Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I was demanded to  keep a HOT SHEET of possible negotiations that might close that month. While I always believed in HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY it's apparent some of our called public officials don't. Instead they let the likes of the Shapiro Attorney Network continue with Fraud because their the government attorneys their buddies in the biggest cover-up.

Each of the following entities or individuals has contributed in some shape or form to the Financial Outcome of Our Country. I do have every document to verify this. For any name on this list at least.

They call us and shame us. They shut down every chance for an American to fulfill the American Dream. Some do kill people as well. I have uncovered those that mysteriously died in their deaths.  The history I’ve uncovered is amazing!

As for the list remember to question any of these individuals or firms in their actions against you. You’ll notice some of them operate nationally. Some of them are finally being questioned in other states. Some people do actually find attorneys that know how to win within their Organized Mafia. But if you’re in the state of Missouri WARNING there’s more mischief than you could ever imagine! The judges and people were told and told. They were given evidence to show the fraud before it got out of control. They ruled with total BIAS and IMPARTIALITY. Like no one could try to protect the court the way they claim to do.


While foreclosure is a State issue notice the State doesn’t come out until you find corruption at the Federal level in bankruptcy cases.  Especially when you point out the pretenders that are there and no one wants you to be able to do anything to stop them. How do you expect a homeowner to win in STATE court when attorneys of Supreme Court Justices are allowed at the State & Federal Level to Produce Fraudulent documents? Their not questioned. Their attorneys are allowed to withdraw their actions. Banruptcy Trustees refuse to do their job and Sue them as well. Even when ordered by JUDGES to return fee’s because of never PROVING who OWNED what they CLAIM to.  Homeowners and investors are left to be TERRORIZED! There is  so many wannabe helpers it’s not funny there is no one to TRUST.

I have reason to believe my family was put into protective custody in the early 1900s.  Something we were never told about. There are people that obviously know about what happened. Now I know most of  it as well. Come to find out I come from a family of wealthy bankers. Now if I can just understand why for sure some of their partners mysteriously died or were murdered from what it looks like to me.What I don’t know is what obviously hurts the most. I don't have a death wish but these people let the fraud stay in my case and let my home be stolen like so many individuals.

Also note--This is a list I've compiled from my own case of fighting the corruption thru the highest levels of our country. I only had two mortgage loans but look at how many entities can be involved in fighting for your home. Some of them should possibly be considered robo-signers as well.



 Barclays Capital dba as Homeq, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Option One

 CitiMortgage, CitiFinancial, Citi, Citi Residential Lending

 Chase- whether Manhattan Mortgage Corporation or Chase Home Finance

 Title Companies

 Lender Processing Services--National

 First American Title –National

Fidelity Residential Solutions, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity National Title Group

 MoKan Title Services—KC, MO

 Bennett Abstract—Albany NY


 Brenda Marie Copeland (Notary-Blank Assignment Document)

Shandrika Anderson both of Cook County IL on behalf of Ameriquest

Celinte L. Pierce--Wake County NC for VP's of Wells Fargo

John Dunnery and Jeff Szymendera


Shapiro Attorney Network (National Firm over 24 of Nations Top Law Firms)

 South & Associates Attorney Dan West—Mr. South is a MO Supreme Court Judge. They do represent MERS as well in actions

 Bryan Voss Blackwell & Associates (Personal Attorney his boss Mr.  Blackwell is a Chapter 7 Trustee

ML & L Foreclosure Services—Berry F Laws III President

Paul Randolph-Dept of Justice St. Louis, MO

Orion Financial Group- D. M. Wileman—Tarrant County TX


Barry Schermer--Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge  Eastern District of Missouri

James M Moody -Sr. Judge of the United States District Court, Eastern District of AR

 James B Token –Chief Judge Eighth Circuit United States District Judge

 Judge J. Leon Holmes-Chief Judge?

 Carolyn E. Jackson-Chief US District Court Judge St. Louis

 Charles Shaw- U S District Court Judge—St. Louis


 James G. Woodward—Clerk Eastern District of Missouri

 James W. Mc Cormack—Clerk Eastern District of Arkansas-

One note on Judges Jackson and Shaw I do PRAISE THEM FOR RECUSING! I believe their honest feelings were my GOD IF THIS IS TRUE WE'RE HAD!!!...Judge Jackson did DENY me my rights. However, I believe Judge Jackson and Judge Shaw understood the magnitude of what I told the court. I  believe their RECUSALS and new trial were an attempt to RECTIFY THE DENIAL OF MY RIGHTS...

But by Recusing thinking someone else had better judgment than them allowed to happen that which shouldn't of. That probably any judge in this country who touches this story should of been DISQUALIFIED.  I honestly believe that by them RECUSING they were trying to get me the HELP I begged for. The HELP I begged for was to enact a plausible system to help every American and Banker.  Cause regardless the AMERICAN PEOPLE deserve Honesty and Transparency.  Not some rigged system that only helps a select few.

Some people recognize the need to share their wealth while others don’t. Everyone here on this earth only has ONE LIFE TO LIVE! I've always been taught it's "OUR DUTY" to PROTECT EACH OTHER.  Especially those that would never suspect or understand such things happening. Apparently our courts are not courts of Equity and TRUTH everywhere.

But for those that didn't protect me I have already been harmed in more ways than one. But shouldn't people be informed that such things do exist? That no matter how HONEST AND REASONABLE you are there is NOTHING BUT LIES AND DECEIT it seems all the way to the TOP? This has already been done and decided I'm done according to them HOME STOLEN! I can only hope I don't end up being the next dead banker.

It's a COLD & BITTER WORLD we live in for the most part outside of the homes we are able to provide somehow thru the madness and mayhem provided to us. People have to know that others did try to STOP THIS! That we're NOT CRAZY for understanding legal processes as well if not better than any of us knew we did.


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