properties Corporation) for almost 3 years now. I also just won my 3rd Summary Judgment motion they filed against me. They are finally being made to produce the note for my document expert.

Anyway, I also have some info on Green Tree, and things to look for with them, but I am also looking for more. There doesn't seem to be much about them on here, or the web in general.

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Hey Deb, sorry I missed your email,  for the third time, I lost my hard drive the week before a Litton hearing!
Please send it again, 
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Ok will do.

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I have filed several complaints against Green Tree.  What exactly do you want to know about them? 

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Hi Debbie, thanks for the reply. Do you know of any depositions or proof of wrongdoing that may be helpful in my fight against them? I have my own proofs supplied mostly in part by them and their counsel, but there is not much other information available about their people or practices.
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The chain around Goldman's neck is growing tighter, Litton, is nearly disfunctional, Goldman, either has lost, or can not acount for several millions of dollars from Litton Loan, from published documents, in its first year after the goldman buyout, over 10 million went up in smoke?  wow. 
Better start checking those off shore accounts of Larry Sr. and Jr. along with TONY ETTINGER,  I heard Tony may behind the new attempt to buy out both CBASS and Litton Loan,  I wonder if thats true or not.  If true, it would and could cause huge legal proplems for both MGIC AND RADIAN who grossly mismanaged thier investment of nearly BILLION dollars to CBASS to buy morgtages!  wow more bad news for MGIC/RADIAN investors to come I guess.
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