Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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philly joe

I have been a reader of this forum for over two years while i have battled Litton Loan.

In May, I received a letter of non compliance with a bankruptcy I am in because of Litton. Apparently I had signed a stipulation which allows them relief from the automatic stay if I had missed a payment which i had. The letter was from a Texas law firm not from the Philly law firm I had been use to.

Now yesterday, the end of Feb, I received a motion to dismiss from a New Jersey law firm. 

My question is why the change of firms, which I think is unusual and why such a delay? I will be filing an answer Monday with the court, but don't really know what U.S. Codes I will use. Has anyone else had such a thing happen with Litton and its law firms?
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Check Litton Loan's filing for "Proof of Claim" and look at "Lawyer Fees" and see if they indicate $9,999.00. These are fees usually not listed.  We have found them under discovery, just under the 10,000.00 filing requirements.
If they are indicated as "Legal Fees"  they maybe a violation of SECTION 8 HUD, if other legal fees are itemized to the firm that was representing them in your court.
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philly joe
Thanks Gary.  I did check. There is just a normal fee under lawyer charges.  After reading the motion, it is filed on behalf of JPMorgan Chase as trustee for Resolution Trust Corp.,but the original court order was listed as MERS, so I may ask at the hearing if they can show standing.  As I said earlier, it is now all different law firm and plaintiff.  I am wondering whether I should ask that they produce the original deed.
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Hi everybody, just wanted to update my case with Litton.

I did file an answer with the federal court asking for a hearing on their motion, which I have been granted.  I talked with their new lawyers today and they are frustrated that Litton has not returned their repeated phone and email requests for docs.  I have also called their old lawyer and he is sending me an affidavit that twice they refused to grant me or him a pay-off figure for a re-fi that was agreed to twice, but fell through because of no pay off figures from Litton. 

The new firm is actually considering asking the court on my behalf to allow them to modify the mortgage and back load it to allow me to cure the debt and allow me to just resume normal monthly payments to their firm for accurate record keeping.  They also have doubts to Litton's figures filed with the court.  So wish me luck in this 5-yr battle that started over 2 late payments.

I wish I was as lucky as the banks offer from the fed to buy any and all debt to clear their balance sheets for reporting purposes, even though they must buy it back.  Seems like an old 3-card Monty ploy. lol

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I would also complain to Goldman Sach at the NY office, with BBB and DA in NY state. Had a problem with Litton and misplaced payments and credit reports.
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Have you checked out the Phila law firm that represented Litton? I know of an incident that the law firm that once represented Litton had split up and the attorney's in the firm went their one way's. Some stayed together. Some joined a New Jersey office. Check out the website for both the old Phila law firm and the new New Jersey firm. Do a google search and also see if there are any "Press Releases" on the old firms website.  May I also offer the advice to get a copy of the trustee payments. Don't count on it being correct either. I paid my bankruptcy off  2 years early only to have the trustee send the payment to the wrong creditor! Not only had Litton cashed a check made payable to another creditor it took over 6 months to have Litton return the check to their bankruptcy firm! It tied up our discharge for many months. If your attorney needs the check I will be happy to provide it if there is fraud indeed in your case.

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When does this nightmare end? I am at the end of my strength. I never missed payments and a second mortgage was sold to Litton Loan, I never knew and had no contact. They used a wrong address and attempted to foreclose but did not hold assignment. Judge ruled for us. They refused my payoff to be rid of them.  Went after the assignment and now a second time this week sent civil notice of foreclosure as they avoided us and were given the assignment now.

Is the FBI to interested in homeland security to go after there frauds that are ruining lives?
Can Today show, Good morning America, CNN, someone do something to shut them down. I have two kids in counseling that this incident has made an escalation. One child can not leave the home to go to school, the other has not been able to work,  We lost an older daughter last year then this started.

I am on two medications and it is affecting my disability and work.
Is there an attorney doing something that wants these cases?
I wish I found out all this information before I wasted the last 5 months on hold, awaiting unreturned calls, no response to Faxes, transfered to at least four dfferent departments before returning to the first party unable to help.

Our local Sherman Burnett did a House stealing fraud story Friday April 11, 2008. I am going to see if he can make contacts to help.
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H. Gosh
You want the FBI to go after mortgage fraud?  We can't even get them to go after the fraud in NEPA, even though it is all written in the local papers and broadcast on WNEP.  Just look at what is going on with uncle louie.

Seriously though, read through this site.  There are many posts here to help you.  I don't know what county you are in, but that also could be your problem.  Are they attempting to foreclose on the note or mortgage?  Very important in PA.
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I agree about the local fraud, from the local towns, to courthouse and counties. I am in Luzerne. Look at the guy from the Reg of Deeds office gets house arrest for 9 months.

The foreclosure sheriffs sale had been set for Feb. When the attorney filed that they did not own the assignment it was withdrawn and agreement to pay the payoff. Instead they again did not respond to whom the check was to be written, they went and filed for assignment and sued for foreclosure again. It did not set a date for this hearing.

I see from reading the Internet and forum that the calls on hold, not being returned, they check into it and call back even threats of filing a suit for slander and negligence fell on deaf ears. I am a nobody to them except they went after my property. I have almost 2 acres, this small equity they bought, I don;t know how? and a small remainder on the first mortgage.

I know that the attorney I am using had filed discipline for something similar against this attorney group put of Phila.
I have been unable to reach the attorney this week too. No one in the machine states and that is not possible.

Well, thanks for being a voice to listen from hyper space,
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